4/9 Cubs lineup

Jason Hammel makes his first start at Wrigley Field on Wednesday night as the Cubs play the Pirates in the second game of their three-game series. The Cubs will be facing Wandy Rodriguez for the second time this season, and beat him last week at PNC Park. If you’ve paid attention to Rick Renteria’s lineup, you’ll recognize this as the one he uses vs. left-handed starters. Here you go:

Bonfacio CF
Castro SS
Ruggiano RF
Rizzo 1B
Olt 3B
Lake LF
Castillo C
Barney 2B
Hammel P


Lake is pissed off with lack of playing time……I see him with a HR tonight.

Lake is a good prospect ,hit 2 HR,go Cubs!!!!

Bonifacio is the first player since 1900 to have a one hit, two hit, three hit, four hit & five hit game all within first seven games of a season.

Way to post a meaningless stat Carrie already did….. Poser

Dock Ms Carrie two less hot dogs at the ballpark for mis-spelling “Bonifacio” on the line up card.

a) This is Lake’s 5th start in 8 games, he’s 6th on the team in at bats, and he has appeared in all 8 games after tonight, so what lack of playing time are you talking about?
b) Looks like a typo instead of a misspell.
c) I’m wondering what all of those ex-Cubs pitchers ERAs are. Care to update us all or do you have another random stat to throw out there?

Sit tight Dougie………I will have a meaningless stat for your meaningless life.

Doug is right on Lake, CubsTalk you opened your mouth and got owned. Then you come back with that? LMAO Who has the meaningless life?

I have a meaningless life, says the guy who is going for the all time record for most posts on Carrie Muskat’s blog in a single year.
The good…. anyone with a brain knows that Cubs Talk knows nothing about the Cubs or baseball in general.
The bad… Cubs Talks attempts at humor
The ugly… On many of these posts, you’ll find that Cubs Talk is having a conversation with no one but himself… and he says my life is meaningless!

lol owned!!! POSER (spelled correctly meaning POSER you dunce)

15 runs the last 2 games,seems like the offense was moving forward,understand playing Lake and Olt.Lake in the 2 hole,Rizzo 3 hole,Olt 4 hole,Ruggiano the 5 hole and Castro batting 6th.Hope I am wrong but I see 3 runs tonight.Hope Hammel keeps on going,Castro too.

Cubs, Bulls and Hawks all on at once………….lets go for a Triple Victory!

Tonight’s “Meaningless Stat”……when Doug visits Wrigley Field, 50% of the time, the Cubs lose that game…….the other 50 % of the time, Doug finds out the Cubs are playing in another city.

Another epic fail at humor by Cubs Talk. But it is true, I am 1-1 when seeing the Cubs play at Wrigley this year.

Was the picture they flashed of the Padre Cito Gaston? They never answered.

Add valbueno instead of Barney and this may be our best lineup

Aloha Petrey- Yes this is a good lineup, already 12 hits tonight and Olt and Lake each homering. I know that no one player should think that their position-job is a lock, especially with this team at this point. Having said that, I wish that Barney could also bust out at the plate, he’s not required to hit homers but to get on base and thus far tonight he has drawn two walks. It is nice to see Rizzo hitting as well as Castro coming, Barney would be complete the trifecta. There is a lot of season left! Mahalo.

Barney is a turd get him out of here… Been saying that for two years so I can officially say I told u all…. Never jumped back n forth like cubs talk likes to do… I picked an actual side no straddling the line here…………… Barney is terrible!!!!!!!

I guess according to you petrey10, I would be considered a straddler. I hope every Cub does well when playing, Barney included. However, it does not bother me when Barney is on the bench, nor would it bother me if he were traded.
I think the Cubs would be better with Bonifacio at 2B, Olt at 3B, and a platoon of Ruggiano/Schierholtz in RF, Would love to see Kalish in CF and Lake in LF. Valbuena and Sweeney on the bench

Aloha Petrey- I appreciate everyone’s opinion here, we do not need to “name-call,” though as that lowers us and it has been said of Cubs fans that we are some of the most gracious folks there are. Sure I have had some strong opinions of players over the years, some that we may have let go that we should not have or kept some too long as well but I never called them names. Let’s keep this on the up and up. Barney had a hit tonight with 2 walks, he was on base 3 out of 4 times, that is good as it turns out we needed every base runner we could get and score because Pittsburgh showed they could hit the long ball. Who’s not to say that Barney is regulated to the bench or traded? As this front office has shown, anyone can be at anytime. In the meantime let’s root for this team as they are showing some great signs of growing right now. Take care now. Mahalo.

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