4/24 Cubs vs. Brewers

Looking ahead to the Cubs’ weekend series against the Brewers, it’ll be an interesting matchup on Friday when Matt Garza faces the Cubs.

Friday: RHP Carlos Villanueva (1-4, 10.93) vs. RHP Matt Garza (0-2, 4.50)
Saturday: LHP Travis Wood (1-2, 2.52) vs. RHP Marco Estrada (1-1, 2.66)
Sunday: RHP Jason Hammel (3-1, 2.60) vs. RHP Wily Peralta (3-0, 2.19)


I would love to see Olt jack one off of Garza.

I heard this morning that NOT one construction project has started at Wrigley yet……..and now the Bank is telling Ricketts he should think of selling due to lack of revenue…………I talked about this a few months ago that the boys on LaSalle St. was telling Ricketts to make money to cover his expenses.

Aloha CubsTalk- Well they did rebuild the brick walls in the outfield! I hope the ivy grows back, maybe need to send some of our volcanic red dirt from the islands to amend the soil and watch it bloom. I am sure attendance not where they would like it has hurt the bottom line. There could be some real lean times ahead, that is not out of the question. Today’s generation is different from the past ones. Not saying that all of us die hearts are better or have a leg up, but today’s “fans” are very different, it is about being “seen,” and noticed at a “hip-cool-place…” I hate to say it but when a team is a winner or winning, it can help to mitigate some of those things. Chicago has a lot of places-events to see and all compete against each other for one’s business. Our Cubs have to remember that. Anyhow, looking forward to this weekend series and wishing the best for team! Mahalo.

My brother is a banker who lives in Chicago and he has literally read the Cubs financials. He says that Cubs can afford a $140m payroll; their finances are fine. The reason they aren’t spending money now is the very reason that they keep telling everyone: it is not part of the plan. The “plan” is to lose for a years — or at least not make winning a priority — re-build a farm system after years of neglect, and build a long-term winner. So if ya’ll are closely following this year’s ML team and hoping for good results, you are likely going to be disappointed.

And the reason they haven’t started construction is because their leverage is tied to the $300 – $500m they will pump into the city. They aren’t going to spend a $ until then can get that scoreboard. Settle down, everyone. Christmas will come; it’s just a few years away.

Aloha Cubs Win- Yes that is true about their financials as many agents have referred to this as well. They are also working through “red-tape” with the city of Chicago as well as the roof top owners too. I do not think that attendance being down the last couple of years helps out the situation any, in terms of extra funds but, you hope at the very least not to lose your main fan base. I do not think that will happen but in terms of goodwill to the fans that have supported this team year after year after year, it would be neat if the team would pick up a bat or arm that could contribute not only right now but also into the future. This may happen come July! Take care now. Mahalo.

Aloha: I am curious when management flips the switch. When do they decide that they need to spend some money, “add a piece.” I doubt it is this year. And when the Cubs do start winning consistently — and I believe they will — all the people moaning now (and rightfully so, the team stinks), will jump right back on board. The losing is painful — I hate it! — but after years or watching sub-par teams, I feel thankful that they have a management team with a real plan. I think it will work; I don’t know how long we have to wait.

Aloha Cubs Win, that is an interesting question as to when management “flips the switch,” as you point out. Also as jhosk points out below, is it too much to ask that you have players in certain positions being able to do their job: ie catch routine fly balls and grounders as well as bullpen folks coming into a game and either protecting a lead and/or keeping us close so the offense has a chance. I agree with the plan in terms of rebuilding from the ground up, farm system and such. I also think if the team is currently not spending funds on construction and other projects would it be so hard to get a player or two that may cost a little but also show the fans the commitment to seeing this team get better? I think it would also help to get fans not only into the park but also more committed. I love the team no matter what, I am one of those die-hards that the organization does not have to worry about losing. But I also understand that this is a business so a little can go a long way. Who knows, maybe something happens before the trade deadline? Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha CubsTalk- you beat me to the punchline! I was thinking about Olt taking Garza deep and say Grimm throwing some scoreless innings! That would be ironic. Anyhow, hope our Cubbies can win today and take the series then onto them Brewers. Mahalo.

Ruggiano to the DL….Parker to Iowa….Roscupp & Ramirez called up !

CJ Edwards might have shoulder problems!…..will see a Doctor.

Traditions……sometimes, they need to end

– Celebrity 7th inning singing……Enough….No More.
– Excuses from Cubs Managers……..Don’t want to hear that anymore…these Managers are now Puppets.
– Theo’s Plan…..so far the Plan is to lose as many games as possible !…how about starting a Winning Tradition !
– Blowing 9th inning leads……..like to see the Cubs come behind in the 9th to win games….lets start that Tradition!
– Castro & Rizzo………until they win BIG, they are just like the rest of the Cubs we saw in the past…..so lets stop glorifying these two into some type of Gods.
– Celebrations…….no more until we win the World Series.
– Having Bad Closers……….lets end that Tradition.
– WGN announcers talking about selling stuff ( dinners, cruises, conventions, ticket plans, concerts, etc. ) between every out…how about talking baseball instead !
– Instead of playing in a 100 yr old stadium, how about starting a tradition of playing in a NEW stadium !

