4/25 Veras sidelined

Cubs reliever Jose Veras has a sore left oblique and is day to day, manager Rick Renteria said Friday. Veras pitched on Thursday against the Diamondbacks, and gave up two runs in one inning. It was his sixth appearance this season. The right-hander lost his job as the closer after blowing a two-run lead on April 11 against the Cardinals, and Thursday was only his second appearance since then.

“Veras is a little sore with his left oblique and hopefully he’ll be OK,” Renteria said. “He’s been working really hard and developed a little soreness. He’s a very hard worker. We’ll monitor it and see how he’s doing.”

The Cubs have eight relievers in the bullpen, including Veras, after adding lefty Zac Rosscup and right-hander Neil Ramirez on Thursday.

— Carrie Muskat


This is an example of addition by subtraction. This dude is bad news, God forgive me. If we can trade him to another organization where a change of scenery may rejuvenate him, then I`m all for that. I question how much value we will receive in return, as other clubs are surely aware of his lack of upside at this juncture, How does one hide that?

Aloha jhosk- I know it has not been easy for the club or Veras. I bet if he can be traded the club will have to eat most of his contract, which I do not think is much. I really hope we can get a closer, not sure about this year though. Take care and do not let it pain you too much, will just give you gas (I know, from experience). Mahalo!

I think there would be several players willing to eat their contract to leave the Cubs right now. It must be difficult to face losing day after day. In addition, just not a good environment to bring young talent into; an atmosphere with heads held down every day. . I think many overlook how atmosphere plays a part in the progress of a young player.

Thanks for the advice, k.g. Am concerned about the direction of our club. The five year plan, I mean. I have many friends who are Yankee fans, as I am living in that market. They laugh at me when I tell them we Cubs fans are asked to accept that we have a five year plan, and that it is unrealistic to expect to be competitive this season or even next season. We are told we may be competing in 2016. The Yankee fans would mutiny if they were told that about their team. You can take that to the bank.They expect to compete every season. I respect you and would like to hear your opinion of what I just stated.

That`s an excellent observation Deancee makes above regarding a losing culture. Such an environment breeds pessimism and low expectations and all the negative baggage one does not want to ensue.

Big difference between a person from Chicago and one from New York……

A New Yorker……impatient, can’t wait for anything, will scream at anyone
Chicago Guy…….lay back, waiting 105 years, only his wife yells at him

A New Yorker……..flies to Florida for sunshine only to find more rain
Chicago Gal……..goes to local tanning booth for a nice tan

A New Yorker……..up to date with latest fashion styles
Chicago Guy………still wears his H.S. jacket 30 years later

A New Yorker………..Believes the World revolves around them
Chicago Gal………….Would never give the time of day to a New Yorker

A New Yorker……….rude, ignorant, foul mouth person
Chicago Guy………..only Dougie & Petrey come close to a New Yorker type

Dougie and Petrey…LOL Nice. But don’t agree on the lay back but the wife yelling…yes! Come on, I do business with many NYers and they are good people…some times. LOL Maybe time we become a little more impatient with the Cubs.

Am still waiting for k.g.`s input. Did not that stowaway leave from the Bay area? Did you see that cartoon with the major airlines` take on that stowaway matter? Their conclusion is that they can fit at least three more passengers into the wheel well area for future flights. Is beneficial to the corporate bottom line. That`s all that matters to them, making money. Is why I have no respect for corporations. They have no shame.

