4/4 Minor matters

Chris Rusin gave up five runs on six hits and walked four over 3 2/3 innings in Iowa’s 10-2 loss to Memphis. Josh Vitters hit a solo home run and Christian Villanueva had two hits, including a double.

Kris Bryant hit a two-run home run in his first at-bat, Zeke DeVoss tripled in a run in the second, but it wasn’t enough as Tennessee lost 6-5 to Pensacola on Thursday in the Double-A season opener. Tony Zych took the loss, giving up five hits and two earned runs. Smokies starter Dae-Eun Rhee walked four, struck out four and gave up two hits over four innings. Bryant’s home run to left came on a 3-0 pitch from Mat Latos, who was making a rehab start. DeVoss extended the lead to 3-0 with his triple off Latos.

Gioskar Amaya had two hits in Daytona’s 1-0 loss to Brevard County. Felix Pena gave up three hits over six innings and took the loss.

Yasiel Balaguert had four hits, including three doubles, and drove in two runs in Kane County’s 8-4 win over Quad Cities. Carlos Penalver was 3-for-3 with one RBI.


As I said earlier………..Pitching is more of an asset in this game then hitting……….we need to draft more Pitching,

and they will… problem is the draft happens once a year not every day like it is on your xbox

Maybe CubsTalk should go over the Cubs Draft list the last two years, count the Pitchers signed and drafted. Maybe count the pitchers brought in on every trade made, look at the names the Cubs received for Campana, see how they are doing.

i agree but somehow he thinks we aren’t doing enough…. LOL they are getting all the pitching they can and hoping a couple of them pan out. Thats all you can do with young arms. Get as many as possible and see what happens. We have too many holes in the run production area which why our 1st rounders are usually hitters. Also those high picks on hitters have a higher probability of panning out. I wouldn’t take Baez or Bryant over any others at this point in their respective drafts. Bryant vs Gray was a tough choice in that draft but honestly I think we have the higher ceiling guy at this point.

cloudy, cool day in Chicago……..next Cubs opener should be at Aloha Stadium!

Does anyone know how much a Official Cubs 100th year certificate is valued at?……I believe I got it at a game around 1976……still has the envelope…..great condition……..I also have two Cubs Hot Wheels in the package with the card……I saw that on Ebay for $60……….what is the most valuable Cubs game promotion giveaway out there?

By 2017 Jasper, with no playoffs yet, you will be asking for Theo’s head. We are going to suck in 2014….in 2015…..in 2016 we might be at 500.

I will not ask for Theo’s head. Thats absurd thinking and makes me wonder if you ride on a short bus.
Theo/Hoyer have done amazing things in this Organization in a little over two years. Every CEO makes a mistake here and there, but the positive by far, far outweighs the negative.
One series against a Playoff team, the Cubs fought & fought. They won one game on the road, playing over 30 innings in those three games. The Pitching was awesome and has prospects develop, it will get better.
As much as you post, it would be nice if you would try to think, before you post your childish comments.

Rusin is nothing more then a #5 spot starter / AAA pitcher………..I really thought this guy would have his S*** together by now………..Blackburn, Edwards, Underwood, and others won’t be here until 2016 the earliest to help this pitching staff…………Trades with Samardzija & Hammel will give us 3-4 pitching prospects at best.

now you just said the other day that Edwards and Johnson would be up by 2015… which I stated was incorrect… now you are saying 2016? which is it? You also stated Shark himself should get us 3-4 prospects in the top 100 if he pitches well… which I said was incorrect now you are just hoping for 3-4 prospects for both these guys “at best”?????? WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME posting here!??

if you thought Rusin would be good that just goes to show you know very little… he is a marginal talent that had a good year last year. There isn’t enough talent there to hope for anything more than a #5 pitcher. IF he even can become that… its always been that way… scouts have never said he was anything more. Do you know more than scouts? let me answer that… NO YOU DON’T

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