4/8 Renteria 1st to get ejected

The Cubs’ Rick Renteria became the first Major League manager to be ejected this season when he was tossed in the ninth inning for arguing balls and strikes with home plate umpire Jeff Nelson. Managers do have access to expanded instant replay this year but cannot challenge an umpire’s calls on balls and strikes. Renteria was the first Major League manager to use instant replay, doing so in Pittsburgh on Opening Day. Told that he also was first to be ejected, he shrugged.

“OK,” Renteria said. “I don’t know if that’s very good, but OK.”

The Pirates led 7-6 in the ninth when Renteria complained from the dugout about a call on Jose Veras’ 1-2 pitch to Jordy Mercer. The pitch was called a ball, and Renteria felt it was a strike. Nelson apparently had heard enough, and signaled that the rookie manager was gone. Renteria came onto the field to discuss the matter further, but Nelson’s call was upheld.

What was the issue?

“That was between me and Jeff,” Renteria said.

“He’s a fiery guy,” Cubs pitcher Edwin Jackson said of Renteria. “He’s going to stand up for his team. He’s going to speak for what he believes and fight for the guys in the clubhouse. He sees us out there battling. It’s part of the game.

“If I do a better job as a starter, going deeper, and keeping the score down, he doesn’t have to get to that point,” said Jackson, who gave up four runs in the first inning in the Cubs’ 7-6 loss to the Pirates.

— Carrie Muskat


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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Game Report…………..

The Good……Castro 2 HR’s…..
The Bad……..Jackson pitching, Home Plate Umpire calls, another Cubs lost….
The Ugly………Baez fighting with his teammate in Iowa…..

A Cubs beat reporter said last night on the “SCORE” that if Castro is hitting by July, and the Cubs have Theo has serious offers for Castro, a trade might happen……..Theo likes to see Baez at shortstop….and Alcantara at second……a trade of both Samardzija & Castro for top line prospect pitching could bring Cubs closer to playoff chances as soon as 2016.

I’m happy that Renteria brought to the Umpires attention and the Baseball’s worlds attention the UMP’s strike zone when it comes to Cubs Pitching. It has been a problem for a few years. Not saying anything about it or not arguing did not help.

Its nice it was brought out early, if it continues, I hope Renteria continues. Why cant the Umpires be fair when it comes to the Cubs?

Hate to say it but Castro might be a better fielder,both are still young and learning.I hope they are not considering moving Castro to the 2 hole tonight,he seems to be getting comfortable,why change that.The runs scored lately should show something is working,there has been decent pitching,just no runs scored.

I generally agree, but maybe they think against a lefty he’ll be better at the top of the lineup than towards the bottom? I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s the only reasoning I can think of behind the move back to the 2 spot.

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