4/27 Cubs lineup

The Cubs try to salvage a win in their three-game series Sunday against the Brewers. Jason Hammel, who leads MLB in WHIP, gets the start. Ryan Kalish is leading off for the first time this season. Here’s the lineup vs. right-hander Wily Peralta:

Kalish LF
Lake CF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Olt 3B
Baker C
Barney 2B
Hammel P


Hammel can bring us at least two top pitching prospects…..
Shark can give us three…..
and if Theo trades Wood, also three pitchers……

Once August comes around, we will many pitching candidates trying out for 2015……

I am going to say this…..Renteria will not be the Cubs Manager when they do win……

Bulls & Blackhawks also on today……..Lets Go Hawks !

Someone compared Aramis Ramirez with Ron Santo the other day…….Aramis is not a HOF and never will be…..and he was not a team player….more like a “Cancer”………..he refused to represent the Cubs in an All Star game, he refused a trade to help the Cubs land prospects………sure he had good numbers……but when he needed to get the “key” hit, Ramirez failed……his numbers were piled on after the Cubs had a good lead.

I wouldn’t mind having a Mrs White “Happy” brownie now.

Hi Cubs Talk — Maybe we could start a “Happy Brownie Stand” at the games! We’ll all be needing them if the Cubs don’t turn things around! :)). By the way, I enjoy your posts! AND your keen sense of humor!

Any left overs, I will take home….I wouldn’t like to see your unsold game day Brownies get thrown in the dumpster by the Ricketts.

Aloha CubsTalk and White- That 6th inning was very exciting! Even though Hammel lost the no-hitter, for him to come back with 1 out and 2 on and get out of the inning with no runs was tremendous! Castro getting good swings all day long and so far has 2hrs. I am glad so far the 2 errors has not hurt us. Can our Cubbies close this one out?! And White-san, I would be happy to have one of your brownies, we fans will not let them go into the “dumpster!” Take care now. Mahalo!

Wood isn’t going anywhere … Why trade our whole rotation? When u say three top prospects how so? What are you considering top prospects … Again a very vague statement… They might get three or four players in return but only one of them might be a ” top prospect” with two or three fillers … Much like the garza trade … We got a good pitching prospect in Edwards and olt was a reclamation project and then the rest was filler…. Hardly any were “top prospects ” … Expect the same type of deal

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