4/4 Cubs lineup

Happy home opener, Cubs fans. It rained early in Chicago but the skies are supposed to clear up for the game against the Phillies. Once again, manager Rick Renteria overloaded the lineup with left-handed hitters against the Phillies’ Roberto Hernandez. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Valbuena 3B
Castillo C
Sweeney LF
Barney 2B
T. Wood P


Gusts from southwest at 40mph today………..Bleacher Bums….Bring Your Mit!

Carrie…..if there is a Wrigley Birthday Cake, take a photo of it.

no lake and no olt…….. no bueno IMO

CF- Bonifacio

that is IMO our BEST lineup possibility at the moment… you could flip flop 3,5 and 6 spots to whoever is the hottest hitter but you leave 1,2,and 4 set for the season.

Your a moran.

I like it, I would put Olt between Schierholtz and Rizzo though. Just to make the opposing pitcher make the slight adjustment from LH to RH back to LH hitter.

i would love to see your lineup there “moran”…. i believe its called moron…. but im sure you knew that …

@jasper… i see what your saying but honestly righty lefty matchups mean very little… I want our best hitters in the 2 and 4 hole…. the best OBP guy 1 and a solid hitter #3. then put as much power behind rizzo to “protect” him. Lineup optimization truly only gains maybe a win or two in a year. The key is to get the best HITTERS in the lineup

Cant disagree with getting the best hitters in the linup.

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