4/5 Phillies 2, Cubs 0

Jeff Samardzija posted the fourth quality start in five games for the Cubs. Emilio Bonifacio and Starlin Castro got on base five times. Now, if the Cubs could just drive runners in — and keep Chase Utley quiet — they might turn things around. Utley had three hits, including his second home run in as many games, and scored the Phillies’ second run to post a 2-0 victory Saturday over the Cubs in front of 30,651 fans bundled up to deal with the brisk game-time temperature of 39 degrees.

Samardzija took the loss in his first start at Wrigley Field this season, giving up six hits over seven innings and striking out eight. It was the fourth quality start in five games for a Cubs pitcher, and the Chicago starters now have a 1.95 ERA this season (seven earned runs over 32 1/3 innings).

Renteria, still waiting to hear “Go Cubs Go” played after a home win, loaded the lineup with right-handed hitters Mike Olt, Junior Lake and Justin Ruggiano against Lee, who was the third left-handed starter the Cubs have faced in five games. Lee shrugged it off, and scattered 10 hits over seven innings. But the Cubs didn’t help themselves, stranding 10 runners, and now are 4-for-40 with runners in scoring position in five games.

“You do have to be relaxed and know the pitcher is on the ropes a little bit,” Renteria said. “You talk about it and see if it starts to take hold, an understanding of that particular situation, so guys can be a little more relaxed.”

Samardzija knows his teammates are doing everything they can.

“I see these guys work every day and I know what they’re doing,” Samardzija said. “If it was a different situation and I thought they were lazy, it’d be different. Guys come to work every day and do everything they can. It’s early in the season, and we’ll keep going, keep pushing and figure this out.”

Renteria plans on repeating the message.

“It’s OK if it’s a broken record — you keep repeating it and you keep talking about it,” Renteria said. “You never stop talking about it until you start to understand it and get a good feel for it. A lot of it is more games, just keep getting in more games. I know we didn’t come up with a victory today but for me, it was a ballgame we were in the whole way.”

— Carrie Muskat


1-4 the Cubs pick up where they left off last season…mediocre players left and new ones came in..nothing change

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Game report…..

The Good……Samardzija pitched well……Castro & Rizzo combined 5 for 8…
The Bad…….Cubs lost….Lack of clutch hitting…..
The Ugly…….Look at Chicago Tribune photo of the drunken Cubs fan who got arrested for damaging a police car outside the park……what a loser this guy has to be,

We must begin by asking it…
…”What is losing?”
…..Losing is a disease…
…as contagious as polio…..
….as contagious as syphilis……
…as contagious as bubonic plague…
… attacking one…
… but infecting all.
Ah, but curable.

Looks like Team Theo wants that #1 pick in 2015……and who knows, maybe in 2016 also!

Soon it will be hard for Ricketts to attract Cubs fans to the ball park …..so let me suggest a few promotion events for home games at Wrigley…….

– MONDAY GAMES….Kasper, Deshales, Hughes & Coomer in their broadcast booth in a egg fight event against all fans in the seats below them ……..
– TUESDAY GAMES…..Any fan between ages 21 to 35 with past arm, elbow or shoulder surgery can pitch for the Cubs…..
– WEDNESDAY GAMES……..Catch a Cubs HR, have a dinner date with ex ball girl Marla Collins, or ex Cub Pete LaCock
– THURSDAY GAMES………..All Loyal Cubs fans over 100 years old who attend Thursdays games can have FREE BEER’S with Ronnie WOO WOO
– FRIDAY GAMES……..All fans over 21 are eligible to win a El Dorado convertible with cable jumpers at the end of the season.
– SATURDAY GAMES……..If the Cubs score more than 2 runs, everyone gets a FREE BIG MAC
– SUNDAY GAMES………If the Cubs Pitchers do not let the other team score 5 runs or more, everyone gets a FREE BIG MAC

Cubs talk: You sure do post a lot! Why don’t you tell us something about yourself! Are you retired? How do you find the time to post so often? Do you live on the West or East coast? Are you able to go to games at Wrigley? How long have you been a Cub’s fan? Who is your favorite player of all times? Have a good evening! :))

Is my experience that most posters here are not like yourself and me, White, in regard to divulging personal information. Personal attacks; now there`s a different category. Have you noticed that those fools who who have attacked you and me are especially reticent about revealing personal information? Perhaps CubsTalk will be different, but I would not hold my breath. Btw, I`m not lumping CubsTalk with those cowards I referenced earlier. I have no quarrel with him.

Good morning jhosk! Everything you say is so true. Personal attacks are RAMPANT on this blog! I have found though that those who take such pleasure in attacking others have very LOW self esteem and can only boost their sorry egos by doing so. You, on the other hand, have a firm grip on who you are and the kind of person you want to be and have no need to prove anything. Hope you are enjoying the season’s start – not much to cheer about yet but here we go into 2014!

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