4/20 Cubs lineup

Happy Easter Sunday. Carlos Villanueva gets the start in the Cubs’ series finale against the Reds. Here’s the lineup — and keep in mind that left-handed batters are hitting .538 off Homer Bailey:

Bonifacio CF
Sweeney LF
Rizzo 1B
Schierholtz RF
Castro SS
Olt 3B
Castillo C
Barney 2B
Villanueva P

* Anthony Rizzo says he’s fine after coming out of Saturday’s game with back spasms. However, Mike Olt did take grounders at first base on Sunday, just in case.


Happy Easter !
Lets Go Cubs!

Happy Easter Sunday! The Easter Bunny says “We win today”! I have the coffee sugared, the chocolate eggs on my plate, Shirley Purrl on my lap – let the game begin!

Aloha Folks! Happy Easter too! As an aside, I do like Renteria putting in Olt today. Mahalo!

Happy Easter. 6-0. Wait till next Easter.

We Stinks !

Looks like the only ones having any fun at the ballpark today were the seagulls!

Is time to replace Villanueva in the rotation. Actually it`s past time; he should have been replaced two starts ago. Does not have the goods. Until this organization begins to prioritize pitching, fans should not expect success. A winning team sends a quality pitcher to the mound each and every game the way the Dodgers and Redbirds do, and not just some of the time.

Arrietta is coming back next week

I think we need to make sure our defense is tight. Also batting. We have not been getting any runs in and its starting to get me mad that we get only 2 guys in scoring position towards the end of the game, we need to get better at our batting!!!

Aloha Isabel- all very good points. My college coach used to say pitching-defense-offense, if we could just have at least 2 out of 3 at any given time would be such a blessing. Going into this season with our Cubbies, I asked myself do I still love this game, which I do. So, knowing it will be a hard season not only for the team but for us fans, I told myself to be engaged but not let it get to me such that my stomach gets all “tied-up-in-knots.” This way I can enjoy the season more and look for where growth is taking place with this team, such that I can be encouraged for the future. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, Isabel. The truth is most aspects of our team need addressing. Offense, defense, and pitching are below par, and that is why we are ranked next to last among the 30 major league teams in the power ratings. Do not be surprised if we are indeed ranked 30th in this week`s poll after the sorry week we just witnessed. I admire that your support will not diminish despite these tribulations. You are a loyal fan as are most who contribute to this blog. The Yankee broadcasters said last week that the Cubs have a starved fan base, and that was was the most cogent remark they made the entire game.

I love Cubs fans because I they are the most loyal fans out there!🙂

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