4/29 Cubs vs. Reds

Monday’s rainout was the Cubs’ first since a game was postponed May 1, 2012, also in Cincinnati.

Updated pitching matchups:

Tuesday: RHP Jeff Samardzija vs. RHP Alfredo Simon
Wednesday: RHP Edwin Jackson vs. LHP Tony Cingrani

* Jeff Samardzija looks to end an 11-start winless streak, dating to Aug. 30 last season. He has a 3.72 ERA in that stretch. The Cubs have averaged 2.7 runs in Samardzija’s last 11 starts. His 1.53 ERA this season ranks sixth in the NL.


Jeff does not have a win this season, mainly because of the bullpen. Management has done what they can trying to find the solution, signing Fujikawa, then he gets hurt after a few games. They signed Veras, no sign of success from him this far. They signed Gregg after he was realeased by the Dodgers last year, he did well, but started mouthing off the end of last year, making him very expendable.
The pressure started on Cubs closers (in my opinion) in April 2011. Wood or Marmol could not close out a game in April, that led to Wood retiring. Last April, again Marmol was named closer and Fujikawa set up man, again he could not close out games in April. Fujikawa gets hurt and Gregg was signed.
This year Veras is named the closer starting out the season, total fail thus far. All that very current history has put tons of pressure on whoever pitches the 9th inning. Strope has failed, Russell two blown saves, Veras two blown saves.
The other day in Milwaukee, Renteria may have found the right combination. Putting Strope back as the set up man, where he was very good last year and bringing in Rondon.
Rondon came in, took his time, threw strikes and struck out the side. All who failed before, walked guy after guy. Wood, Marmol and so on in trying to close a game. Rondon, threw strikes and took his time. I hope that continues.

The cubs had a rainout about 2 weeks ago in new york not 2 years ago

Pressure……106 years and counting.

If Tom Ricketts make anymore insults to Cubs Fans of how this team can win this season and be a Playoff team….can Bud Selig Ban Ricketts for Life for those insults to Cubs Nation?

What insults are you speaking of?

Jasper…you need to get new batteries for your hearing aids…….Tom Ricketts said at the beginning this season the Cubs could be a Playoff team this year……….that is insulting to all Cubs Fans……..I guess you are not one of us.

Is being optimistic and positive insulting? I think not.
Is making a prediction and being wrong insulting? I think not.
Who on this board makes prediction after prediction, is wrong very often? I dont find that insulting. That person must not either, because he continues to do it everyday.

cubstalk predicts everything so that way he is never wrong…. I predict the cubs will either make a trade this year or won’t….. then he says I told you… im so smart i should post a million times in here about dumb stuff all the time bc now this is my own blog because i have been ran off of all the other bloggers and their mean attitudes………… well guess what friend? Its you not us

Many “Experts” always make predictions, and majority of the time are always wrong……as they say, you can be lucky one time in Vegas and walk away a big time winner……….My Prediction still stands…..I doubt we see a Cubs Playoffs by 2017……we have to leap frog over four teams in our division…….and they also have good farm systems……………our Owner is “Cheap”…….we have no pitching in our farm system that can help us right away……..and I believe our Manager is NOT the guy to get us to the Promised Land……….which reminds me, I will be playing Springsteen’s albums this Sunday while I have my brunch……french toast, bacon, milk, & ..OJ……the juice, not the football player………….here is another prediction……the Cubs will pick the best player at #4 in the Draft……..if it is a H.S. player, we will see him around 2020 the earliest…………..did anyone notice that Appel has pitching problems ?…………did anyone notice D-Backs Bradley is having a bad time lately?……………..my last prediction……Petrey10 will say something negative again…………I was thinking who were the Greatest Cubs to play their position since the Banks/Williams/Santo Era……..here is my list below…maybe you have one!

C – J Davis
1B – Grace
2B – Sandberg
SS – Castro
3B – Madlock
OF – Sosa, Dawson, Monday
SP – Maddux
SP – R Reuschel
SP – Wood
SP – Sutcliffe
SP – Zambrano
RHRP – Sutter
LHRP – Meyers

Ernie banks?????? Lol wow

I would like to address first Ricketts being cheap. Here is a owner who has invested in a complex in the DR. Then a new ST complex in Mesa AZ. Planning renovations on Wrigley Field to keep it in place. Has paid Millions to Almora, Bryant, Soler and many others, building from the bottom up. Offered big, huge money to Tanaka trying to get him signed.
Keeping in mind, doing all that while trying to pay off his Debt for the club. I dont know how you are with finances, but it is tough for the average person just to have a home and car paid off.
Your prediction for the best player available with the #4 pick, would go along with the 2012, 2013 Drafts. My hope is they continue with that plan.
Yes, I noticed that Bradley and CJ Edwards have arm injuries. Not so much on Appel.
Your list looks fine, an argument could be made for Dernier or Sarge over Monday.
My negative, Grace would not be on any list of mine, I would pick Randall Simon over him. Wood, way to many injuries.

I had to go back and fourth between Buckner & Grace at first…….I took Grace for having the most hits in the 90’s………Monday was better then Dernier…..and Sarge was done by the 6th inning most times………..Wood had injures & great games, but who else would you have picked?…..Randy Martz?…….Doug Bird?……….Larry Sorenson?

Aloha CubsTalk- Just throwing out some other names for fun: Keith Moreland, Leon Durham, Ron Cey (I was amazed at his productivity for an older player and his defense for the 4yrs he was with the team). Today we were 1-7 RISP, that is just not good. We really need to some production and hopefully will get some either by folks currently on the team, through the farm system (Bryant, Baez, etc..) and trades. Mahalo!

Its really nothing to get defensive about. Depends on how you look at it. Looking at the players you picked, then making out a line up, I would take Dernier over Monday, because a good lead off hitter would be needed, just my opinion.
Also Mahalo brings up Ron Cey, I started too, but for some reason let it go. I liked Ron Cey and probably would take him over Madlock.
As most know who read my posts, walks irritate me to no end. Therefore Wood would drive me pure crazy. I would take that one good year of Mike Bielecki over Wood. The one good year of Prior over Wood.
Not looking up STATS, but wasnt it 89 that Bielecki had more wins than Maddux? Going by memory, may be very very wrong.

Really,Cey over Madlock,just Cub years or career.

Cub years. I know madlock won a few Batting titles, one with the Cubs, I think? Going on memory.
Cey a good teammate, did his job, kept his mouth shut. I would go with Cey, just my choice.

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