4/18 Cubs lineup

The Cubs begin a three-game series against the Reds on Friday at Wrigley Field. Jeff Samardzija will get things started against right-hander Alfredo Simon. Here’s the very left-handed lineup:

Bonifacio 2B
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Castro SS
Sweeney CF
Castillo C
Valbuena 3B
Samardzija P

* The Cubs have been held scoreless in their last 18 innings, and look to avoid being shut out for a third straight game for the first time since being blanked in four straight, April 27-May 1, 1992.

* Samardzija is one of 11 starting pitchers with at least three games pitched and a 1.29 ERA or better this season. He’s the only one without a win. He looks to end a nine-start winless streak dating to Aug. 30 of last season.

* The Cubs have scored three runs total while Samardzija has been in the game. That’s tied for fewest among NL pitchers with at least three starts this season.


Today, Shark will get his first win !………

I feel Junior Lake will erupt today…..

How about that Blackhawks game last night !

Besides being “Good Friday”…It is also “Aloha Friday”…..does everyone have their Hawaiian Shirts on ?……..Ladies, a grass skirt and a pair of carved out coconuts is plenty of enough……time for me to play my live Don Ho album……..

Later on tonight, I will watch “Ten Commandments” ……You can’t get no better entertainment then watching Edward G Robinson telling the people “Where is your Moses now?”……..Debra Paget, she one cute actress……so was Anne Baxter……..

What is your favorite movie……Ten Commandments or Ben Hur?

Lets Go Cubs !

Aloha CubsTalk, White and SBN. Today is Good Friday and Aloha Friday! I hope that translates well for our Cubbies and Shark’s first win! I too am interested in Olt not starting this game, is it to give him more rest for his shoulder? Well, this weekend is Cherry Blossom Festival and I will be cooking hundreds of Teriyaki Burgers. If any of you are in the area, would be an honor to serve you! Go Cubbies! Gunbatene and Mahalo!

I can go for a Hawaiian BBQ Pork sandwich……and a Hula girl.

I’m willing to live with the rebuild. I understand what they are doing. However, the platoon system being utilized at the major league level is an abject failure. Why is Sweeney playing? I don’t want see Valbuena at third. You have young players that need to play. Rizzo and Castro are playing better because they play everyday. If the rebuild is about youth let them play. This team is 4 -10. I’ve never commented here before but this is getting hard to watch. If your not going to play Olt and Kalish send them down to AAA so they can play everyday. Please give me a reason to watch these games.

The Comedy of Errors by the Cubs….that should be a good reason to watch.

Good one, Cubs Talk! All ready for the game – coffee made, blueberry muffin buttered, Shirley Purrl on my lap! Let the “Comedy” begin! :))

Never posted here before but somehow aloha knew ur name SBN before u have ever posted????? Hmmmmmm seems odd

Aloha Petrey- I was the 4th poster on this thread if you see, SBN came in at 10:29am my comment was at 11:28am. I thought he brought up some good points as does everyone here. SBN like many Cubs fans have had to endure a lot of tough seasons and one’s patience can wear thin after a while. I hope in some small way to encourage others to keep with the new FO and what they are trying to do, they will make mistakes but I believe are trying to get this organization foundationally stronger. And it is also all right for we fans to share our opinions. Anyhow, sad to say our Cubbies today were not able to get more offense but at least it was not a shutout. There is always tomorrow. Mahalo. PS: CubsTalk: I wish I could bring out the Kalua pork sandwiches to this festival! I am with you, the pork with some sweet cabbage on a nice soft roll! Have always wondered if the relatives in Chi-Town would go for it because they eat so many types of pork sausages, they just mike like our shredded pork. May have to debut it at Mr. Beef’s on Orleans’ street!

Aloha again, noticed a “typo,” meant to say I wonder if the Chi-Town relatives “might” not “mike,” like a Hawaiian Kalua pork sandwich. Hope the team can battle and take tomorrow’s game, interesting to see Saturday’s lineup. Mahalo.

This is an intelligent comment, SBN. If Olt is going to play sporadically at the highest level, he is better served going to the minors where he can see action on a regular basis. Valbueana is not terrible. He`s unappreciated by many. I want Olt to emerge as our best option at the hot corner as I`ve stated in the past. {You can look it up, as Casey Stengel liked to assert.} If the powers that be do not trust him to face right-handers, then he should go to AAA to improve on that skill. Sitting on the pine will lead to atrophy. Please do not be a stranger, SBN. We need divergent points of view here, rather than the same old. If you know more potential contributors, please send them down. We need more variety. Never was fond of stale.

