4/26 Cubs lineup

Travis Wood gets the start Saturday night for the Cubs in Game 2 of their three-game series against the Brewers. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Valbuena 2B
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Olt 3B
Sweeney LF
Castillo C
T. Wood P


I like this line up but it doesn’t seem to be working. is Lake out for being an air head?


Aloha Daniel- that is interesting. I notice they have Bonifacio but in CF and Valbuena back at second, that may have something to with it as I have seen Lake in CF(I think that is correct) when Bonifacio has been in the infield? I am sure someone will chime in with more info. Take care now. Mahalo.

K.g., did you see my post earlier on the subject of grippable baseballs? I am curious if you know why they can manufacture baseballs in Japan that can actually be gripped by pitchers without the pitchers utilizing pine tar or any other foreign substance. Yet here in the states, our baseballs can`t be gripped by our mlb pitchers without those pitchers resorting to cheating or otherwise breaking the rules. This makes no sense. Is a conundrum. Hope you can help myself with this matter, k. g.

Aloha jhosk- it is amazing some of the differences between the two countries. I remember throwing ball in Japan and thinking the difference in composition of their baseballs and ours. I remember when my father’s collegiate team was over there for the summer and playing games, the differences in some of the gear. One of the folks said to me, they knew Baseball was an American creation but Japanese wanted to find ways to make it their own, so besides gear you see differences in how they bat and why Ichiro worked so hard prior to coming to the MLB, on his batting because he knew pitching was stronger here and we had a longer season so he conditioned for that too. Pitchers also have styles that seem more unorthodox at times to our folks. Having said that, I remember asking someone about our MLB baseballs and why they are the way they are and part of the answer I received was “tradition,” so if the folks back in the day had to “work” the ball some, well players today can too. There have been over the years discussion about aluminum bats in the MLB and that was put to rest because of “tradition.” So, I do not see anytime soon, the baseballs in Japan coming over here or any of our manufacturers making them. What is ironic is that my relatives over there really emphasize “tradition,” but again when it came to baseball and their love for the game, they wanted a way(s) to make it their own. Hope that kind of helps. Mahalo!

I am just wondering……but with all the injuries happening with Pitchers, I wonder if Theo is looking at offers for Travis Wood !…….I know what you are saying, “CubsTalk is Nuts”…….but look at it this way……we are not going anywhere this year, or in 2015, or in 2016 of what we got so far………..so maybe we can move the playoff picture sooner if we got three or four top notch pitching prospects for Wood…….plus we will get three or four pitching prospects for Shark……..we need pitching…….lets discuss.

No one would pay 3-4 top pitching for Travis wood …

Did I mention that Travis Wood is ranked near the top of left handed pitchers who give quality starts in the past three years…….Wood even beats out LA Kershaw!

That`s revealing about Wood, CubsTalk. I`ve heard tell Kershaw is close to joining his Dodger teammates. Think he had a successful rehab start somewhere in minors yesterday. I reckon it`s unrealistic for us to receive that many top prospects for either Shark or Wood.

No team is going to give us a top prospect as long as we keep losing. The more we lose the less we get in return.

More like….if you really want to win and not lose your job as a G.M., pay the asking price and get that Pitcher that can get your team to the next level in the playoffs.

Did I mention “We Stinks”…?????

Not even going to do the game report….just see yesterday’s report.

CubsTalk, recall recently when Bruce from Brazil informed us a bleacher ticket at Wrigley could be had for 60 cents more than forty years ago? I recollect you responded today that same seat is $80. Do I have that right? Seems high?

K.g., Guess CubsTalk has suddenly been rendered speechless. Rare indeed. Is interesting you cite Ichiro, k.g. because I love his game and always have. He`s the most fundamentally sound baseball player I`ve ever seen. Still covet seeing his at bats even though he`s in the twilight of his magnificent career, and I do have the opportunity to observe him often. He still plays outstanding defense, and his arm is something to behold. I see your wife`s Giants won again yesterday. Have gotten off to a strong start and I see Pagan is still at the top of their order. I`ve always admired his game as well, and never comprehended why the Cubs let him get away.

Aloha jhosk! Yes, the wife’s team is doing alright though they are concerned about their starting pitching, they have more tools right now then our Cubbies. I also did not understand our Cubbies not keeping Pagan, then I watched him with the Mets from there to the Giants and they are very, very happy with him! Now in regard to Ichiro, I view him as an old-school baseball player that had the grit and determination to play. You look at the guys that came out of the leagues in the early 50’s and 60’s, many of them with long careers, yes waning in the twilight years as you put it but just amazing. I know Ichiro would love more playing time and at-bats, in 19 games this year, he is hitting .361! I know player’s half his age that are not close to that and never will be because of his type of focus and love for the game. Look at Yaz from the Redsox: my father used to explain to me how Yaz as when he entered his early 30’s was not hitting as he thought he should, especially for average. So, he made the adjustments necessary and ended up playing 23yrs in the mlb, retired at age 43 and in that season hit 10hrs and 56rbi’s over 100 hits. The year before at age 42 he hit 16hrs, 72rbi’s and over 100 hits. He would end up with over 3400 hits and over 450hrs. Today we have better training techniques, diet, etc…but it seems like we have less Mantles, Mays, Sniders, Matthews, Banks, Killebrews, Kalines, Roses, Robinsons, Berras, Williams, Campanellas, Clementes and so forth. There are so many more and I did not even mention pitchers. Not saying we do not have tremendous players today but Ichiro to me is at a different level than many players today. He is better than many players half his age. He has had two distinct careers one in Nippon Professional Baseball or what we call in Nihongo (Japanese) Nippon Yakyu Kiko and here in the MLB. I wish more mlb players had Ichiro’s attitude, love and tenacity for the game. That is why Ortiz and others have to give him respect because he has earned it over and over again and never takes anything for granted about the gift of playing that he has been blessed with, as one announcer said about that catch “most outfielders do not have that range…that is a 40yr old man that made that catch!” It has sure been an honor watching him, like it was watching Greg Maddux pitch all those years! Take care now! Mahalo!

