4/17 Minor matters – Wednesday’s games

Kyle Hendricks struck out nine and gave up three runs over seven innings in Iowa’s 6-3 win over New Orleans. Logan Watkins hit his first home run and Arismendy Alcantara had three hits, and was a home run shy of the cycle. Josh Vitters had two RBI doubles and was batting .293.

In injury news, the Iowa Cubs placed outfielder Brett Jackson on the disabled list with a strained right oblique and added infielder/outfielder Jonathan Mota from Tennessee.

Jake Arrieta moved closer to returning to the big leagues with a 5 2/3 innings rehab outing for Tennessee. The Smokies beat the Generals, 7-2. Arrieta gave up one run on three hits and one walk, striking out two. John Andreoli drove in three runs and Jae-Hoon Ha had two RBIs.

Tayler Scott gave up four runs over 4 2/3 innings in Daytona’s 5-1 loss to Dunedin. Marco Hernandez had two hits.

Tyler Skulina gave up two runs over five innings in Kane County’s 6-2 win over Bowling Green. David Bote, Danny Lockhart, Shawon Dunston and Trey Martin produced consecutive RBI hits in the ninth.


People at Cubs Den have already pushed the “Panic Button” on the Cubs season………to me, it is more of “Common Sense”………..

For a team to succeed, they need to play together……one line up, no matter who is pitching, should be used………

Shark, Hammel, Wood all have pitched well……problem is that two of those guys will be gone by July……Villanueva & Jackson should also be gone……Jackson is a “Disaster”…..lets cut & run before we have a situation with a post game interview……….Arietta is ready and so is Hendricks…..call both up …….

If Schierholtz & Barney is traded soon, then call up Alcantara & Coghlan…NOT Vitters……….I like to see speed in this lineup……..

So my lineup is like this…….

Bonifacio – CF
Coghlan – RF
Castro – SS
Rizzo – 1B
Olt – 3B
Lake – LF
Castillo – C
Alcantara – 2B

lol you would rather have a 250 hitter OPS’ing 667 in AAA up at the major league level because he has a little speed over a guy who has 600 PA in AAA with a 301 ave and OPS’ing in the mid to high 800s…… yaaaa that makes total sense…. NOT …. just you typical kinda post though

Cubs Pitching Staff after July……..most likely, a top pitching prospect from a Shark trade will be added to thislist……



I surely agree with you about Jackson. Watching him work last Sunday in the first two innings vs. the Redbirds was downright excruciating. I`d prefer to undergo a digital rectal exam before enduring that again. And as you pointed out recently, Cubs Talk, Jackson`s salary this season is by far the highest of anyone on the roster ($13 million). This following fact has probably been pointed out here before, but bears repeating: the highest paid player on the Cubs` payroll isn`t even a member of our team. He plays for the Yankees. It`s Soriano. The Yankee broadcasters said last night the Cubs are paying $17 million toward his salary this season.

i believe we are only on the hook for 14million of sorianos contract actually but ya that sucks. I actually wish we would’ve just kept him and got some production out of him. I do like Corey Black that we got for him so I can’t complain too bad.

Vitters should be the first guy brought up to the majors this year. This kid has earned it. Sure he may seem like a bust but he still has a chance to put it together as he is only 24. Yeah only 24. He struggled each time he advanced in the minor but after a month or so made the adjustments a big leaguer is supposed to do. Vitters is no all star or future HOFer but he could be a productive bat in this lineup. Or at least more so than Kalish, Ruggiano, most likely Shierholtz, and Coghlan.

I would like to see this lineup in early May…. then in June you can add Baez at 2B move Bonafacio back to CF and drop the OFer who isn’t producing

Bonafacio 2B
Lake CF
Rizzo 1B
Olt 3B
Castro SS
Shierholtz RF
Vitters LF
Castillo C

Aloha petrey- That is an interesting lineup with Bonifacio at 2B but I can see him and as a veteran he could also help Castro. I, as Kenly also like Castro in the 6th spot because he is hitting but it also give the Cubs another weapon in the lower part of the batting order. Was thinking that Schierholtz could be in the 5th spot but there also has been a lot of discussion that he might be traded. Still would like to see some consistency with the lineup. Vitters is a unique choice, I know you think he earned it and he may have. Was hard watching him in spring training but if he has made the adjustments, why not give him a chance. These next couple of months are going to be a roller coaster. I wonder if after the trade deadline passes, will management work on a more “set” lineup? Mahalo.

