4/8 It’s Hammel time

Jason Hammel has pitched in 215 games with the Rays, Rockies and Orioles, and Wednesday will be his first ever start at Wrigley Field. He will not step on the mound until he’s warming up for the game. He has been getting to know his way around the ballpark.

“I’ve just been getting a feel for it,” Hammel said of Wrigley. “I remember walking down the tunnel to come into the clubhouse the first time, I was confused. I’ve just been getting my bearings and a comfort level over the last three, four days and it’s been good.”

No matter what the weather is, Hammel won’t change his approach.

“If I’m trying to pitch to the weather, it’s not going to help me,” he said. “I need to stay with my game plan. Obviously, seeing the same team two times in a row will have an affect but I’ll see what adjustments they’ve made and then I’ll make adjustments off that.”

Hammel faced the Pirates last Thursday at PNC Park, and picked up the win, the Cubs’ first of the season.

“I’m going to have to see what they’re doing,” he said of the Pirates. “The hitters will tell you if they’ve made adjusments or if they’re seeing you well. It’ll probably work itself out in the first few innings.”

Game time temperature on Tuesday was 48 degrees. Hammel is OK with the cold.

“I’m actually more comfortable throwing in cold weather — not like this, not like 30-degree cold,” he said. “I sweat like a pig so I’d much rather pitch in a cold atmosphere than when it’s super hot out.”

— Carrie Muskat

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