4/28 Trading chips – UPDATED

Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija have both posted quality starts in each of their outings this year, and Hammel improved to 4-1 with a win Sunday over the Brewers. But their success has made them attractive to several other teams. A Cubs spokesman said Monday they have not received calls about the two right-handers or lefty Travis Wood. The trio will likely draw interest leading up to the July 31 Trade Deadline. Samardzija (1.53) and Hammel (2.08) rank seventh and 12th, respectively, in the NL in ERA, while Wood has posted quality starts in three of his five outings and has a 3.52 ERA.

Hammel signed a one-year contract in February before pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training. He has said since camp started that every pitcher wants to stay with one team. Would he consider an extension if the Cubs offered one?

“That’s crazy to even bring that up,” Hammel said after Sunday’s win in Milwaukee. “Every player wants to stay in a place for a long time but I’m not thinking about that.”

He’s not thinking about being traded either, but that’s been the Cubs’ trend the last two summers. Last year, it was Scott Feldman and Matt Garza who were dealt by the Trade Deadline.

Hammel is focused on the Cubs right now.

“I just want to win,” Hammel said. “We’re learning how to do that now.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Aloha Carrie- Well, we all knew it was a matter of time before you posted an article on this. Amazing though, not even a month into the season and the “calls” are coming in. I sure hope before any decision is made that the FO waits awhile, what seemed like the inevitable at the start of the season and as you so rightly bring out, the m.o. the past two seasons, should not be resorted too in haste. If the current trend continues for these 3 pitchers over the next 2+ months the Cubs would need to get a sweetheart deal (not just prospects) as pitching is so needed for any organization including our Cubbies. Guess what I am saying too is that I do not want other teams thinking they can just walk over our Cubbies because this is “not” their year. Hope you are doing well and that Shark gets his first win today. Mahalo!

If the Cubs were a 500 or above club, yeah, Theo would be thinking about extensions……..but this club is in last place…….going no where…..and we need Prospects………….did they say Travis Wood might be on the trade block?……..poor Dougie & Petrey, they should yell at that rumor !………..as I said earlier, no player is safe when you are heading to the fourth straight year of 90 plus losses…………..if we did not have Hammel, Rusin would be in his spot………….Hammel for “Pitcher of the Month”….I think so……….when you think about it, Rusin will be in Hammel’s spot when he gets traded………..and Hendricks in Shark’s spot………and Dallas Beeler in Wood spot !………….we also have Grimm….Arietta….Cabrera…Wada……..and any prospects we get in trades…………

On a side note…….I have a business proposition for Mrs White and her Brownies…..how about opening up a Brownie Shops near a Pot Stores in Colorado & Washington !…Call the shop “Mrs White’s Happy Brownies”……..think about it…….

Lets Go Blackhawks!

You are funny Cubs Talk! I’ve got to explain to you how my “special brownie joke” started! Since I have multiple sclerosis I am legal for medical marijuana in Oregon. But I have to confess to you that my brownies are just full of pecans and chocolate chips, nothing more!! :)). Still good to take away the pain of Cub’s losses! Let’s just hope we don’t have to eat too many this season! Of course they are good for celebrating WINS too! :)). Have a good day. Will await your report of the day!

I too have multiple sclerosis. How long since your diagnosis?
6-1/2 years for me. I take amino acids glycine, lysine, NAC and alpha lipoic acid to reverse symptoms. Diphenhydramine (25 mg) & cimetidine (25 mg) to reduce swelling as needed for spasticity.

No one cares what you do or what you have. Get over yourself.

I care. Good people care. God bless you White.

See pour cubs talk getting proved wrong AGAIN!!! When will you stop posting crap?

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“A Cubs spokesman said Monday they have not received calls about the two right-handers or lefty Travis Wood.” I’m not a journalist, but this strikes me as not news. So have they not gotten calls about other players? Has no one inquired about Javier Baez? No one one expressed interest in Castro? Who else on the team is no one interested in so far? I kid. I suppose there are different rules with a blog than other areas of the site.

Oh – it’s an updated story, so maybe I am late to the game and it said something different before.

I was told they had received calls by other sources, and a Cubs spokesman told me that is “inaccurate.” The post has been updated

Ok. I kind of figured that out after my snarky post. Thanks for the direct response! I feel special.

carrie do we really need to talk about everyone’s diseases and food comsumption on this blog… anyway you could cut that out and keep this on cubs baseball? I mean I know its great for your post count but seriously come on!!

GEO – I am so sorry that you too have MS! I have had it since age 18 but diagnosed age 65. I am now in 79th year fighting the good fight! One of the most wonderful ways to forget the horrid pain is to watch Cubs games every single day! I hope you are able to do so too! Also count your blessings every single day! Wish I could send you some special Oregon brownies. :)) I do send you prayers and hope that our Cubs will help divert your attention away from your pain!

Thank you – may you be blessed in life’s journey and may you see the Cubs in the World Series too!

