4/6 Cubs 8, Phillies 3

Ryan Kalish drove in three runs to help the Cubs beat the Phillies, 8-3, on Sunday at Wrigley Field. It was Kalish’s first multi-hit effort since he had two hits Sept. 3, 2012, at Seattle. Starlin Castro, inserted in the No. 6 spot, delivered in a four-run first with a RBI double. Carlos Villanueva picked up the win in his first start, giving up one run on six hits over five innings. He had to work to get out of some jams, too.

* Emilio Bonifacio collected his 14th hit, tops in the Major Leagues.

* The Cubs had scored eight runs in their first five games combined.

* Wrigley Field had its first replay challenge when Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg challenged Chase Utley getting called out at first in the fifth inning. The play was confirmed.

* Kalish is back after undergoing cervical fusion surgery on his neck. He was injured in a collision with an outfield wall and said he’s not going to be charging into Wrigley Field’s walls any time soon.

“I’m not going to go full speed into this one here,” Kalish said. “That’s brick.”

* Catcher John Baker wanted No. 12 on the Cubs. That’s the same number Dusty Baker wore.

“I thought if I took it, there might be some cool t-shirts left over with ‘Baker’ on them,” Baker said.

* Next up: After an off day Monday, the Cubs play host to the Pirates at Wrigley Field Tuesday night, kicking off a three-game series. Edwin Jackson is scheduled to start.

— Carrie Muskat


What a great win! Very exciting. Felt the earth shake from celebration only to find out we ACTUALLY HAD a 3.3 earthquake epicentered about 10 miles from our home. :))

Aloha White- Hope you and family are OK. Yes, it was neat to see the offense come alive. The starting pitching is looking good thus far and if they can get timely hitting, playing small ball it could be very fun, especially if our guys look like they are enjoying themselves. Take care now and Mahalo!

Good evening k.g. – Yes we are fine thank you! A 3.3 is just a little tickle. Living on the West Coast I am sure you are very familiar with our more terrifying quakes. My granddaughter in LA just had a good quake shake down there recently! Game tomorrow – something to anticipate. :))

Aloha White-san, so good to hear from you. Yes, it is a unique sensation one feels when a quake comes. Maybe felt a couple small ones when in the islands but a different story on the West Coast. Glad to hear your granddaughter is alright. I know some folks thought another one was coming. Maybe that was a jolt for a Cubbies and their bats will respond. You take care now. Mahalo & Oyasuminasai (good night)

Whats good about hearing from her? Here we are hearing about someones grand daughter on a Cubs Chat Board. Who cares?

Aloha Jasper- White did mention our Cubbies and just added in a little something about her family. I like to think of us Cubs fans as being able to enjoy not only the game but everything that encompasses our lives, meaning there is more to life than baseball. Do not get me wrong, I could talk ball for hours with you and have held back some because it can be dry at times but yes, this is a place for our Cubs. Take care now and enjoy this next series! Mahalo.

White….I am heartened by the recent comments from KG and Jhosk, the blending of our love for the Cubs and the love for our LIVES go hand in hand. The Cubs are part of our LIVES, part of our LOVE. I have been away with purpose and life changing responsibilities and thought a hiatus from this site along with the same old, same old down right exclusionary comments from the twins from hell would be a good thing for me (as well as for them as they must now be champing at the bit to say so as I type…duh, right?) and it was….very good. I just wanted to let you know I read a comment from you regarding me and your well wishes for me. And THAT very nice, heartfelt comment TRUMPED anything the twins could say that could bring me down. It is much appreciated. I have not forgotten you White, just needed to get away from here for a while which I will do so again (to the twins delight, no doubt). I am not running, I just don’t have much time with all I am facing right now. I hope to see more receptive comments and less attacking those of us who want to share more than stats etc. Oh well, this may not be worth much but as long as GOOD comments are allowed here…what the heck? GOD BLESS YOU WHITE, fight the good fight in here, in your home, in your heart. See you in the stands…..during the World Series….at Wrigley Field. Go Cubs. Go Good. Go God.

joey!! GOD BLESS YOU RIGHT BACK! :)) When I saw your post a few minutes ago it was with a sense of joy and relief that you are still alive, kicking and in the loop! :)) Sorry to hear that certain responsibilities are on your plate but I know you are the kind of person who will assume them with grace and dignity. As you can see things are pretty much the same on this blog. :((. Hope you are still able to enjoy Cubs games and keep up with the latest! Thank you for posting and up-dating us on your status – I will be sending prayers your way, you can be sure of that! And – Eamus Catuli

I can’t believe this…Cubs are on one game winning hot streak, and now they get the day off!