Aloha jhosk! Just got in. I know many Yankee fans too! One of them that I know that has been associated with baseball for years, coached did clinics etc… said he understands the value of a strong farm system but he also said the “language” of lower expectations is not healthy for an organization. He said with the Yankees they know what it takes to be competitive. He was sharing with me recently how Soriano remarked that even at the age of 38 how he felt invigorated and had a new lease on life with the Yankees and a large part of that is the organization, the culture there. I understand what he means and would not want our folks in the FO to sell out at all costs but to create a different culture then what has been present for a long time. That is not to say our Cubbies do not have a good organization but it is like in the movie Rocky where Apollo says to him you need the “Eye of the Tiger…” We could use some of that for our Cubbies. So in talking with this gentleman the other day he was pointing out to me that most clubs and those that are very competitive have a mix of players that came through their farm system as well as players they traded for. I do not think it would hurt to bring in an established position player that can play defense and hit for power-average as well as a strong arm for reliever or starter. That sends a message not only to the fans-supporters but also to the players and coaches that the organization is serious about righting this ship. Yes, we can all applaud Theo and company for what is and has been done thus far with the farm system but it takes more than just a farm system, they have to be savvy at making great trades for the team, that may involve we getting an established player with lots of years left for a good price but we give up some players and maybe a prospect. I just do not want the FO to rule out picking up serious players for the organization and relying solely on “prospects” in the farm system. Mahalo!

I thank you for your thoughtful analysis, k.g. There is much wisdom in your words. The product on the field these days needs to be at least adequate, I would think, while we wait for the grand plan to commence to take fruition. Otherwise, why would fans need to attend games at Wrigley or watch via television or listen over the radio? I`m not seeing an acceptable product currently. Mahalo! {That`s the first time I`ve utilized that word.} Hope you don`t mind my borrowing it, k.g. Is always a pleasure!

Aloha jhosk- ps: yes was that not crazy how this teenage is able to hop a fence, get onto a tarmac of a major airport then into the wheel well and survive at altitudes in excess of 35,000ft and possibly temperatures down to -80degreesF. Just crazy. Maybe he was a stressed out Cubs fan that was distraught that the “Wrigley Cake” was thrown away in the dumpster? Take care now, Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- thank you for your reply. You use “Mahalo” anytime! You will remember in the decade preceding Theo and company that there was a lot of money being spent on players, some getting long contracts, many getting contracts they should not have been tendered and others not getting them. Money was just being spent and it is all right to do so when it is spent wisely. On the flip side we now have a FO office that is the exact opposite and that is not bad either. But I think one has to find a place where they can bring the two together. Now for my part, I was not privy to the negotiations of the sale of the Cubs to the Ricketts family, what kind of terms, financing, tax credits if they received any, etc… At the time I knew a lot was going to change and thought even if they would off load a lot of the big contracts could they get something in return and in many cases they did not and agreed to pay for large portions of the future commitments. I did not understand it but again, they are on the inside I am not. So, they the Ricketts took on a large burden of the purchase of this team, then they off-load players and get not much in return, also attendance if falling which means not just ticket sales, but concessions as well as other profit centers being affected. I know they can probably write off a lot of the loses but at some point some capital needs to be invested in order to create more. They have spent for the spring training facility and building up the farm system, great as well as other organizational areas. But it is also imperative that they work on the “face” of this entity known as our Cubbies and that is the team itself. Many of us have the patience I believe, when it comes to this plan but if we stay on the same course for 5yrs and the results are the same, irreparable harm could come to the organization in terms of support fan base that may take a lot longer to get back. In these economic times and with all the competing events (sports or otherwise) that folks choose to spend their resources on, the Cubs as an organization cannot always rely on the old adage of the “die-hards,” will always be there and pack the house no matter what. I know there are smart folks in the FO and I hope some of them are not just “yes” folks but honest in sharing ideas and concerns for not only today’s team but for the future of this organization. Well, I have probably put a ton of folks to sleep now. Hope you have a blessed weekend and that are Cubs can rebound against these very good Brewers. Mahalo!

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I like that you have a sense of humor, k.g. We need way more of that on this site. CubsTalk is a target for the slings and arrows of his many critics on here, but I admire that he has a sense of humor, something I can honestly say I do not recall detecting even once from the grinches on here with their multitude of posts we`ve read over the past year or more. They take themselves far too seriously. They need to chill.

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