Still crying? Going to destroy all the building because the Bullpen walks guys with the game on the line? Idiot!!!!!

Let`s find infielders who can field routine grounders cleanly when the game`s on the line, and outfielders who can actually catch a moderately challenging fly ball under the identical circumstance. Is that too much to ask of major leaguers? Also, is it too much to expect a reliever to come into a contest when the score is close, and actually get major league hitters out? Don`t care if it`s the 1st or 5th year of a plan, fans should not have to tolerate ineptitude and incompetence, and lack of discipline, and no focus.

Aloha jhosk- yes we all knew it would be a hard season to watch. I am sure the FO sees all that you mentioned and more. As I mentioned above to Cubs Win, could management pick up a couple of players, that yes may cost a little but want to be with the team because of the future that lies ahead? I think it could go a long way with the fans. Not like the buying in the past, because you know you have some prospects in the minors that you hope pan out in the near future but understanding what you have as an organization today and what you could use without sacrificing too much? These next couple of months will be very interesting! Take care and hang in! Mahalo.

No. You shouldn’t spend on a player or two just to win a few more games. They are better off losing a lot so they can draft the best players (like Kris Bryant). In HHS long run, it is actually better to be terrible than mediocre. They should start spending – flip the switch – when the team is fairly solid.

Aloha Cubs Win- I agree with you. Sorry if I did not explain it well, for we die-hard Cubs fans I know we will stick with this organization through thick and thin even if it does not win. Having said that, with the new generation of fans out there would it hurt to have a player or two and as I mentioned above not to sacrifice too much, meaning a player in the minors like Baez, Bryant, etc.. would not make sense to pay for someone of the same position to a long term contract that cost a lot, plus it keeps them from coming up. But if there are a couple of holes that know prospects are currently in the system and they could get a good player or two but for a discount, would that not help? Also, I know we cannot look into a crystal ball and see the future but what if by getting one/two players the Cubs still lose the same amount of games get the high picks as you mentioned and at the same time the “fans” see movement? Again, just questions being tossed out there. Earlier in the season there was a lot of discussing about Tanaka coming to the MLB and the Cubs chances of getting him. I argued partly because I am of Japanese heritage, have been in/associated with baseball through college, my father in baseball and a collegiate head coach for years and our experience with Japan ball, Summer ball here (Alaskan League), etc.. That Tanaka would most likely not come to the Cubs unless the organization coughed up crazy money. Thankfully they did not. But the FO showed that they were willing to go out there and get a “big” name. One question I thought about but did not throw out there on this blog more intentionally was what if he came to the Cubs? Would they necessarily win more games? Most likely they would still have a losing season and get high picks. But the fans (not necessarily us die-hards) would be excited about the season because of Tanaka and what they perceive to be the organization moving in a certain direction. It is hard for fans that are not as knowledgeable to be excited about “prospects,” as they want the here and now what their “eyes” can see today. I hope that makes better sense. So if Theo and company can convince a really good arm (closer-starter) and position player (that can field and hit for avg/pwr) with many years left of playing to come over for a discounted price and short contract, would that be so bad? You take care now. Mahalo.

Aloha Cubs Win- I am having to take off to my next job but did notice some use of words where I meant “known” instead of know or the “discussion” not discussing when it came to Tanaka. Hurrying my comment because I did not want to lose the train of thought, sure there are other errors as well but hope you get the gist of what I am saying. I see it is the 7th inning and our Cubbies are behind 3-1, hope they can come back. Take care now. Mahalo.

K.g. – I’m curious, you say you’re Japanese in heritage: are you a fan of Haruki Murakami? He’s my favorite author, but none of my Japanese friends like him.

Aloha Cubs Win- Interesting that you like Murakami-san. His writing style is not considered “traditional Japanese” as he is heavily influenced by Western authors, maybe that is why some of your Japanese friends are not big fans of his. Something that many of us do like, including Murakami is American Jazz. My relatives all up and down Japan, love Jazz and one of the first jobs he had was at a record store, then he later opened up a coffee-jazz establishment with his wife in Tokyo. I bet he has quite the record collection today! Only have read bits and pieces at the most of his stuff but you have spurred my interest, may have to get one of his fiction novels soon. Mahalo & Arigatou!

Yeah, Murakami is definitely influenced by western culture. And he is a huge Jazz fan. You should check him out. His novel Dance, Dance, Dance has scenes in Hawaii. Time better spent than watching these current Cubs!

Aloha Cubs Win- thanks for the reply, will have to check out that “Dance novel.” By the way, I saw this for statistics on Wrigley and wondered if it was true about attendance (per home game):
2008 – 40,743
2009 – 39,610
2010 – 37,814
2011 – 37,528
2012 – 35,589
2013 – 32,625
That is really amazing if this number is correct, I did not realize attendance was down so much in the past 5-6yrs. Take care now. Mahalo.

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