Cubs have many games with various prices on seats…..based on dates, teams, giveaway specials……..by August / September, those Bleacher Seats and other Box Seats will be below face value to buy.

Thanks for that, CubsTalk.

K.g., did you see that remarkable catch Ichiro made last Sunday night vs. the Bosox at Yankee Stadium? The ball was struck by David Ortiz and Ichiro crashed into the wall. After the catch, the camera immediately focused on Ortiz and his expression of disappointment, but you also detected the sense that David admired the outfielder`s outstanding effort too. Because of special moments like that is why I love the game.

Thanks for that information on Japanese baseball and gear, k.g. It was informative and revealing. Is interesting you mention Yaz, as the first mlb game I ever saw, he played in. Was his second full season, 1962. Boston vs. Cleveland .Guess I`m revealing my advanced age. Dick Donovan and Bill Monbouquette. were the respective starting pitchers. I can still name every starting position player for both teams, and I was not a fan of either club. Was a Cubs fan even then. There was an Indians outfielder, Chuck Essegian, who played in that game and I believe he had just been traded to Cleveland by the Cubs, but please don`t hold me to that. Glad the Cubs prevailed today. Hammel has been stellar all season. What a pleasant surprise! I think we were more than due for some good fortune. Your wife`s team won today too. Cain needs to get it going. I reckon he`s lost most of his starts. Always a pleasure, k.g.

Aloha jhosk! Very cool about your early experiences with major league ball! I think Essegian came from KC A’s? But I was going to make a joke that if he were on our Cubbies, he might have been traded to make room for another outfielder around that time name Lou Brock! Do not want to open up any wounds here. My first mlb ball game was in the early 80’s so I am revealing my age too! It was to see our Cubbies at Wrigley, for an island boy it was spectacular! One of my friends in the Japanese community here in my area, after the war and was released from camp was in Chicago and would meet his wife and would get married there. Well one of their friends I believe originally from California like themselves who came to their wedding was Yosh Kawano the Cubs Clubhouse person for years. His brother Nobu was a long time equipment manager I believe with the Dodgers. So it is neat to see how everything comes full circle! I am glad all of us fans could enjoy this win today! Mahalo!

Thanks for that, k.g.. You and I saw our first games at Wrigley not that many years apart, as mine was 1979. Sounds as though that first game for you made quite an impression. It was special. I know that was the case with myself. Andre Dawson played in that 1979 contest, but he was still a member of the Expos. That`s impressive that you knew where Essegian came from, because he was certainly not a high profile player. Tanaka was interviewed by Buster Olney on ESPN tonight. He`s been very impressive thus far, even tonight, though he did not get the decision. I must say I do not know anything about Hicks who was the biggest factor in the Giants` win today. Have a good night, k.g.

Aloha jhosk- Wow, you got to see the Hawk 8yrs before he was a Cub! For Essegian, I must admit besides have baseball cards from the time (thanks to my father getting me started), I love to look up players in my baseball books, online as well. I loved stats and looking at who was where, so your comment about him peaked my interest because I had read some things about our Cubbies around that time, trying to strengthen their outfield. While we can all mourn the Cubs trading Brock away during the 1964 season, I later learned that his defense was not very strong, I began to wonder if that was a reason they let him go. Where I am today is in Curt Flood country and you soon learn that the Cardinals could make it work in regard to Brock’s lack of defense because of Flood’s great range from his CF position. I always wondered if the Cubs had a great defensive CF would it have worked in keeping Brock because you gain from his offensive tools and running on the bases. As they say, it is now water-under-the-bridge. Hicks plays second base a position that the Giants need reliability at as they have had others there the past years and have counted on but injuries have created a hole so they had to fill the one left by Marco Scutaro due to lower back pain. Will see how this works out. You have a great night too. Take care now. Mahalo!

The one thing I know for certain is I`ve never enjoyed discussing baseball with someone more than I do with you, k.g. And I knew you were at least 20 years my junior from a remark you made months ago when I broached the subject of Koufax and Drysdale. You said you recall your father speaking of them, I recollect. Is interesting what you speculate about Brock and his possible defensive liabilities being a factor in our parting with him. That never entered my thinking, but could very well be true. All I know for sure is I loved his game and and was very opposed to trading him away. I recall his first spring training when he tore it up with dingers and extra base hits and I knew we had a gem. Wasn`t it Ernie Broglio ? One of most lopsided deals in major league history. Makes me ill to this day to ruminate about that transaction. I stopped posting last night as I needed to go to sleep. It gets late early around here. Wasn`t it Yogi who once said that? It applies in your case as you are three hours behind myself. Let`s hope our Cubs can put together a winning streak. Our offense has been pathetic. Never mind that we scored four runs yesterday. 50% of that total was provided by one player. Have a good one, k.g. and I look forward to our next exchange.

Bob Nightengale, who is a featured sports writer with USA TODAY, was asked some fact or fiction questions today about baseball. One of those questions of interest to us is the following: Are the Diamondbacks the worst team in baseball? His reply was the Snakes have the worst record, but Houston and the Cubs are actually more inferior clubs. We need to prove that dude wrong.

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