4/25 Cubs vs. Garza

Who has the edge when players face a former teammate? The Cubs will find out Friday when they have to deal with Matt Garza, now starting for the Brewers.

“Obviously, these guys have played alongside him and know him and they’re preparing to face him like they do against any other pitcher,” manager Rick Renteria said. “You’d be surprised — sometimes when you have a guy on the same team and you think you know exactly what they’re about until you face them and then you realize you really didn’t have as good an idea as you thought you did.”

Garza has never faced the Cubs in his career.

— Carrie Muskat


Garza kinda bitter of not getting that big contract from the Cubs…then losing out with one with Angels while on that South Pacific vacation……then getting a lower amount with the Brewers.

Perhaps Garza will have an outing as he did in ST, CubsTalk, when he surrendered 8 earned runs or so in the first two innings. I know you recall that contest, as I recollect you specifically commenting on the game on this site. I chimed in and told you I saw all that as I was part of a captive audience at a saloon in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was the only thing on the televisions available to watch. The owner of the emporium must have been a Brewers` fan. Or perhaps he/she was a fan of the opponent. Don`t know who the opponent was. I know it was not the Cubs.

Garza was up for the game….and the Cubs were not…….

Exciting ending for the Blackhawks game last night………..even the White Sox gave their fans a thrilling ending last night……..something Cubs fans don’t see much at all.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Game Report……..

The Good……..Spent my time watching the Blackhawks
The Bad………Another Cubs loss
The Ugly………Those Brewers Fans in the stands.

Yes, am hearing that Abreu is the real deal. Heard he is going to be an outstanding offensive player, and reckon he has size too. Didn`t he have a big hit last night? Was it a grand salami?

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