4/4 Hall of Famers


Here is Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams and Ryne Sandberg throwing out first pitches for Cubs home opener.

(Photo courtesy of Cubs)


Lots of empty seats at Wrigley

Not really what the picture is about. 3 iconic figures is what we should be commenting on.

Three?….I see four HOF on the mound in that photo………..I am watching the game on tv, and I see lots of empty seats.

You really have to add Sandberg too,one of my favorites of all time,but he is wearing a different jersey,alah Junior Lake,just kidding Junior.

Aloha KenlyCub- Yes very cool to see them all and Sandberg. I still am reeling from that one and just have to let it go. I want him to be successful and who knows, down the line I hope our Cubs can get him back like we did with Maddux. Mahalo!

Sorry CT, just trying to be funny!

Our relievers will be tired out by June 1st.

Byrd really picked up weight……..but he runs pretty good for a fat man.

Okay…I think “selfies” are getting over used now.

Ernie Banks just wants to get back on a flight back to warm Southern California.

Now that the singing is done, watch the fans leave the ballpark after the 7th.

Heading to Wrightsville Beach for the weekend,seats might be a little empty there because its to called for OLD STYLE BEER,been close to 90 here this week,I guess I will have to make up for it. Life is a Beach! Enjoy!

Phillies had a great line up in the 70’s…….Bowa, Cash, Luzinski, Schmidt, Maddox, McBride, Boone.

Phillies Mayberry Jr dad was an awesome hitter……….John Mayberry was on a great Royals team in the 70’s..

And that is how far Mayberrys dad use to hit them!

Wright won’t last through May…..Rosscup will be called up.

Going to be a very long season Cubs fans,

Hey, Junior has the correct uniform on!

That umpire behind home plate is brutal……non strike calls on Cub pitchers……strike calls on balls for Cubs .

Player name of the year…..Phillies pitcher…BASTARDO

Did I tell anyone how much the Cubs will SUCK this year?…………at least we will get the #1 pick in 2015……….or will Bud Selig use a ping pong ball selection on the bottom 10 tens in the league?

Look at all those empty seats now!……..where are all those Loyal Cubs fans at?

It’s FREEZING cold at Wrigley today! How long could you sit there? :))

to the very last pitch……..I think it was 1976, very cold, and I watched Rick Monday get the game winning hit on the Mets in the bottom of the 9th……Lee Mazzilli was playing CF

Best Opening Day I was at was with my Dad….we saw the Cubs beat the Mets…then traveled to the South side to watch the Sox & Yankees game for free that night…….New Sox owners had a promotion to get Cubs fans see their game…….one of my favorite days in my life.

Wow! I am impressed! Not only that you had the stamina but that you remember exactly which game. Go Cubs Talk! :))

Lets hope when I am over 80, I will remember to go to the bathroom!

Cubs lose on Opening Day…………….Ryne Sandberg Victorious !….did you hear that Tom Ricketts?

People at Cubs Online are already on Suicide Watch……….Neil and his buddies can see that I was right on this Cubs team……….”We Stinks”

Someone tell DenverMike to admit I was right!….be a Man Mike, admit it.

I hate it that I was right about this Cubs team…….I was hoping this team with a new manager would approve……….somewhere, Dale is laughing.

Rambling Thoughts………..

– Our “Core ” players, Rizzo & Castro are hitting 118………
– Bonifacio is in a slump, hitting only 579……
– Can Clark hit or pitch?
– Could it be Ronnie WooWoo & Peltry be the same person?
– 100 Years…..time for a New Stadium……
– Len Kasper is already throwing in the towel for this season……
– Soler hurt again….Theo won’t have t worry on any long term contracts with Soler….
– Neil, Tony H, DenverMike and others…..admit I was right.
– 2017 is just around the corner………..
– Who would want to watch this team from a Roof Top?
– Instead of selling off shares of the team…why not bad Cubs players!

Who keeps handing cubs talk the keyboard at the local nursing home…. Give him his meds and ban his computer privileges

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