5/2 Cubs lineup

The Cubs open a five-game homestand on Friday against the Cardinals. Travis Wood gets the start against Adam Wainwright. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio 2B
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney CF
Castillo C
Kalish LF
T. Wood P


When is this guy getting called up? Tsuyoshi Wada, Throws: L
4-1 record at Iowa
.57 ERA
37 strikeouts in31.1 innings…

Question #2
We need a back-up Catch who can hit…

Rafael Lopez at Tennessee hitting 323 (367 last 10 games) with .569 Slg % 457 OPA and 1.026 OPS.

He’s not on the top prospect list everyone wants to coddle and be conservative about so why not get him up and see if he can perform… If not you send him back down. He’s 26 and no longer a kid.

Whats the downside for a 9-17 Team?

Gotta be better then looking at under-performing Barney, Sweeney, Baker and even Valbuena and Ott…

Minor Leaguers are called up and sent down all the time… At least it would give cause that the Cubs aren’t already mailing-in the 2014 season in April.

I think it has more to do with if Lopez comes up he won’t be playing everyday. Castillo is a solid mlb catcher so is it worth it to let Lopez sit on bench ? Or let him play everyday in AAA. Idk what’s ur thought ?

Lopez aint likely to beat out Castillo… If he was a top prospect he would be on the radar for the future… If Lopez has what it takes, playing every 4-5 days in the Big Leagues is always better than playing everyday in the minors.

Dont know much about him, stats wise he could just be off to a good start. I am sure there is a reason, if he was that good at age 26, why is he not at AAA?
Does he call a good game? Does he block balls in the dirt? What % of base stealers are thrown out? Lots of reasons could factor in.

Also I am still upset on why we can’t just let lake and olt man lf and 3b… Just let them play everyday for the love of pete… Maybe they just might inprove

Agree… Cubs are 9-17 and loveable losers… I’d rather see the Cubs losing with Lake and Ott in the lineup everyday… Than seeing guys put out there that will be gone next year anyway…

They are trying to put Olt and Lake in the lineup when they can have success, which is why you see them more vs. LHP than RHP. If they have success, they get more confident, and when they get more confident, they will get more starts vs RHP

That I can agree with Petrey. At least a straight 30 game stretch, that would be over 100 At Bats. I see no reason in putting Barney out there day after day.

Because this organization is preaching the importance of solid defense and a good approach at the plate, and valbuena has the best approach on the team and is the best defensive 3rd baseman. With time I think we’ll see Olt at third more and more with Valbuena seeing more time at second

As far as “…Does he call a good game? Does he block balls in the dirt? What % of base stealers are thrown out? ….”

I think a Florida State College Grad with 3 years of Pro experience… You can either play the Catcher position or you shouldn’t be taking up space on a Double AA Roster.

Calling a Good Game?… Seriously… That’s an experience driven skill

Block Balls, % throws out runners… I think top Tier College Baseball teaches those things pretty well. Again If he can’t, he shouldn’t be playing Catcher…

Size wise he’s 5’9 like Dioner Navarro minus 20-50 lbs…

3 years pro experience and a college grad, you still have not figured out that some catchers are better at the position than others? Not just with the bat?
If he is all that good, why is he not at AAA?

Hey I can see your point but AA guys go up to the majors all the time… But why state the obvious “…some catchers are better at the position than others…” My suggestion was as a back-up catcher play 1-2 times per week…. + if he does have a MLB Bat… He can help the MLB Club as a pinch Hitter.

Actually I believe Baker is much better than his stats show but 2-22 on a team just trying to develop players for 2015\16… Again, he’s not one of the top 20 high potential talent down on the farm (that warrants take-it-slow-approach)… Maybe Cubs find “lighting in a bottle” with some unknown you give a chance to… (as with others like Valaika 2B)

So you may think you got things all figured out (as yet there is more to the story than just can he hit in the minors) But a 9-17 team can afford to take low downside risks to make a team entertaining (if not competitive)

Bottomline… You don’t have to be in AAA to come up and give the MLB club a spark…

FYI… If you reward over-achievers in the minors with an early call up “just to see what they got” (Especially on a team building for 2015\16) you give good-cause to minor Leaguer’s to work hard because they ACTUALLY BELIEVE they will be given a shot if they deliver.

