4/21 Jake Arrieta update

As of now, Carlos Villanueva stays in the Cubs rotation but Jake Arrieta is getting close to returning to the big league team. Arrieta, who was slowed this spring with tightness in his right shoulder, made his fourth Minor League rehab start on Monday, pitching for Class A Daytona. He gave up five runs — three earned — on five hits, including three homers, over 5 2/3 innings for Daytona against Clearwater. Arrieta struck out seven, including the last two batters he faced in the sixth.

He has made three starts for Double-A Tennessee but the Cubs wanted Arrieta pitching in warm weather and to go about 100 pitches on Monday. Will a start at Class A be enough to prep Arrieta for the big leagues?

“I think the intensity level that everybody has when they’re down on rehabs, everybody’s different,” Cubs manager Rick Renteria said. “Some guys don’t think about it too much and just focus on what they’re doing. Some guys see it as kind of being lax because it’s a different arena.

“In his case, he’s a guy who goes out there and knows he has to command and stay clean in his delivery and hit his spots,” Renteria said. “It might be a little different for pitchers than position players.”

Renteria said they don’t know if Arrieta will need another rehab start after Monday until they see how he responds from the outing. The right-hander most likely will make one more Minor League start before he’s activated.

Villanueva is 1-2 with a 10.66 ERA in three starts, and will go to the bullpen when Arrieta returns.

— Carrie Muskat


Blake Parker goes back to Iowa it seems.

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Game Report

The Good….Wood hitting & pitching..
The Bad…….One bad pitch to Trumbo
The Ugly…….The fighting between Denver Mike & others at CCO

Time for Neil to pop some more pills.

Trying not to be negative, but the Minors seem to be off to a very poor and disappointing start. We have all read of Baez and his problems, maybe trying just to hard or putting pressure on himself, who knows?
Bryant is doing very well. Soler on the DL and Baez already spending time there. Has anyone seen a Barrett Loux sighting?
Jeimer Candelario has 8 errors in 16 games, that dont seem like a top 20 prospect to me. Corey Black has walked 9 in 11 IP.
Hendricks is doing well with more K’s than I expected and Bryant has it going on. Stat wise, its a very slow start for the Cubs Minor League teams.

What did you expect exactly, every hitter to be hitting .380, Baez and Bryant with 10 HRs each so far? It’s far too early to really be concerned about the minors not producing yet. Check back in a month and see how they’re all doing. Chances are, Baez will be hitting higher than .152 by then. And 20-year olds at High-A tend to make a lot of errors, so I wouldn’t worry about that much either. After all, Derek Jeter made over 50 errors one season in A-ball and that didn’t exactly keep the Yankees from developing him now did it?

Doug, from reading my post, you would clearly understand I expected a better start, at least somewhere. Of course I dont expect everyone to be hitting 380, but if you look at the stats most are hitting in the 180’s. I didnt expect that either.
As far as errors, Santo used to make over 20-30 per season, so maybe Candelario will be a HOF’er, who knows?

Again, it’s too early to be too concerned over who is hitting .180. Most players at all levels will have a 2-3 week stretch where they hit .180. If it happens in June, chances are you’ll hardly notice it. If it happens in April, then it stands out because that’s all you have to go by for the season so far. I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now. A month from now, maybe, but right now it doesn’t mean a thing in the grand scheme of things.

It is kinda nice to have a conversation once in awhile. I wouldnt say I was concerned as much as disappointed. I fully expected the Major League team to get off to a slow start, but was hoping to see one of our teams just kicking butt from the get go.
I am very happy the Cubs were able to keep Cabrera, he is off to a great start out of the bullpen at IA.

You mean you’d rather talk baseball on a baseball blog than about stuff other than baseball? Oh well, I guess I won’t tell you all about what kind of coffee I’m drinking or how proud someone’s dad must be of them or what’s going on at another blog.🙂

LMAO. That was a good one!!!!!!

Give it another month with Theo’s farm system……

Bryant is Hot…Baez is Not………Almora & Vizcaino will get promoted…….Edwards is doing good……Bjax K’s half the time…Vogelbach is struggling…….Rivero might slip into Wrigley by August.

Is there any update on Kyuji Fujikawa? Fujikawa could be of help to a beleaguered bullpen. MLB.com’s Phil Rogers tweeted on Mon 4/14 that Kyuji Fujikawa (elbow) left his extended spring training appearance Monday with an injury. I have read or heard a thing on Fujikawa since.

August return is the rumor.

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