4/19 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face lefty Tony Cingrani on Saturday in the second game of their three-game series against the Reds. Edwin Jackson gets the start. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Ruggiano RF
Castro SS
Olt 3B
Castillo C
Barney 2B
E. Jackson P


OMG….it’s Edwin Jackson again !

Aloha CubsTalk- yes it is! I know I have been concerned about his performance. I think he really needs to step up to the plate and deliver. Sure his is getting the big bucks, but money or not he has to rise above it all. Either he should be a MLB starting pitcher or he isn’t. At some point management will have to make a if he does not improve what to do with him, meaning do you go into the bullpen for a while and let someone else come into the rotation. I know this is looking ahead some but I hope for his sake and the team’s that it does not come to this. Would also be nice to see Bonifacio and Barney get on the bases to shake up the other side’s pitching and for the rest of the lineup to capitalize on opportunities. Well, will check back in later after I have cooked many teriyaki burgers at our Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival). Gunbatene Cubbies! Mahalo.

Good Morning k.g. – More teriyaki burgers today? You made me hungry all day yesterday just thinking about them! :)). Your Cherry Blossom Festival sounds wonderful! I love hearing what our Cub’s fans are enjoying when they are not watching the games. Well instead of the much craved Teriyaki burger I will have to settle for a much less delicious snack while watching the game today! I hope you will keep posting about your latest news and about your thoughts on how the Cubs can get through this “loss after loss spell”. Maybe today? Hope, hope, hope! Have a happy day k.g.

Aloha White! You could always “teriyaki” that steak of yours! I know when our Cubbies come to town in May they will be busy but if they were given any time, wish they could come by Japantown and have a bowl of noodles or sushi. Then we could have an “informal” discussion about the team, which direction it is going and encouraging the players to hang in there! I cannot wait as I am going to at least one of the games. Maybe Carrie will venture out but I am sure she will also get tips from Kruk, Kip and Miller (Giants announcers). I am sure there is an app that I can get for my “dumb-phone,” where I could hear the game or get updates. I am sure someone will chime in hear about this. Well, getting ready to go but will be thinking about the game today! Take care now. Mahalo.

I have an issue with the Wrigley Field Birthday Cake that will show up this Wednesday………it will be made in New Jersey………bad enough the 100th Anniversary logo was designed by someone from Michigan, but now the cake is coming from out of town!…….don’t tell me there was not Baker, and I don’t mean Scott or Jeff, in Chicago that could not make this cake……..no doubt it will be made by some Mets or Yankees fan who will give something extra inside that cake for all those Cubs fans looking to enjoy a slice of the cake…………I will take a pass on the cake.

Aloha CubsTalk- that is interesting. You would think in a city of 2-3 million folks that there would be a baker-business that could make this cake? I was thinking that IL being a high tax, high regulated state that going to another state might be able to do, price wise what the organization needs but the state I was thinking of was either Indiana or possibly Wisconsin, close by neighbors. But NJ is not close and it is also a high tax/high regulated state. The other thing is, many of the FO were there on the East Coast for years and you get to know people-connections. Maybe they know the person doing the work in NJ? Still from a PR perspective I would have tried very hard to find an establishment within the city. Take care now. Mahalo.

Soon we can scratch off the D-Backs for any Samardzija trade………Gibson and his boys are in some serious quicksand in Phoenix.

Did someone say cake? I don’t care where it comes from—I’ll eat it, and I’ll celebrate my favorite ballpark. After all, how many players on our current roster are from Chicago?

First 10,000 fans at Wednesday game will get a FREE Cupcake from Jewels at the Cubs game………….okay, the over / under number of how many of those cupcakes land on Wrigley Field……I say 1,500…………remember when fans threw out Santo’s pizza’s on the field

Aloha Folks- Well, what a blessing to come home from the Cherry Blossom Festival, having cooked hundreds of teriyaki burgers and where everyone in this area is talking about the Sharks hockey game, the Warriors basketball game and how the A’s and Giants will fair, I was thinking about our Cubbies! And the lineup had a change with Rizzo (I hope he is all right) taken out but for some excitement, offense wise nonetheless was great! Even Barney got into it with a long ball. Very cool, I hope it gives them encouragement going into tomorrow’s game. Happy Easter. Mahalo!

Aloha- found out that Rizzo was able to play and pulled himself out in the 8th, I hope he is able to play in the finale. Mahalo.

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