GEO – Thank you too! Seeing the Cubs in a World Series gives us something to look forward to for sure! Don’t know how old you are but YOU may be the one to celebrate that happy occurrence!

What does your MS or Diarrhea of the mouth have to do with Cubs trading Chips?

Go to your room and tell your mother that you need a spanking.

Jasper – Don’t tempt God…..you might have a perfect life, but God can change it around in a second………Be Nice………….

Mrs White – I always heard that people who smoke Pot, liked Brownies…..And you said you had “Happy Brownies”…..which Pot users like to eat………..

Even though the Cardinals fans like to rub the noses of Cubs fans when they beat us, I like to return the same back to St Louis Blues fans………..two years in a row, and our Hawks ended the Blues season…….Go Hawks.

Sometimes false stories are given out on purpose, and I believe Theo will listen to offers for Wood…….Wood is not a free agent until 2017….so there is plenty of time to wait on offers…….

Everyone should remember why we are all here………enjoying baseball & general talk for its own rewards, stimulation, relaxation, pleasant association, and interesting conversation.

Speaking about Pecans & Chocolate Chips…..and I know that K.G., the Aloha Guy, will also like this …..buy that Hawaiian Bread they sell at the stores, slice it, dip it in eggs….fry it…add chocolate chips or pecans to it……add cinnamon powder…….taste so good………you can add powder sugar on it if you wish………..would taste great at a ballgame……..they serve anything at ballgames these days……..if anyone ever has a chance to see an Angels home game, they have a great food selection at the stadium.

Thanks Cubs Talk — sounds great and I hope k.g. sees your recipe. Perfect for watching Cubs on TV and eating our treats!

Most people here are nice and should experience a Cubs world series win; others deserve the drought as the team undergo’s a rebuilding. I don’t usually post due to the rudeness. Carrie and most poster’s are quite informative.

That`s an interesting remark, GEO. I have had a suspicion that there are many folks like yourself who are reticent to become involved here because of those miscreants who have a proclivity to insult and denigrate. They are few in number, but are hell bent on undermining this site. T`is a pity, because most contributors here are civil and indeed admirable and most congenial.

Thats interesting jhosk, another take could be; their are some that want to talk baseball, then their are some that dont know how to talk baseball.
That brings up option 2, the ones that dont know how to discuss baseball. So why here? Lonely? No friends? No visitors? Kids grown and far away as possible? No phone calls from grandchildren? Out lived the people that did want to be around you?
So you come to a Baseball chatroom for attention?
There are other chat rooms if you get all sensitive and hurt feelings. There are senior centers where people swap recipes and pretend to enjoy your stories. There is Church on Sunday and Wednesday night for worship and the lonely.
I am in my 60’s and understand all this jhosk. The difference is, I know this is a baseball chatroom. I know people on here will never meet, become good friends, have a lobster dinner together or have coffee and and a brownie.
So anyone with an ounce of common sense, would understand when you go off topic, your going to get picked on about it.

Perhaps we can perform a citizen`s arrest on those incorrigibles? Are there any solicitors who monitor this blog and perhaps could advise us how to procede? Recall that “Andy Griffith Show” episode when Barney appeared in the street and shouted repeatedly, “CITIZEN`S ARREST, CITIZEN`S ARREST, CITIZEN`S ARREST.” Barney Fife was the best. Don Knotts. Loved him.

jhosk – How about “abra cadabra, be gone, be gone”? I hope GEO will become a regular contributor. He would be welcomed by many of us! I am missing our daily baseball game tonight. Hope we can resume play tomorrow.

Good evening, White. Yes, new posters are very welcome. There is strength in numbers. We will be getting those showers here tomorrow, we`re told. It is high time we respond to the Reds. They have abused our team for a long period of time going back to last season. That needs to cease immediately, if not sooner.

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Great show jhosk,do not know which was funnier saying that,Barney or Gomer!

You are spot on, Kenly. That`s exactly how it was; Gomer did emulate or is it “mocked” Barney on the same episode with his own version of “Citizen`s Arrest.” I`m thinking your family and you have visited Mt. Airy, N.C. , Andy`s hometown, which is a tourist attraction for those who were fond of the program. Is a replica of Floyd`s barbershop etc. I`ve been and recommend it, if you all have not.

Oh, I forgot, Jasper. That comment above about Mt. Airy is not baseball related. Will you kindly forgive me, Jasper? I know it`s a long shot, but if we posters here ever actually do sit down to a dinner of lobster and brownies etc, my portions are going to need to be gluten free .Will you support myself by asking the chef to take that into account or do you think that would be an unreasonable and selfish request?

God bless you joey! Hope you are well and able to enjoy games! I miss seeing your posts but know that your responsibilities are elsewhere right now. Happy to see your name up here this morning! :))

I`m pleased that joey posted also. Btw, Jasper, I`m close to 70. I would like to add, if Doug is going to be sitting at that dinner table I referenced above, I`m going to insist on having a food tester present.

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