4/3 Junior’s jersey


Apparently, Junior Lake simply grabbed the wrong gray jersey from his locker and didn’t notice he was the only one wearing it. Reliever Justin Grimm noticed and yelled at Lake from the bullpen. Lake then went and changed.

“[Grimm] said, ‘Hey, you got the wrong jersey,’ and I looked,” Lake said. “I thought he was joking. When I looked, I saw everybody [wearing the other jersey], I said, ‘[Darn].’ I said, ‘What the [heck] is going on?”

The clubhouse staff normally hang that day’s game jersey in an obvious spot in the locker.

“I see two gray, and I took one,” Lake said. “Everybody was in gray, and I took the wrong gray.”

— Carrie Muskat


We are dealing with people who have no sense at all with today’s fashion!

I like the new gray away shirts that say “CUBS,” with bigger letters, better than the ones with “CHICAGO.” Also, the traveling caps in the Pirates series were all blue — much nicer than the away caps with the red bills the Cubs had been using. If you worry about this stuff, you don’t have to be concerned about batters not hitting with runners on base or bullpen pitchers who can’t hold leads.

You living in Brazil Bruce, I wonder if female Brazilian narrow beach string bottom bikinis with a Cubs logo would be a hit on Rio beaches!

according to MLB.com…..Cabrera cleared waivers and will pitch in Iowa.

Phillies released ex Cub Dave Sappelt.

Tyler Colvin with the Giants AAA farm system.

Cubs are on a pace of a 54 – 112 season.

wait a minute…..my math is wrong here……a 54 – 108 season.

Bonifacio on pace for a 600 plus hit season!……..okay…we know that is not going to happen……….but at least we can get a top prospect for him!

he is actually on pace for 594… maybe math isn’t your strong suit

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