4/25 Edwards to be checked

C.J. Edwards, ranked No. 4 on MLB.com’s list of top 20 Cubs prospects, was to undergo tests on his right shoulder in Chicago on Friday. Edwards, 22, had a 2.61 ERA in four starts for Double-A Tennessee. On Sunday, he gave up two runs on three hits and two walks over six innings against Birmingham. Edwards felt some discomfort in his shoulder during a side session.

The slender right-hander was one of four players acquired from the Rangers for Matt Garza last July. Edwards made one start in Spring Training for the Cubs, and gave up three runs on four hits and three walks over 2 2/3 innings.

— Carrie Muskat


Speaking of pitching, did you see Bronson Arroyo`s quote in yesterday`s newspaper regarding what it was like in the clubhouse 15 years ago when he first came to the majors? He was commenting inside a piece on baseball`s present day emphasis on nutrition and fitness. Is a very different landscape today. Bronson, who currently pitches for the Diamondbacks, said, “When I first got in the league….every player had a beer on the soap dish in the shower. Guys were still smoking cigarettes in the clubhouse.”

Hi jhosk – I would be happy to send our Cubs some “special Oregon brownies” if that would help! :))

Good afternoon, White. Is a pleasure to communicate with someone whom I respect after yesterday`s Sturm und Drang with a malcontent. I thought about you yesterday along with all the other pleasant posters I`ve met on this site over the years. Makes dealing with a few contrarians a walk in the park. I`m concerned about Villanueva starting tonight`s contest. Have absolutely no confidence in the man. And he`s facing a team with the best record in all of major league baseball. But that`s on paper. One never knows. On paper coming out of spring training, we thought we had a competent bullpen.

Yes jhosk, the “grinches” were in rare form yesterday! :)) I want you to know too what a pleasure it is to have you as a fellow poster. Tonight’s game will be the first time I have seen Garza since he was traded. I remember seeing him in the Cub’s dugout cheering his team on! Nothing seems to be working to give the Cubs wins so “what next”? Pitching is tantamount and still not competent in the bullpen. Have a nice day, jhosk, and I hope we can get through the day unscathed! :))

Aloha jhosk and White- yes baseball was different just 15yrs ago compared to today and what amazing accomplishments took place during the late 30’s to 60’s going into the early 70’s without today’s systems in place for athletes. Anyhow, I am concerned too about Villanueva if he can keep the Brewers in check because then it gets handed off to the bullpen. I know there have been discussions on here that anyone over 30 is too old, should not be given a serious look in terms of adding to the team. I was speaking with a very knowledgeable baseball person yesterday who has MLB experience and has coached as well. He took me through the various teams and mentioned how rare it is to have a team of just all players that came through the ranks, one’s own farm system. He said the Yankees having Jeter-Posada-Rivera-Pettitte is not an occurrence that happens every day for an organization. So as important as it is to build a strong farm system like what the A’s have had in the past, Giants more recently, Rays and so forth that mixing in veterans with “homegrown” players is not bad, many times very good because of the mentoring that you hope to have between the younger and more established players. I was curious as to a “mix” when it comes to a team, and this person mentioned 50/50 as an example. I know we have a lot of position players coming up in the minors but would it be wrong if the right deal came along to add someone that could help today and tomorrow? Same if the right deal came along for a closer? Again, just questions. One thing is for sure, is if you have a strong farm system you have folks that are willing to make trades based on “what-ifs and the promise” that this person will turn out to be something for you. We all know not everyone makes it including the high prospects. At some point the FO has to be in a place to take advantage of opportunities for the team and not just get rid of veteran players with long contracts, not saying that is not good. But they showed us they were willing to go after someone like Tanaka so I hope they might pursue other players as well. Hope you folks have a great Aloha Friday! Mahalo.

I think Carlos Villanueva needs to make the adjustments to pitch a strong game tonight. I understand his specialty is long relief/bullpen. But he still needs to make adjustments,he has watched film,had several starts and is pitching against one of the better teams in baseball right now. Tonight is time for him to step up,I think he will. Hope some offense shows up though,got to be hard to pitch knowing you have no room for error.