Aloha jhosk- hope you are doing well and that the snow has mostly ended for you folks?! I really want Olt to succeed too and want to see him up with the team but thought about it after SBN’s comment that the last thing one would want to do is push Olt and then he is done. So, if sending him back to AAA helps him get pt and more at bats, this may not be a bad option for this season since it is another “rebuilding” year. Why not get him and possibly others who may be part of the foundation of this team going forward healthy and ready for the near future. Agreed, all view points should be respected and welcomed. Happy Aloha Friday to everyone! Mahalo!

Bonsoir k.g., is always a pleasure. I wish I could partake in those Cherry Blossom festivities in the Bay area, but alas, I`m a continent away. I`m curious, are any of those offerings you will be serving gluten free, because many of us have that limitation? Our Cubbies are going through a challenging stretch, but it`s early days, k.g. The season is a marathon. I know you are upbeat and have a sunny disposition, and know you are not easily discouraged. Those attributes serve you well. I`ve concluded that from your past posts. Have an enjoyable holiday, k.g.

Konnbanwa (Good Evening) jhosk (and Aloha!) That is a great idea about the gluten free products, may have to suggest that to our group. We volunteer and cook this “famous” teriyaki burgers to raise funds for our senior citizen organization in Japantown. People tell me they have been buying these burgers for 30+ years, so they do have a following! I think we could have some gluten free buns on hand for those the dietary restrictions. Thank you for the idea! Now in regard to our Cubbies, I have had those seasons (1984 as a youngster, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2008 and so forth. I think the acid in my stomach was quite high but I was also full of joy too! So, I am trying to think differently about the season. Just as passionate about them as before, but just wanting to enjoy ball and not letting it tear me up. I heard Larry Bear (SF Giants CEO) speaking on the radio about the life ball players live and it took me back to my college days and after with my baseball experiences. If we played a late game and had an early game the next day, it was not like we could just get on the bus, get home or to the hotel and go to sleep, especially if we lost. We wanted to play it out in our heads while it was fresh, what we could have done better, how we could have played a situation differently, etc… It can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. So, I think about the players, coaches and personnel and hope they have the capacity to endure a long season and have fun. Sure it is nice to win but I would not want them to lose their love for the game. Safe travels! Mahalo.

Question of the Day…………..What was the Best reason You watched the Cubs in the Past ?

A – Listening to Harry Caray
B – Maddux, Grace , Sandberg
C – Sammy Sosa hitting HR’s
D – Banks, Santo, Williams, Jenkins
E – Wood, Prior, Zambrano

Why do people not understand that the best way to develop young players is not simply to “let them play”? You want to give your young players the best chance to succeed. If that means sending them down to AAA so they can play every day there, then fine. If that means keeping them around the big league club and playing in situations where they have the best chance to succeed and sitting in situations where they don’t have a very good chance of succeeding, then fine. I’d rather they do that than have a young player who is in the middle of a 2 for 20 slump find his name on a lineup card against a tough pitcher just because he’s young and he’s got to play no matter what the situation.
Also, please realize that just because a player is not in the lineup for the game, it doesn’t mean that they have the day off and get to nap in the clubhouse all day. Even if they’re not in the lineup, I guarantee you that they are putting in as much time, if not more, than their teammates in the batting cage, reviewing film, and working with their coaches. So just because they don’t get 4 at bats on a given day doesn’t mean they didn’t put in valuable time and learn something to help further their development. And just because you, the fan, doesn’t see it happen, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I understand what your saying Doug. However, the people they are playing have not done a thing to deserve the playing time they are getting. They are also not in the future plans of this organization. Keeping Baez down was a smart move. He has work to do. No one is expecting miracles. We should expect them all to struggle to varying degrees when they come up. The Cubs aren’t in a pennant race. They need to find out who can play. With a couple of exceptions the future of this ball club is not on the field today. I think they need to see if Olt, Kalish, and Lake are a part of that future. Go Cubs.

