4/29 Minor matters – Monday’s games

Javier Baez hit a three-run homer to back Eric Jokisch who posted his third quality start and help Iowa beat Omaha, 6-3, on Monday. Lars Anderson and Luis Flores combined for five hits and three RBIs. It was Iowa’s sixth straight win, and the Cubs have outscored opponents, 48-15, in that stretch. Jokisch struck out eight and gave up two earned runs on six hits. Baez connected in the first, his first homer since April 10. He also walked twice. Anderson homered in the fourth.

Corey Black, named the Southern League Pitcher of the Week on Monday, gave up one earned run over six innings in Tennessee’s 4-1 win over Huntsville. Black struck out five and walked one, scattering three hits. Kris Bryant hit a run-scoring double to extend his on-base streak to 24. John Andreoli and Rafael Lopez each had two hits.

Black, 22, was honored after throwing six no-hit innings April 23 against Birmingham. He was acquired from the Yankees in the Alfonso Soriano deal last July.

Jeimer Candelario had two hits, including a grand slam, and finished with six RBIs but it wasn’t enough as Daytona lost 11-10 to Lakeland. Candelario also hit a two-run double. Bijan Rademacher had three hits. Rob Zastryzny took the loss, giving up eight runs on eight hits and four walks over four innings. Arodys Vizcaino pitched one inning in relief, and has a 1.13 ERA.

Paul Blackburn gave up one run on three hits over five innings in Kane County’s 1-0 loss to Cedar Rapids. The game was shortened to six innings because of the weather. Blackburn struck out four. Kane County totaled three hits.


Some of that young pitching is looking really good. If your a Cub fan, you have to be excited for and about Corey Black. We all may be thanking Soriano and the scouting department in a couple years.
Sounds like Candelario is getting in a groove. He started out very slow. Nice to see Baez getting that HR, time for him to get very hot.

The Baez homer is great, obviously. But I’m encouraged that he followed it up with two walks.

Very good point Cubs Win. Its shows that maybe he is calming down a bit. Hard to get good pitches, if you swing at bad ones.

Exactly. From what I’ve seen, he struggles at first when moved up, adjusts, and then does very well. I read one scout who thinks it will ultimately be Baez at third, Alcantara at second, and Bryant in RF, with Olt the odd man out. But like most people, he’s just guessing.

That sounds like a nice scenerio and a good infield. With Bryant, Villanueva and Candalario moving up, I think we all know eventually Olt will be the odd man out.
My hope is that Olt gets some playing time on a regular basis, gets that bat going even if he makes a few errors at 3rd, he may make an excellent 1st baseman or a DH on another team. Therfore giving the Cubs another trading chip. That wont happen with him on the bench though.

yes thats always great to see with Javy…. I am never worried about a month of bad play by a young kid. He has shown the ability to adjust at other levels so I expect that to happen again. I hope we are seeing the maturation of the next great Cub. I might add that I want to thank Hendry for drafting Javy…. that maybe his best move.

petrey you may not remember that Draft, but Hendry had such a poor Drafting history, he put Rick Wilkins in charge of the Draft. At least thats what I remember reading. That was a very decent Draft, which led to another GM stating: The Cubs are finally starting to get it.
That GM was Boston’s Theo Epstein.

I agree with Petrey

Agreed with everything you’ve said, but just for the record, the man you are thinking of who ran the Cubs drafts is not former Cubs catcher Rick Wilkins, but a guy named Tim Wilken.

Thanks for the correction Doug. You are of course correct, Tim Wilkin. Not positive, but I think he was kept as part of the scouting department under Theo/Jed?

Yes, Wilken is listed as a Special Assistant to the President/GM, so he must work directly with Theo and Jed. Also, Ted Lilly and Kerry Wood are listed as Special Assistants, so Wilken is probably working with them and teaching them the ways of the front office himself.

Thats very interesting, I always had alot of respect for Ted Lilly. I liked how he toughed out a start on bad days, kept his mouth shut and done his job. I knew he was hired, but did not know in what capacity, I wish him and us the best of luck.

I`m advocating we bring up Kris Bryant immediately. We are more than 10 games behind the leader of our division and it`s still April. As Cubs Win pointed out recently, Bryant is mature and has dominated at every level he`s been placed. He`s currently playing meaningless minor league games vs. inferior pitching. We need to change the narrative with our club, which is fast becoming irrelevant and it isn`t even May. We need to pique the interest of our fan base, and what better way to do so than to promote Bryant now? As I think Cubs Win also said recently, Bryant may be the best hitter we have in our organization, and that includes the major league roster. If he did not say that, I apologize to Cubs Win, and I`ll posit that Kris may very well prove he`s the best offensive player on the major league roster, if given the opportunity. I know for certain Cubs Win said, ” the bar is not very high,” with our major league club, and that`s the most astute observation I`ve seen on this blog in a long spell. Please do not tell me it`s difficult to make rosters moves at this time and it is more prudent to do so in June or September. That`s pious baloney I do not care to hear. Please do not tell me Kris needs more time in the minors, or a given number of at bats, or that he needs to play at AAA Iowa. Is not all that unusual for athletes to bypass AAA and be promoted to the majors from AA. Hell, some outstanding hitters have never played even one game in the minors.{ See Al Kaline.} Bryant is Cubs property and he can be moved at any time. Case closed.

Sounds pretty much like your mind is made up as to what you want, you left no room for discussion.
So all I can say is, if Bryant keeps it up in AA, I am sure he will be in AAA soon. Especially with Villanueva’s slow start at AAA.

Note: Bryant will face Clayton Kershaw today. I did say Bryant is probably the best hitter in the organization. Who knows if it’s actually true? Me: I wouldn’t move him up until after the draft and the inevitable trades and he gets some time in AAA and they decide where to play him (3rd ot RF). So Aug? But I would bring him up this year. BTW: Kershaw spent less than a year in the minors. He was 20 when called up, and the youngest player in the league for a season (i didn’t some Trolling on Wikipedia). So not every player is treated the same way.

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