5/3 Roster moves

The Cubs made a few roster moves on Saturday. They placed outfielder Ryan Sweeney on the 15-day disabled list with a moderate strain of his right hamstring and purchased the contract of outfielder Chris Coghlan from Triple-A Iowa. Kyuji Fujikawa was transferred to the 60-day disabled list to make room on the 40-man roster for Coghlan. Also, pitcher Jake Arrieta was activated from the DL and lefty Zac Rosscup optioned to Iowa. Arrieta is starting on Saturday.


Happy Derby Day. When the bookmakers in Vegas look at today`s pitching matchup, they will!no doubt make us the underdog. I almost always am partial to the underdog, but is not the case today at Churchill Downs. Are many compelling reasons to pull for the favorite, California Chrome, including that he was lightly regarded when purchased, is small, is trained by a 77 year old dinosaur, has white on all four hooves (considered a bad omen with thoroughbreds), is California bred and California bred horses are and always have been viewed as inferior to the Kentucky bred variety. The overriding reason one may want to be a Chromey: his owners were told the day of the purchase that “only a dumbass would invest in this animal.” Guess what the two retirees decided to name their company. Dumbass Partners. That`s the official name. I kid you not. Go Cubs!

I am VERY disappointed that they have called up Coghlan instead of Szczur. The Cubs front office seems to believe that every team’s castoffs will outperform any player that came to the Cubs prior to their anointing.

Aloha Mat B- it is a curious move at this point that is for sure, maybe he is just for the short term and if he provides what they need, he can be trade bait come July? We just do not know what goes on in the office-meetings, it is all very interesting.

Jhosk!! I just saw that California Chrome WON THE DERBY!! What a story you told this morning and what a perfect outcome! A “so there” moment for sure. Cubs win, California Chrome wins. Next?:))

Thanks White, I guess I got something right for a change. I appreciate your acknowledgement. Frankly, I`m annoyed hearing year after year that there has not been a Triple Crown Winner since 1978? Could this be the horse to silence that repetitive assertion? I wish I could predict Cubs victories, as I view tomorrow night`s game as the most important of this series with the Redbirds, because it will be nationally televised and will have the largest audience by far. Again, much obliged, White.

Good call jhosk,not so much as the victory but the story beforehand.

Thanks Kenly, is much appreciated, especially coming from White and yourself. There is something I stated which is not accurate. It was California Chrome`s mother, a horse which won just one race her entirely life, of whom it was said by a groom “only a dumb-ass would invest in that animal,” when she was purchased for $8,000.00. She was paired with a lightly regarded stallion, for whom $2500.00, I believe, was paid. California Chrome is their offspring. Btw, one of those two partners who enjoy ownership, Mr. Martin, is a Chicago native. They turned down $6million recently to sell their interests in the animal. Am wanting to see the Cubs sweep tonight.

That six million I referenced? Keep in mind that was prior to the horse winning the Santa Anita Derby in early April, and now the Kentucky Derby. Just imagine the numbers being tossed about now. Is Hammel going tonight? I should know that.

Hammel is scheduled to start tonight.

Thanks, Jasper. What is your opinion on Junior not starting tonight?

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