But see that’s just it… they do know who can play and they are keeping the development of their players in mind. If a Major League baseball team didn’t know if the players on their 25-man roster can play or not, then they should fire every single scout they employ because it’s the scout’s job to tell the Major League team whether they players they have in their organization have the ability to play at the Major League level or not. Saying “they should find out who can play” is really the fans saying they want to see who can play for themselves. Of course, the team knows who can play already and it’s not up to the fans to determine who plays and who doesn’t, so the fans should really let the coaches make that call, shouldn’t they?
As for the future of the ballclub, how does it help the future of the club to keep on sending, say, a struggling Mike Olt to the plate in hopes that he’ll figure it out on the fly. If he’s struggling, then I’d rather the coaches work with him to correct his flaws and to put him in a game situation where he can best succeed. If Olt were hitting .350 and still sitting, then you’d have a point. But until he starts showing consistency and cutting down on his mistakes, it does nothing for the future of the Cubs or of Mike Olt to keep on throwing him out there. He’ll work on it and be given the best chance to succeed, and if he does succeed, then he’ll find himself given the chance to play in tougher situations. And if his success carries over, then you’re on to something.
Also, for the record, Luis Valbuena has a .361 OBP, which is not too shabby. He’s getting on base and it’s not his fault that his teammates aren’t hitting him in when he does. And he’s also playing because if you don’t play Mike Olt, then your next option at third is Luis Valbuena. Not too many other options at third on the team right now. If it were later in the year, maybe you call up Christian Villanueva from Iowa, but for now it’s either Olt or Valbuena at thrid.

I like Lake also, SBN. Love his athleticism and size and speed. If I had my druthers, he`d be in line-up every day. He will figure it out, I`m thinking, and erase his shortcomings. Am less optimistic or confident in Khalish`s case.

On a side note – has anyone else noticed how much Renteria looks like a cross between Tim Conway and Fozzie Bear. Very strange.

Okay…what is with the Cubs uniforms?…..I saw Five different Cubs logos on Cubs players & coaches today…Renteria had just a “C”…..Bosio had “Cubs Baseball” on his sweater…..I also saw “Cubs” logo……”Cubs”….and “Chicago” on various players……..

So another loss today…I hope you all understand this rebuilding process will take another four, five or maybe six more years…..and maybe one more Cubs manager before we see Playoffs…………Playoffs?……Playoffs?………or maybe before we see a above 500 season.

We Stinks

You must be commenting on today`s result, Cubs Talk. We are hitless wonders! Don`t think one run in three games will get er` done.

How long before Theo fires the hitting coach ?

This team needs more than a new hitting coach. Needs a miracle worker.

Just got in,did not see the game,just read comments,Doug always a pleasure to read your comments,the negativity you bring at times though is just awful,everbody has a view,comment or a say about what is going on with the Cubs.Why dont you put some of that knowledge towards running the team,oh they already have someone doing that.This is an open forum,make your point,because they are usually good,but dont put other people down just for commenting.Some of them are silly,if you dont like them than just stop commenting.But I do enjoy your knowledge of the game,just not some of the negativity.

Hello Kenly, I admire that you have a life, unlike some on here whose lives appear shallow in that they have nothing better to do than monitor this site 24/7. I did not see today`s game either nor the blowout Saturday and am pleased for that. Was busy today swimming laps at the Y and walking five miles and socializing. At my age, one needs to do things for one`s ticker and general well being. The Cubs are next to last in the USA TODAY power ratings this week, ahead of only Houston. Is it any wonder? The way they are playing this week, I have the impression they are hankering to fall to last place in next week`s ratings. Is there an ACC team you are partial to? You know I like the Hoos. Is healthy to have a team that actually wins most of its games. Is good for one`s sanity.

Please excuse Doug……he picked the wrong week of stop sniffing glue.

ATTENTION – ALL CUBS FANS………..Please stay away from sharp knives, loaded guns, train tracks, tall buildings, high cliffs, bridges, and illegal drugs………..it cannot get any worse……….we are only at least six years away from Playoffs……..hold on tight…..it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Six years ??? U are nuts bud…. We could buy the playoffs next year if we really wanted to ….. They will spend things just need to keep progressing . And kenly you whine about Doug but yet cubs talk is the biggest downer on here and can’t have an intellectual conversation. He just wants to post random idiotic thoughts and can’t elaborate or defend any of his views

Exactly. Where in my comments above do I put anyone down or call anyone some sort of name? On the other hand, Cubs Talk makes a blatant attempt at insulting me. I’m just talking baseball. He’s the one who is going off topic, being a parasite on Carrie Muskat’s blog by trying to hijack it with his own gimmicks, and throwing out insults at people.

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