5/4 Finding the right match

Junior Lake hit a key two-run homer on Saturday in the Cubs’ 3-0 win over the Cardinals. It was one of three hits for the outfielder, who was batting 6-for-13 against St. Louis. But Lake didn’t get the start Sunday against Lance Lynn. The outfielder is 1-for-3 against Lynn, which isn’t much of a sample size. It’s part of manager Rick Renteria’s plan to use Lake in situations where he’ll hopefully have success.

“We continue to chip away and make sure we give them the best opportunity to feel more and more confident,” Renteria said. “I think as the confidence grows with the successes they have, it starts to eliminate over time sitting them against certain guys.”

It may surprise some Cubs fans that Lake was sitting but Renteria makes sure to communicate with the players.

“We talk to all our guys,” he said. “He’s really confident right now, really positive and knows how we’re working so it’s not a surprise. It helps talking about it and making sure they are aware of how we’re moving forward.”

— Carrie Muskat


I don’t know how you expect a guy to do better as a pinch hitter than starting him and letting him get in a rhythm…. This is absolutely ridiculous

This is an outrage. You don`t reward a guy after the tremendous offensive game he had yesterday. Junior, I mean, of course. The guys doing the game on ESPN radio said the same thing. How does one justify not rewarding the guy? Renteria is clueless. This is how one invites dissension in a dugout and clubhouse. I`m pissed.

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