There are rumors flying that a Samardzija trade happen sooner then later………with a number of injuries happening to pitchers around the league,……Theo will look to take advantage by asking even more top line prospect pitchers now.

What is that number, dont see any on the major links?

The problem I see is I am just not real excited about any of the proposed teams wanting in on a trade. If Shark wants out then I understand all this talk but if we are really 3-4mill per year apart then I think this FO is dumb for not paying the man.

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I want to endorse what k.g. advocates above, i.e. co-mingling conversation on the subject of the Cubs and baseball in general with other things happening in our lives. I see nothing wrong with that; in fact it should be welcome. Please do not permit the naysayers to discourage that, k.g. and White. I loved reading the other day of Kenlycub`s twelve year old daughter asking her daddy why the Cubs lose so often. That was precious. I`m 68 and ask the same question often and have been for many years.

no thats the dumbest thing i have heard… this is cubs baseball not social hour… go email each other back and forth if you wanna chit chat. otherwise leave it to cubs baseball….seriously

You are not going to tell me what to do. Who placed you in charge? Get away from me just as I told your negative buddy.

Wah wah wah

Disagree big time jhosk and Mahalo. Its about Cubs, pretty soon we have to hear about others aches and pains, Brownies, Lobster, entertaing the Kennedys. While some find it intersting, I simply dont give a rats patoot. Dont care about your grandchildren, where you live, the weather your having, your health, your religion or politics.
I would like to see the Cubs sweep a series, I like the Kalish & Bonifacio pick ups I like that Strop has closed out the two wins. I like seeing the Cubs bunt runners into scoring position. There is lots I like about the CUBS this year.
I do like discussing Cubs Baseball with the ones that can talk baseball. Mentioning the Cubs, then going to your grand daughter is nothing more than a certified idiot looking for attention. Those of you that want to to discuss BS should take petrey10’s advice and use e-mail, so those that do want to discuss the Cubs can, without reading a bunch of dribble.

That`s all you`ve got. You are weaker than even I knew.

Am ever so glad you posted, joey. It puts to rest the outlandish notion that CubsTalk and yourself are one and the same. I`ve maintained right along that`s impossible as your writing styles are polar opposites. Am sorry to hear you will not be able to contribute often in the immediate future, as I could use the support in confronting some bullies and ignoramuses I`ve encountered here. I wish you well with the tribulations and hurdles you are facing, and hope they are resolved soon, thus enabling you to return on a regular basis. HWSRN may find that a revolting development, but I shall rejoice.

Lol funny how Joey posts and cubs talk doesn’t… Maybe we should all have multiple logins…. As Joey said he is real busy. Bc it takes time to post under multiple names. If he has taken a hiatus then how/why he come in here to read a post about himself?


My comment to my daughter was about the Cubs,moving forward,becoming a better team.Check your comments above petry and j.j. If the Cubs could bat as well as your AVERAGE on commenting about other peoples comments,thats everyday,that World Series would be closer than we think.You two dont even realize you spend more time doing that. I enjoy your baseball comments but to be quite honest with you two you tie up this site more than anyone,talking non Cubs talk!

Really? Bc u don’t see me talking about anything other than cubs baseball… I think u may have misread…

I think some of yuor comments above have nothing to do with Cubs ball,yes I do! And the infactuation you have on Cubs Talk,Joeydafish,who ever they are quite frightens me. Let them speak there minds,our minds,and comment as you will.Nothing hard to do,this is America.We are equal right!

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