4/2 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face right-handed pitcher Charlie Morton tonight in Game 2 of their three-game series against the Pirates at PNC Park. Edwin Jackson gets the start for Chicago. Here’s the lineup, which is overloaded with left-handed hitters:

Bonifacio 2B
Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney CF
Castillo C
Kalish LF
Jackson P


Garza gave up one hit, one run today in 8 innings of work. Lost the game 1-0 to the Braves.

Bonifacio picked of again. He has five hits, and that’s great, but he’s been picked off 3 times and thrown out at the plate. I thought he was supposed to be a good base runner.

Please Mr. Jackson,for all of the Blackhawk legends,Blackhawk Nation,Jonny Teows and everybody involved in Chicago Blackhawk hockey,please bean the next available Pittsburgh,sorry my mind was working too much.Sorry Cub fans!

Instant Relay gives the Cubs their first run of the season.

Called,if the Cubs are down in the bottem of the 8th,if the first Penguin,ere the first Pirate is not beaned then I for 1 am upset,being born in Pittsburgh,raised in Chicago,payback is @#@#@#.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

These “reviews” will kill baseball………..seems like very inning it is happening.

what is going on with this early season beanball attack?

Switching channels…..show on TLC called “Naked & Afraid”………I still watch “Blacklist”.

Hows that Doug,Jhosk,Petry and Cubstalk,no sarcasm,but to all of us in Cubs Nation/Blackhawks Nation,thats one for the ages,by the way also called Florida State in collage football.Life might not be so bad!Whats up White!

I’m good Kenly Cub. Thanks for asking! :))

We might get three top prospects for Bonifacio !……a hitting machine!

He’s looking for a way to get picked off on his way to first.

OMG…we might get a win here!

Time to move Castro down the order until he learns how to hit.

Rick Renteria you earned my respect.Sweet chin music,just 2 games into the season,that will lift a team,2-2,even if the Cubs lose you have just shown Cubsnation,I hope,that we ARE moving forward,Gotta Luv it.Go Cubs Go!

Move Casto to lead off,Bonifacio to 2 hole,Lake to 3 hole,Olt to 4,Rizzo 5,the Cubs really need him to start hitting.Castro will start to hit,let Mueller do his job,he is as beneficial to this team as the next person.By the way,i hope you see this Ms. Danielson,a true life long Cub Fan, enjoy this season as i know you have in the past,will see you!

Castro better get a hit here.

Peace White,Ihope you are enjoying tonights game.

Castro Sucks!…….keep chewing that bubble gum kid….you are more focus on that then hitting,

Revise Cubs batting order….


Shut up please it’s two games in… Relax

Lol and then rizzo hits a jack

Thats what I am talking about,Holy Cow!

Aloha Folks- these nail biting extra inning games are exciting, though can be tough. I think it is great to see how the pitching is holding up. Yes it is early in the season but it is nice too see. Go Cubbies! Mahalo!

Petry,no comment on the sweet chin music,hope that was not meant towards me about Rizzo,but more is expected out of Rizzo,less of Olt,1 year plus of not being able to hit lefthand pitching first off,233 batting ave. last season,maybe batting fifth might not hurt.You can make a name for your self batting fifth,nothing wrong with it.Early in the season,there set up for the long haul anyways,cant hurt,could help.

No it was towards whoever thinks a major shuffling of the lineup is needed when there has been two games played…. Let them play for a couple weeks

Aloha Folks- Gosh, this is hard just when I thought the pitching could hold up it falls apart and now the Pirates have two on with two out and the winning run 90ft away. I am amazed that our Cubbies so far have collected 13 hits today but only the 3 runs, the Pirates though only have 4 hits but have a chance to win, that’s baseball. Now the bases are loaded with pirates. I am just letting off steam and rambling but we all know this is going to be a tough season. Mahalo.

We will not even go there as far as what I said about Veras!You wanted constructive criticism,you have it.

Aloha KenlyCub- Oh my gosh, Veras almost made me go to the bathroom a 2nd and 3rd time! Well, I hope our guys can fight back and get another run or two. This kind of game does build character! Mahalo.

k.g. thats Cubs baseball,thats why there are so many fans,it is just fun.Cant wait for things to turn around but they are heading in the right direction,Mahalo.

Aloha KenlyCub- yes that is why it is Cubs baseball as you said. I remember a lot of extra inning games in the 80’s with the Pirates, Dodgers, etc and would love for our folks to win some of these really long games and I know they will. I think Veras had an opportunity and let it go, but the two errors earlier in the game were not good as it allowed the Pirates, even with a few hits, to stay in the game. I hope they can regroup quickly and understand it is just the first series of this year, there is a lot more baseball to be played! Mahalo.

Small ball,what a inning!

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