4/6 Leadoff man

After Sunday’s game, the Cubs play host to the Pirates, starting Tuesday. Can the Pirates contain Emilio Bonifacio? He was 11-for-16 in the three games at PNC Park.

“He’s actually a ball of energy,” Rick Renteria said Sunday of the leadoff man. “He’s talking in the dugout all the time. He’s a ball of energy we appreciate having. The conversations in the dugout have been pretty good. All the games we’ve played, guys are talking about the right things and there’s good energy in there. The outcome hasn’t been what we wanted but everybody is still preparing to do what they can to help us have success.”

Even Renteria doesn’t think his leadoff man can keep up the pace.

“It would be impossible for us to believe he would maintain the clip he had through the Pittsburgh series but when he gets to the plate, he tries to work the count, he tries to get on, and when he gets on base, he wants to wreck havoc on the pitchers and the opposition,” Renteria said. “It’s good for him to be part of our club.”

— Carrie Muskat


The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly game report……

The Good……Cubs victory…Kalish hitting….
The Bad……..Veras four walks in 2/3 of an inning
The Ugly…….Cubs Unofficial Mascot in a Wrigleyville bar room fight.

Was Mark Grace back at the bar?”

I told my daughter with this lineup the Cubs would score 6 runs,she asked me why the Cubs lose so much,she is 12, I explained to her that the Cubs are working at getting better and things are going in the right way. Thru 6 games and after listening to the game today she is a Cubs fan for sure. Like her daddy and so many more Cubs fans,it will come,please Cubs Talk,no sarcasm,but you do have to have hope.

Aloha Kenly-as the commercial states, “we will serve no wine before its time.” I know as Cubs’ fans we have all been waiting for awhile and when that time comes it will be wonderful. As you mentioned to your daughter, the work-overhaul has been very immense over the past 3-4years and it takes time to see the results and I believe we are witnessing some of the fruits of the labor. I am really impressed with the starting pitching, yes we need stronger relief work but to have starting pitching look like this is great. We have been getting hits but not timely ones and that will come with experience. Great to see the offense come alive today. Mahalo!

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