4/27 Cubs 4, Brewers 0

* Jason Hammel wrapped up a stellar April with another quality start in the Cubs’ 4-0 win over the Brewers. He had a no-hitter through five innings, and then Carlos Gomez doubled with one out in the sixth. What happened? Hammel said he forgot the signs.

“He forgot,” catcher John Baker said of Hammel during Gomez’s at-bat. “We were laughing about it, and so of course, he gave up a hit. It cost me a watch. I should’ve figured out a way to use my mind to give him the signs with telepathy but that didn’t work.”

The last Cubs no-hitter was at Miller Park when Carlos Zambrano shutdown the Astros in September 2008.

“This is a tough ballpark to throw a no-hitter in,” said Hammel, whose career best is a one-hitter. “The ball flies in deep parts of the field. I was thinking about it, but the ‘W’ is first and foremost.”

Manager Rick Renteria agreed. How much did the Cubs need this win?

“A lot. Absolutely,” Renteria said. “You need a little bit of a confidence boost to let yourself know that hey, you’re still in there, you can still play, you can still win ballgames, you can still go out there and execute and still go out there and put yourself in a position to have a chance to win, and today we did.”

* Starlin Castro provided the offense, hitting a pair of solo home runs. He now has four homers this season, and has hit them in two games.

“I’m really happy because I think I have my mind really strong after last year,” Castro said. “I feel happy when I go to home plate and I trust myself. That’s the reason didn’t [have success] last year. Now I go and trust myself.”

* The win snapped a four-game losing streak for the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


Aloha Folks- what fun listening to this game on the radio (internet wgn)! yes there are things that should be addressed like the 1-8 when it came to RISP, the errors and so forth but the pitching of Hammel and the bullpen (Strop & Rondon) was a joy and to do it against a very good team on the road. We can all get a good night’s rest. Mahalo!

It may be time to consider moving Hammel; just doing too well. But on the other hand, his career seasonal average is a 6-7 win/loss so maybe it’s a waiting it out. As for Castro, still see flashes of good talent but he still reminds of a kid in tee ball looking at the birds, throwing rocks, etc. instead of keeping his mind in the game; good accountable leadership is the key for this guy. Rizzo looks a little soft to me; I would like to see him muscle up his upper body…maybe it’s just me.

problem is its just a little too early gor any team to get desperate enough to give us the return we want. Would teams trade with us right now? Sure I bet there are a couple but we just wouldn’t be getting the haul we could if we waited another month or even two months. Shark and an OFer/Barney or Hammel and an OFer/Barney could get us a nice lil return. Probably another the lines of a Dempster deal… maybe a touch better. I can’t imagine getting another Garza deal… at this time we really won that trade.

Garza brought a haul, no doubt there Petrey. Sometimes you wait too long though, I was hoping Barney would be gone after his 2012 season, something was telling me his value would never be as high as it was then. Now I am watching Scherholtz, I really doubt he will bring what would have been offered last July.
Anytime you take on a project like building from the bottom up, there will be a few mistakes. Signing FA Pitching has not been successful, missing out on Tanaka because the Cubs are not competitive at this time, is understandable. Maholm and Feldman, Hammel have been very good signings.
Jackson has not delivered, Fujikawa hurt after 9-11 games. Veras not so good thus far. Wright is doing better. McDonald, I still dont understand that one, then again I am not privy to scouting reports and such.
I would not care to see Samardizja get traded ASAP, I sure hope they keep Hammel, at least until July though.

The Hammel comment was more a LOL than trade right now sort of thing. I agree to wait; the chance taken is he doesn’t have the track record to sustain this production…he could be sucking wind by July.

Deancee, I want to compliment you on that mini-debate you engaged in last week with an adversary. Your arguments trumped his, and frankly, you cleaned his clock.

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