Kenly, Hope you are right about Carlos ,but forgive me for being skeptical. At the risk of being off topic and vulnerable to attack from the grinches, did you see the results of that recent Forbes.com survey on the best cities for raising a family? The Raleigh, N.C. region, where I have reason to believe you are domiciled, emerged #1. I`ve been wanting to tell you that for a week. Tonight`s the first opening I`ve had.

Did not see last night`s contest, only the highlights today (or are “lowlights” more appropriate?) What happened with Lake on that ball that seemed to be hit right at him and he whiffed? Is it a case of a natural infielder playing out of position or is there more at work here? Perhaps Castro is not the only Cub who lacks focus?

Absolutely right jhosk,beach hour and a half,mountains 3 hours plus and everything in between. We used to be able to watch the Diamond Jaxx play till our local team,the Mudcats,I know I left myself open to all kinds of comments with that name,switched affiliations. Beautiful stadium and real good times there.The last time we were there I even got my oldest daughter her first ball. Her eyes were as big as baseballs,or maybe that was mine!

Good morning kenly cub – North Carolina sounds beautiful! I am hoping to hear that you were not effected by the tornados yesterday! By the way, do your daughters play any softball? Great games to watch as I remember my granddaughters playing the game! Last night’s Cubs game was PAINFUL to watch! Sloppy play, breaking bats over knees when struck out, etc. etc. Now I question – how can this be fixed? Pitching seems to be a Cubs Curse! Sloppy chaotic play is inexcusable in my opinion. Better fix that problem fast – the more games lost the harder it will be to keep their spirits up which leads to more sloppy play. The vicious circle! Have a good and safe day kenly cub!

Several years back we were,a neighbor was killed,the house has been struck by lightning twice,tornado once,so we have been blessed.State Farm says we should move our house 50 yards either way,I say they should drop there rates! The girls play soccer,basketball and dance. Back to baseball. The starting pitching has not been that bad,Jackson hopefully will keep working hard at righting his ship,Villanueva is out of position but you gotta love his attitude. Arrieta is coming back,it is the bullpen that has been awful. Tough to be a pitcher for the Cubs though with there anemic offense. Absolutely no room for error,has to be tough to go out each day knowing your offense stinks.

Not clear what you mean when you write “Villanueva out of position, but love his attitude.”

Kenly, White, and k.g., As you know, I admire ESPN`s Tim Kurkjian and the “inside baseball’ skinny he often provides, I heard him say some things today that I find hard to believe, but must be true because I trust him. You are aware that Yankee pitcher Pineda was tossed from a game this week because pine tar was clearly visible on his neck, and the Bosox called him on it. Umpires had no choice because the incident was so egregious. Tim Kurkjian said today that he spoke with a mlb manager this week and that manager {he has to remain anonymous, of course} told Tim 98% of mlb pitchers use some foreign substance. That`s a guesstimate, of course, but you get the picture. And the substance of choice is pine tar, as you know. Tim said the issue is not pine tar, it`s the baseballs. They are ungrippable, if you will. Why do umpires need to rub mud etc. on the baseballs before entering them in games? Why can`t baseballs be manufactured which pitchers can actually grip. {Here`s where k.g. may be able to shed some light.} Tim said the problem has been solved in Japan. The baseballs they use in the Japanese professional league are removed directly from the boxes and entered into games. The Japanese baseballs are grippable. Why can`t we have that scenario here in the states? Please believe what I`ve written here is not hyperbole. I do not exaggerate. This is precisely what I heard Tim Kurkjian say today.

I should have mentioned that the biggest take-away from the above is that virtually every major league pitcher is cheating. When each pitcher utilizes pine tar or whatever foreign substance he is fond of, and that manager said 98% do, that violates the major league rule banning foreign substances. Umpires and opposing teams may be looking the other way, especially when pitchers are discreet, which most are evidently, but the bottom line is those pitchers are breaking the rule. MLB is going to be taking a look at this entire matter immediately, if not sooner.

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