4/13 Cubs lineup

The rain is gone, and it looks like the Cubs and Cardinals will finish their series on Sunday. Emilio Bonifacio is back at the top of the order as the Cubs try to win the series, facing Michael Wacha. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio 2B
Ruggiano CF
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Castro SS
Lake LF
Olt 3B
Castillo C
Jackson P


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Game Report from yesterday…….

The Good………Lake’s leadoff HR…..
The Bad…………Cubs lost…..
The Ugly……….Cubs lost 7 games, Villanueva has 3 of those losses.

in other news…….Dejesus is hitting 172 leading off with the Rays………..Feldman is 2-0 with a 0.44 era…….A. Soriano has 3 HR so far…………..Baez hitting 154….Bjax is hitting 138……………Lets Go Cubs!

Looking in on todays game,the F.O. will have no excuse for learning curves,while I still have total faith in them a couple of the moves really have not worked out. Seems like some are just going thru the motions.Before I am abused here,E.J. and Veras. Have been against them since day 1. Hand me 42 or 45 Million on a losing ball team and I might just be looking at the size of my next Ditkas steak more thanthe next pitch I throw!

OMG! Joe Girardi just said RON SANTO PIZZA! Ron Santo my favorite Cub of all time,have not heard Ron Santo pizza since the earlier 70s,I was called Ron Santo pizza face!The very first Cubs game we went to as a family,Ron Santo hit a bottem of the ninth,not yet called a walkoff homerun,to beat the Redbirds,RON SANTO PIZZA!HOW COOL IS THAT!

Bleacher Bums use to toss Ron Santo pizza’s on the field……..rain delay, Cubs losing 3-2…………Neil is having another “fit” over at CCO with his bloggers……someone need to tell Neil that people have the right to complain if they see the Cubs doing poorly….if Neil does not like it, Neil needs to get out of the business of reporting about the Cubs.

We don’t care about another blog quit pedaling ur crap here

How long do we wait for this Theo “Plan” ??????…….no playoffs by 2017, will Cubs fans revolt then?

Game back on….Cubs tie it….EJax back on the mound.

Maybe hence the namepizza face!

Home plate umpire lost strike count….lets go to Replay !

Question of the Day………..

If you could be part of the Cubs Organization, what part would you like to have?

A – Cubs GM
B – Cubs Manager
C – Cubs Pitcher
D – Cubs Outfielder
E – Cubs Infielder
F – Cubs Ball Girl
G – Wrigley Field Beer / Hot Dog Vendor

79year old Cubs Ball Girl!! I’m still a good catch! LOL. :))

I love Marla Collins……she is so cute.

Good one White!

Thanks Kenly Cub! It was a toss up between ball girl or hotdog vendor! But as a hotdog vendor I would end up eating all my product topped with relish, onions, catsup and mustard! Yum! :)) Can hardly wait to see how our guys handle Tanaka!

If your a good catch, I would put my glove in salt water and let it rot.

Hope it will be sianara for him! Anyways just glad to have real baseball on,have been watching some other games too,how bout the Brewers quick start,would have never seen that one coming,pretty good pitching staff,dont think it will hold up though.

Aloha Kenly- Yes the Brewers quick start is amazing. Well, it is baseball. By the way, do not take this the wrong way, just want to let you know that good-bye in Japanese is “sayonara.” Yes, I hope the Cubs can jump on Tanaka-Yankees pitching and get ahead right at the start, he seems to settle down in the later innings so get to him early! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game! Mahalo!

Aloha k.g. I knew it looked funny,but I meant well.Cannot wait for todays game,Hammel has pitched a lot against them,maybe the Cubs can sqeeze a one ballgame out there way this time.Mahalo!

Aloha Kenly-
I knew you would take it well, just as I receive your great info and advice, stats as well. Today it was rained out, I wonder if Tanaka will start tomorrow as well as Hammel? Should be interesting! Mahalo!

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