I still like Castro in the 6 hole,Shierholtz lacks speed but Castro got back in the groove batting sixth.No one can get any consistency because of lack of playing time.Set your order,let them play a nine game series with the same product on the field.Then adjust.Whats the worst that can happen,the Cubs start to lose!

i can’t disagree with that honestly… I actually really like Castro in the 2 spot BUT I also don’t want to mess with his rhythm too much. I don’t care where Castro hits as long as he keeps hitting. If he fails this organization is in a world of hurt (moreso than it already is)

Ex Cub Donnie Veal was left go by the South Siders, and they brought up ex Cub Zach Putman.

Why don’t u have a constructive discussion about current players?

Ex Cubs ….How are they doing ?……

Feldman………..0.44 ERA – 2 Wins
Cashner…………1.27 ERA – 2 Wins
Garza……………3.43 ERA – 2 Loses
A. Ramirez……….377 / 2 HR / 13 RBI
Soriano……………226 / 3 HR / 4 RBI
Dejesus……………156 / 0 HR / 0 RBI
Marmol…………….1 loss / 1 blown save / 5.14 ERA
Maholm……………1 loss / 4.97 ERA

You left out so many others,Lahair,Volstad,Soto,Stewart,the fact of the matter is the Cubs have a 25 man roster,I really dont think they are being managed correctly.What they are doing is not working,do I expect a W.S.title this year,absolutely not,am I discouraged by Rick Renteria yet,no,but what the Cubs have been doing is just not working.A set rotation lets players know if they are gonna play today,then they can concentrate on the hitting,fielding and contributing everyday instead of worrying if they will be playing or not,then trying to contribute.They say they come to the field ready to play everyday,but not knowing if you are gonna play has to weigh heavy on the syche of any ballplayer!Then going out every fourth day and not playing again for two more days,how can you build consistency.The current system is just not working.It is really hard to watch them play!

Aloha Kenly and company- I have been dreading calling my father and chatting ball because I know he will bring up “his” Yankees, but to that I will defend our Cubs for a team that is not supposed to be in contention, they went on the road and gave up 5 runs total, not a huge disaster but could muster no runs of their own. I hope they can work on that as well as their bullpen but I think if we all can keep it “lite” for the season, we will be able to get through the year and enjoy the game. Believe you me, I cannot wait to fly the “W” on the top of my house too, but I know I have to be patient. Take care everyone. Mahalo!

Kenly Cub – I sure do agree with you! Baseball is so much more than just a physical game – it is a mind-set game. As long as Renteria thinks he is playing a game of “musical chairs” the players will become more and more addled which leads to miscues, poor hitting when being “in one day out the other”, and general chaos. As the days go by I have watched the player’s faces go from wild enthusiasm to “what the “he–” is happening now! “Who’s On First”?? Once this seed of confusion is planted it will be very hard to contain!

a) the people are professionals, so I doubt that not playing one day will lead them to suck at their jobs forever and always. b) I’m sure Renteria actually talks to his players and let’s them know how they’re doing and why they aren’t in the lineup on any given day. c) if players are so fragile that all it takes for them to completely suck is not playing for one day, then they probably shouldn’t be on the Cubs to begin with.
I mean, have you ever actually watched a Major League baseball game and paid attention to what happens for a full 9 innings? Or are you too busy thinking about what other people’s dads think about them or what kind of coffee you’re drinking or whatever other nonsense you talk about on here more often than not? How about until you do, you leave the baseball talk to the people who actually want to talk baseball and do pay attention and we’ll leave the talk about how someone’s dad is proud of them to you. Deal?

No deal!

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