4/24 Roster moves

The Cubs recalled left-handed pitcher Zac Rosscup and right-hander Neil Ramirez from Triple-A Iowa, placed outfielder Justin Ruggiano on the 15-day DL, and optioned Blake Parker to Iowa. Manager Rick Renteria says he’ll go with 13 pitchers for the time being. Ruggiano has a Grade 2 strain of his left hamstring and will be out three to four weeks. He felt a pop in his leg as he approached the bullpen mound trying to chase down a ball on Wednesday in the ninth. Renteria says they don’t need another outfielder because they can use Emilio Bonifacio in center.


Why does Renteria Never Sacrifice.. We have an Awful Offense.. Yet, whenever we get a leadoff Double, like now.. Bonafacio doubles.. Valbuena up, no outs.. Luckily walks, but doesnt bunt.. Then Nate’s up.. 1st & 2nd.. Still no bunt.. And he freakin strikes out.. Whats wrong with Get em On, Over & IN.. Sparky Anderson Small Ball.. We have Outstanding Starting Pitching thus far and the most bulimic Offense.. I’m disgusted by his approach.. We need to lead the majors in Sacrifices.. Guess the record speaks for itself and the type of Coach we hired.. A loser that stinks in his decision making.. Even when the Core 4 arrive.. We will be last in Avg with RISP as well as Team BA,Runs scored..etc.. Ive been a Cub since I was 4… Im a Dunston Fan & Grace.. For The Hustle & The Stick.. Thats baseball.. Not this White Knuckle grip, Swing & Miss Crap Ive seen since ’08.. I so wish to Switch Teams but I am True.. I see the easy fixes, yet it never gets done.. Renteria is a passive Loser and you are only as good as your coach!! I know cause I was drafted by the mets, got to St Lucie, injured & released.. I love the game.. The Cubs.. But cant stand the big innings type game.. We dont have that type of team.. Tony Gwynn, Edgar Martinez.. They had an Approach, go with the pitch.. Not pull everything.. Please tell me why he doesnt sac. Please!!!

Aloha kabukiman- yes it is hard to watch our team, especially as die hard fans. My wife’s team is the SF Giants and something that was fun to watch in 2010 as well as 2012 was the “small-ball” approach which made the team more versatile in different situations and when the power-long ball came it was wonderful but not a die by the long ball or not kind of situation. I have been waiting for this to happen with our Cubbies. Folks like Bonifacio, Barney and other’s can run so when they get a hit or a walk I am with you about moving them over, get them in scoring position. Because now what does that do? If you have no outs and you move the runner over, the pitcher now has to make a choice to give the next batter nothing good to hit or come at him and so many times the odds are they will walk the person so they can get a force out at one of the bases. The beauty of that for the team on offense is that they know the pitcher with two on and 1 out, does not want to walk and load the bases so the batter has an opportunity to see better pitches as the defensive team wants him to put it in play (routine grounder or pop-up flyball). Still our team has a chance to create runs that they did not have earlier when as you state, our management is playing it safe and not taking any chances. That right there lets other teams know our strategy and then they can basically prepare knowing a team will not put on a bunt, it takes away a weapon. I know this is going to be a tough season so knowing that, I wish the FO would say to Renteria we have nothing to lose, let’s mix it up get the other team off balance, guessing as to what we are going to do and break them down since we do not have a power lineup like other teams. The Cubs need to learn how to manufacture runs (old school term) with the tools that they have. As well as to hold leads when we have them. Hopefully this weekend will have more highs than lows for our Cubbies. Mahalo.

Renteria has put on a few SAC’s this year, something we did not see last year. Alot of your post I agree with. On the subject of Schierholtz, I am wondering if he was kept too long?
He was in demand at tradeline last year. Rumors over the winter. Looking at the STATS, Rizzo is getting alot of walks. Thats good, except they are not giving him nothing to hit. Scheirholtz is not that answer so far.

Why bring up a guy with a 7 ERA in AAA? You got some guys throwing a hot ball in AAA and AA, give them a shot – they can’t do any worse. Why isn’t there any talk about Wada? It’s not like this guy is a 21 yr old rookie. He’s ready – put him in the mix as a long reliever. Come on Cubs, there’s so many other options than the two guys you brought up…so close to being a competitive team yet so committed to ‘the plan’ that you’re missing opportunities. A good plan is flexible and moves with opportunity, it does not prevent it.

First off, teams usually give preference to players who are on their 40-man roster, especially if the 40-man is all full. If it’s full and a team calls up someone who is not on the 40-man, then the call up has to be put on the 40-man and a player currently on the 40-man has to be taken off to make room, which means the organization risks losing that player to another team. A move like that teams don’t take lightly.

Second, Ramirez is one of the Cubs top pitching prospects. He was one of the bunch acquired in the Garza trade and is projected to be either a middle of the rotation starter or a potential closer one day. So by calling him up, the Cubs can get a look at how he handles big league hitting. Or perhaps the just intend to keep him up for a few days and then send him back down when Arrieta is ready to come off the DL. Also, it’s early enough in the season where one bad outing can inflate your ERA, so I wouldn’t read into Ramirez’s stats too much at this point. If he had an ERA of 7.00 in June, then okay, but in April one bad outing can make your ERA look bad and it will take a few good outings to bring it back down to a respectable number.

Lastly, Wada is off to a good start, but the Cubs probably don’t want to bring him up as a long reliever who pitches only once or twice a week. They probably see more value in him being insurance down at AAA just in case there’s another injury or they need a spot start. Remember a few years ago when the Cubs had a bunch of injury problems in their rotation at once and had to resort to picking up Doug Davis off of the scrap pile and a disastrous attempt at converting Russell into a starter? That happened because they had absolutely no one at AAA who they could call up to fill in. Now they feel that they have two or three guys who can step in right away if necessary. It’s better to keep them stretched out at AAA and ready to be called up on a moment’s notice than make them a long reliever only pitching a couple innings per week.

Also, how close do you think the Cubs really are to being a competitive team? I think they’re a lot further away than you think and calling up Wada to be a long reliever is a drop in the bucket that they need to fill in order to be a competitive team.

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