4/18 Reds 4, Cubs 1

Jeff Samardzija posted his fourth quality start on Friday but it wasn’t enough as the Reds beat the Cubs, 4-1, in front of 28,699 at Wrigley Field. Samardzija is winless in his last 10 starts. The Cubs have scored a total of four runs in his four starts this year.

“You keep going out there and doing your work,” Samardzija said. “Today was a tough day to hit with that wind. You just go out and keep doing your work and understand everybody is doing their job. You can’t let it get to you, for sure.”

* Manager Rick Renteria met with the players after the game, although he would not confirm the meeting.

“He said a lot of good things,” Welington Castillo said of the Cubs manager. “He’s a positive guy.”

Renteria said he’s not focused on the statistics, but what he sees on the field.

“I concern myself more with the way we approach the game,” Renteria said. “If our approach is good and we’re really focused on what we’re supposed to be doing both at the plate and in the field, I’m good with it. Today, I think we were a little sloppy in general, and Jeff really kept us in the ballgame throughout.”

* On the plus side, the Cubs did snap a 24-scoreless inning stretch with Luis Valbuena’s RBI single in the seventh.

* Anthony Rizzo had two hits, and was 13-for-26 at home this season. He also combined with Samardzija on three straight plays in the seventh inning.

“Let them roll it over and let me get to first,” Samardzija said. “I think we’ve seen enough out of Riz at first to know he’s a premium first baseman defensively. I always need to be on my toes when the ball heads that way because he plays deep and plays in the hole. We’re kind of on the same page. I’d rather have him cover a lot of ground. We’ve made that play a lot of times. It’s nice to have that over there, it’s a nice commodity to have a first baseman who can pick it like Riz.”

* Playing the NL Central is a good test for the Cubs.

“They’re a good team,” Samardzija said of the Reds. “We’re not playing a fifth-place team. They’re a complete team. They can hit, they can play defense, they can pitch. When they’re guys are healthy in the bullpen, they can close games out. When you play the Reds, Cardinals and Pirates and the Brewers now, you’ve got to bring your ‘A’ game and play clean defense and put some runs on the board and pitch well if you want to win games. I think it’s a good learning curve for us to understand to win games in the big leagues we need all three facets of the game to be clean. You play the good teams and they take advantage of your mistakes, and you can’t give them any breathing room.”

* The Reds stole five bases against the Cubs. It’s the first time a team has done that against Chicago since Atlanta did so on Aug. 14, 2011.

— Carrie Muskat


Hi, Carrie. As it is too depressing to comment on what the Cubs actually are doing on the field, I have this to offer: I grew up near Wrigley in the ’50s. A bleacher ticket cost 60 cents. Been living in Brazil for some 40-plus years. When the internet arrived here, I could follow the games again, and I started listening to WGN Radio on mlb.com. Then we got broadband, and I could watch the video but still listen to Pat Hughes at the same time. Anyway, for I don’t know how many years, I could have sworn Pat was saying,”Vinny’s Beverage Depot.” Now I see a popup ad on the TV feed, and it’s “Binny’s,” with a B. Never too old,and so forth…

Talk about a divergent point of view. This is it in spades. Your comment is enlightening and very welcome, Bruce. Don`t be a stranger.

I love seeing old time Brazil on movie flicks…..the movie studios would show Rio from the air and going down their wide blvd………..”Blame It On Rio”, over-rated movie…….I rather watch the Carmen Miranda movies……..Bleacher tickets $80 now……have fun at the World Cup and Olympics.

Aloha Bruce- I like you have the WGN radio online and it is great to hear the games. Very nostalgic, sometimes I like listening more than watching especially when there are good announcers. Let’s hope our Cubbies can pull themselves out of this current “streak.” Mahalo!

nothing to say 60 wins at best they stink

Why do Cub pitchers continue to give up runs? They should know by now that only a shutout has a chance to win or tie.

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