4/27 Minor matters

Chris Valaika, Jonathan Mota and Eli Whiteside all homered to lift Iowa to a 9-6, 13-inning win over Colorado Springs on Saturday. Arismendy Alcantara had five hits, including a triple, and three RBIs. Valaika had three hits and two RBIs. Blake Parker picked up his second save.

Kris Bryant and Jeudy Valdez each homered but it wasn’t enough as Tennessee lost, 4-3, in 13 innings. It was Bryant’s fifth homer, and he’s now hit in nine straight games. Jake Arrieta started for the Smokies and gave up two runs, one earned, on two hits over two innings. He was scheduled to go shorter, which starters usually do in their last game of Spring Training. Ryan Searle struck out three over three scoreless innings.

Jose Rosario threw six shutout innings in Daytona’s 2-0 win over Brevard County. Rosario struck out six and walked three. Tim Saunders had two RBI.

Kane County scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth for a 5-4 walk-off win against Wisconsin. Starter Duane Underwood gave up four runs, three earned, on five hits over 3 2/3 innings. Yasiel Balaguert had two RBI, and drove in the winning run in the ninth. Gerardo Concepcion threw four scoreless innings in relief.


I’m developing a man crush on Kris Bryant. In college, he led the nation in slugging percentage (.820), runs scored (80) and total bases (187) and was among the leaders in RBI (62). He batted .329. I guess there are some advantages in losing so much you get the #2 pick in the draft. Look for him to hit Wrigley in August or September.

Konnichiwa and Aloha Cubs Win- Yes, it will be wonderful when he comes up to the “show.” I have to say that I loved college ball and being a part of it. Not everyone has a chance to go further but the excitement and the rawness of it before getting into even more “organized” ball. Bryant is one of those folks. What I hope our FO does not get into, thought pattern wise is that they keep thinking we need really bad losing seasons to get high draft picks. I say this because unlike basketball and even football where you can say I need a QB that will start 16 games a year or I need a starting point guard that will give me 82 games a year, baseball is much different and more team based for the fact that you do not have just one “general-QB” or one point guard and instead of 16 or 82 games you have to play 162 and starting pitchers 30-35 starts these days. 1 draft pick is not going to make or break a team as much as it might be a difference maker in NBA or NFL, baseball is not like comparing apples to apples with those sports. I have seen folks drafted very low or as a walk-on end up not only in the MLB but having great careers and many many touted prospects never seeing the show. I guess I am saying, I do not want to be motivated by fear and that the only way to have a successful organization is to not only lose but lose badly in any given year such that we can get that “draft” pick. Petrey(sp?) made a point the other day that I thought was good, is was about Bryant getting so many at bats. It may sound old school but I remember my coaches always saying how we need to try at best to master the “fundamentals.” I remember practicing and taking cuts until my hands where sore, full of blisters, sometimes blood too and learning how to work through it. I did not get better unless I did it and did it a lot. So, Petrey has a point about Bryant getting in his AB’s and who knows, if they promote him early enough up to AAA, he could get in a lot of AB’s before September. Take care now, I think your “crush” on him is felt by many in the organization and the fan base and before you know it we will see him in the lineup! Mahalo!

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not called up until next year. But I still think this year, likely September, maybe August. There is a precedent: they’ve already moved Bryant through the system faster than Baez and Alcantara. And Bryant was drafted a year after Almora but is a level ahead of him. So clearly there isn’t a strict number of ABs that they adhere to. Bryant is nearly a year older than Baez. He’s played three seasons in college. And he’s dominated everywhere: college MVP, Arizona Fall League MVP, great so far at AA. That’s Theo mantra: dominate your level and we’ll move you up. So we’ll see. And I agree about baseball and the draft.

Aloha Cubs Win- Yes good points about Bryant because a lot of the players today are from other countries and do not go to college, they are signed very young and put into a teams system whereas many here in the states start young as well, go through high school then college. And in college we have extra opportunities too. When I was in college everyone was talking about the Cape Cod league out in the East Coast for summer ball, one hoped to get an opportunity to play in it. Well, if you are on the West Coast and further it can be very far, so a group of folks started the Alaskan League and my father helped with it, promote and coach in it as well. They wanted it to rival the Cape Cod League. So, many of those that had a good shot at getting into the major leagues from state-side got in a lot of games, at-bats, pitching-starts etc..So, I can understand your observation about him moving through the ranks quicker. Will be fun when he arrives. What a blessing to have a win on the road today, Hammel pitched a great game and the bull pen held up! Mahalo!

Starting to expect things from Bryant. I was more suprised at Concepcion’s 4 scoreless innings. That has to be his best appearance since signing.
And how about Yasiel Balaguert, has anyone been keeping an eye on him?

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