4/11 Cubs lineup

The Cubs open a three-game series in St. Louis against the Cardinals on Friday, sending Jeff Samardzija against Joe Kelly. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio 2B
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney CF
Castro SS
Kalish LF
Castillo C
Samardzija P

* Bonifacio is tied for the Major League lead in hits with 19, and ranks fourth with a .452 batting average. His 19 hits in the first nine games of a season are the most by any Cubs player in the last 100 years since Randy Jackson had 19 in 1954. Thanks to STATS Inc. for that nugget.

* For the rest of the series:

Saturday: Carlos Villanueva vs. Adam Wainwright
Sunday: Edwin Jackson vs. Michael Wada

— Carrie Muskat


I really think Rizzo in the 3 hole is a good move,If Olt can get it going along with Schierholtz followed by Castro sounds decent.A lot of ifs and certainly not the big Red Machine like someone said earlier,but is there a feared lineup today like that.

I am looking forward to the Cubs & Yankees series………we will have Wood & Hammel against the Bronx Bombers……………seeing Jeter play……watching Yankees pitchers with illegal substance on their balls……………should be a good series.

I agree with yourself, Cubs Talk. I see the Yankees all the time as I`m in their market. I always pull for their opponent. Perhaps Tanaka will hurl a game in that series. Have seen his two starts thus far and the results are sketchy. Have seen him hit hard and at least two batters have taken him deep, but he has also punched out multiple batters impressively and has made some look downright silly. Do you follow me? Is too early to get a fix on Jeter; he`s been impressive at times, but has looked his age others.

cubs 2014 roster $92,677,368




Jackson, Edwin 13,000,000 p
Hammel, Jason 6,000,000 p
Castro, Starlin 5,857,143 ss
Samardzija, Jeff 5,345,000 p
Schierholtz, Nate 5,000,000 rf
Villanueva, Carlos 5,000,000 p
Fujikawa, Kyuji 4,500,000 p
Wood, Travis 3,900,000 p
Veras, Jose 3,850,000 p
Bonifacio, Emilio 2,500,000 2b
Barney, Darwin 2,300,000 2b
Ruggiano, Justin 2,000,000 cf
Russell, James 1,775,000 p
Valbuena, Luis 1,710,000 3b

Rizzo, Anthony 1,535,714 1b
Sweeney, Ryan 1,500,000 cf
Wright, Wesley 1,425,000 p
Strop, Pedro 1,325,000 p
McDonald, James 1,000,000 p
Baker, John 875,000 c
Kalish, Ryan 550,000 lf
Arrieta, Jake 544,500 p
Castillo, Welington 530,000 c
Rondon, Hector 514,000 p
Grimm, Justin 505,500 p
Lake, Junior 502,500 lf
Olt, Mike 502,000 3b
Schlitter, Brian 500,000 p

Those figures comes out to $59,348, 357………I figure we still owe $15,000,000 for Soriano…….where does the other money go to?

Manager… Soler… Are just two off the top of my head

If the Cubs keep on this pace…we will end up at 54-108………and Cubs fans will be thinking about the Bears by June.

Aloha Carrie- for the Sunday match-up do you mean St. Louis pitcher Michael Wacha? I only ask because I think I know of a Michael Wada (Not a very common Japanese last name here in the states) but he does not play ball! Hope you are having a great Aloha Friday! Mahalo!

K.G…….is Perry’s Smorgasbord still on Waikiki Beach in one of those hotels ?…..they had great food years ago………….also, is Rose N Crown still around?…that was a Piano Bar in Waikiki………..Friday Night is a good night to roam around International Marketplace to look at all the pretty girls.

Aloha CubsTalk- Sorry no more Perry’s I think they closed around 2010 and International Market Place the land/lease was sold around 2010/11 and was going to be developed into a more “upscale” shopping area. It was sad because from time to time locals would go there too. The Rose & Crown I never went too, very young and it was a pub. I believe that it too is being redone for something else. A lot of the memories being removed. I hope Jeff S. has a great outing tonight and we tame them redbirds! Mahalo!

Aloha Folks, well what a great game, we came out on top an an extra inning game! I had to share with my wife (who is from SF and a big Giants fan) how great it was for Schierholtz to go 4 for 5! I really liked watching him when in SF and now he is with our Cubbies! Cubstalk, I know you like to chat about Hawaii, my father and I were recently chatting about the Cardinals 2B Kolten Wong, as the islands are excited to have another person in the MLB. He is originally from the Big Island. Great win to come back-fight back and get a win. Mahalo!

•Jason McLeod, the Cubs’ VP of scouting and player development, tells CSN Chicago’s Patrick Mooney that though the Cubs’ system is somewhat lacking in blue chip pitching prospects, it doesn’t mean the Cubs will specifically focus on adding a young arm with the fourth overall pick of the 2014 draft. “We’ve made no secret that we’ve tried to acquire as much pitching as we can….But if you look at our last two drafts, we’ve taken two position players with our first pick, because we felt Albert [Almora] and Kris [Bryant] were the best players at those picks,” McLeod said. “That’s how we’re going to approach this draft as well. We’re not going to draft on need. We’re going to draft the guy that we feel will provide that long-term impact for us.”

Which is exactly how it should be…. In baseball you don’t pick for a need

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