To be clear… I know that going 21 for 65 doesn’t make you a sure-thing big leaguer… By point mostly is… Now’s the time to show\tell the talent down on the farm… Perform and we’ll give you a chance.

I get your point, but I disagree. If he continues to hit and is a good Catcher, he will get his chance. Age 26, something has held him back, what, I really dont know?
Injuries or? As an average fan, I am not privy to that info.
I do know this: Good Catching is very hard to come by, especially a Catcher that can hit. So there has to be a reason.

Age 26 but he played 4 years of college Ball … Drafted 2011 yet had 207 AB at Boi, then 2012 Peoria, Daytona… 2013 TNS…

“something held him back”??? That looks like fast track to me…

Fast track and at AA at 26? ok.

Back-up catcher is not the problem with the Cubs……….
Wainwright is asking the Cubs to knock him out of this ball game…….

Somewhere in Oahu, there is a Cubs fan with a Hawaiian shirt on, in the warm sun, drinking a tropical drink that has an umbrella in it.

Aloha CubsTalk! Wish I were home in da islands, right now on the West Coast, missing home! What a great game, our Cubbies won today! That is 2 in a row! Mahalo!

Somewhere in Oregon, there is a Cubs Fan making Brownies and smoking funny cigarettes and enjoying this game.

I bought a lottery ticket today…..I feel lucky.

cubstalk why don’t you reply to my comments on Valbueno in the previous post?? Nothing to support your claim? Just trying to see your piont of view but its hard when you can’t explain yourself

Valbuena is not hitting……can you explain why Valbuena not hitting above 300?…or above 270?….or above 250?

He has at least 12 walks so far that gives him a decent OBP. That counts for alot.

But only four RBI’s……which to me counts something more!

why do you care if he hits when Valbueno is getting on base??? Getting on base is just as good as a hit!!! The fact is he is not getting out

ok who cares if he has 4RBIs…. Bonafacio has 5 RBIs are you upset with him too??? NOOOOOO because you see his INFLATED batting average…. when in reality he only has a BARELY higher OBP in 385…. Im not saying I love Valbueno I am just trying to see your point of view on why you are so upset with him.

I am not upset…..you are I can see….you are the one doing the CAPS………Olt is hitting lower then Valbuena, but has more RBI’s……more RBI’s, more chance of winning………getting on base is good….driving in runs is even better!…….can’t argue with that logic………btw, Bonafacio is a leadoff hitter, so he has less chances of driving in runs in most cases…………….and your boy Valbuena strikes out in the 6th…..can you explain Petrey why he did that?

im not upset but your logic is flawed…. RBIs are not a great evaluatory stat… the lack of RBIs doesn’t make him any less valuable…. the fact that he gets on base makes him valuable.

Without men on base its pretty tough to drive in runs. Isolating one stat is a terrible way of evaluating players. Players are different. Olt and Rizzo drive in runs, Bonifacio and Valbuena get on base so the guys like Rizzo, Castro, and Olt can do their job. I don’t care what his avg is or how many RBI he has, Valbuena is an important player for the Cubs at the moment and he deserves to play while he’s here

I see Angel Hernandez is at second today……what a piece of work he is.

Home plate umpire has a missed a few strike calls today…..someone get him some glasses.

I think those outfield vines are diseased……..not growing at all……look dead.

bc its cold dude… have you been in the midwest the winter? its miserable

We need some sunshine for the vines to grow. Game time temp was 48. Not conducive to ivy

Aloha CubsTalk, petrey and Carrie if you take yesterday’s temps in SF (85F) and averaged them out with yours, you’d have at least 65+ degrees. Useless numbers yes, I feel for you folks and my relatives right there with you. I hope do hope the ivy fills back in and soon. Mahalo!

So why do I have fresh green looking green weeds in my lawn when there is no sunshine?……….maybe we should plant weeds along the walls instead to give Wrigley outfield walls some color!

U r a weed

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