4/19 Time for a chat

Cubs manager Rick Renteria did talk to the players after Friday’s game, and said it’s part of an on-going process of communication.

“Yesterday, we had a talk with everybody to talk about the same things we’ve talked about since spring — it takes a lot of focus and intensity and commitment to have a chance to win,” Renteria said Saturday. “And not even a guarantee, just a chance [to win]. Winning is not an accident, it is a process and something you can put together with different means.”

Renteria was not happy with what he called “sloppy” play by the Cubs in the 4-1 loss to the Reds.

— Carrie Muskat


Was the chat (yelling) in English or Spanish or both?

Does anyone remember the old “I Love Lucy” shows when Ricky was really mad at Lucy and started to yell in Spanish !………How do you say “We Sticks” in Spanish?

Aloha CubsTalk- I am sure there was some “heat” in those discussions. It cannot be easy for the team having to juggle different lineups so often but these folks also have an opportunity that most of us never will get and that is to play in the “Show,” so I hope they can all remember that and be grateful. Mahalo.

Responding to a couple of comments,Petry I consider myself a little to old to whine,simply stated that I enjoy Dougs comments,just him finishing some of them off attacking some peoples character.Although some may be warrented this is still an open forum.Jhosk as far as my favorite ACC teams,ABC is a term used by many people around the triangle area,Anybody But Carolina!Happy Easter everyone!He Lives!

Kenly, am pleased you said that because Virginia defeated Carolina both Friday and today. Two teams meet again tomorrow in Charlottesville. I like what k.g. suggested there regarding the players who have reached the majors and what a special achievement that is. Is something 99% of us could only dream of. We hope these players on the Cubs or any major league roster for that matter do not ever take their status for granted.

Aloha Kenly, hope you and your family have a blessed Easter too! And yes, He lives! Mahalo!

I hope Renteria yells at the Cubs after each game………we are winning today……Jackson did okay……Barney & Olt homered…………..what can go wrong with a 4 run lead in the 7th?

Mike Olt needs some work with his glove and his throws……or look for him to mention in trades with AL clubs as a DH in July.

Are you serious about Olt? That`s a revolting development I do not care to see. I want Mike to stay with the Cubs. His shoulder issue could explain the poor throws, eh?

Shoulder issue, then DL him or risk more damage…….
I see Olt as a Keith Moreland type of player….lets not fool ourselves, Olt is a DH and nothing else……once Baez is ready, Olt will be gone if Theo can get a Prospect Pitcher for him.

He’s played what maybe 10 games at ml level? Give the guy a chance to settle in geez…. He has played great defense at every level he has been at and there is no reason that he can’t be a good 3b for us. He just needs to settle down and get healthy

Just scanning the minors…….people talk about Bryant, Baez and Edwards……but keep on eye on Smokies Armando Rivero……he might be our future closer……..also, Mateo & Cabrera are doing okay……………….looks like the Cubs ate their Wheaties this morning……the ball is flying out.

Aloha CubsTalk- Armando Rivero is getting attention, his strikeout to walk ratio is really good, I hope he can keep that up. I know some may say his age because he is 26yrs old but that is not the only consideration for him making the team or not. Good pitching is a commodity, the SF Giants are talking about how right now their roster comprises of 13 pitchers. So, if Rivero as well as others prove their worth-value to the organization, I hope they get an opportunity. Thanks for bringing these names up tonight. We do have some exciting folks in the minors! Mahalo.

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