5/5 Cubs lineup vs. White Sox

The Cubs open their four-game, home and road Interleague series against the White Sox on Monday at Wrigley Field. Jeff Samardzija gets the start for the Cubs on Monday and he’s looking for his first win. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Castillo C
Schierholtz RF
Olt 3B
Barney 2B
Samardzija P


How about Castillo 4 hole,Olt 5 hole,Castro 6 hole,make them throw strikes to Olt,the lineup they put out there lets quality pitching pitch around some hitters. I really think Olt if given a chance could become productive and possibly slide into the 4 hole. The Cubs have won some games lately but they have to find out who is moving forward,this team is not going to the series,but lets find out who is who. If you are not a Cubs fan you are not watching this team play,but being a Cubs fan we should at least be able to watch the best available on a given day. Go Cubs!

Aloha Kenly- thank you for your reply on another post, it is hard for us Cubs fans that is for sure. Today the errors really hurt because they led to an unearned run. Shark pitched a great game. Frustrating at the top of the 12th with 2 outs and one on, the bullpen could not hold it and gave up 2 runs now the Sox have a 2-run lead. In defense of the Sox, Quintana and their bullpen pitched a heck of a game. The bright side is that we went into extra innings with only 3 hits. As they say, there is always tomorrow! Mahalo.

I am getting tired of all these various line ups………stick to one……..play Olt every day or send him to the minors…………Lake sucks coming off the bench……….time to ditch Barney……………Alcantara should be starting at second…………enough of Kalish………….Renteria is going to tire out this Bullpen by July……………..I say Castillo is my player to click for tonight’s game……..I can’t take Hawk Harrelson……..but when he screams at Umpires. it does make me chuckle…………and Steve Stone needs to take some energy drink …….at times, he sounds like he is on some type of sleeping medicine…………..time to kick some South Side a** !

I agree with ditch Barney, but I prefer Kalish over Schierholtz. Also agree that Olt will not see any pitches with Barney hitting behind him.

Kenly, I wouldn’t put Castro so far down in the lineup. Now that he’s hitting like he used to, I’d keep him near the top to get him his at-bats. In addition, he’s got speed (which he could surely utilize more effectively) so I think he’d look great in the two-hole to set the table for Rizzo and Castillo. My ideal lineup with our current roster would be:

Bonafacio CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Castillo C
Lake LF
Schierholtz RF
Olt 3B
Valbuena 2B

If Olt can put it together for a good month or so, I’d probably move him up to the clean-up spot and bump everyone below down one spot.

I’d put valbueno in two hole Bc he gets on base more than Castro …. Keep Castro at 4

Well it’s nice to see you all realize Barney is not a good player… Only took what two years? Man I was called every name in the book Bc I didn’t stroke his ego…… Whites make believe family must be hurting and Isabel the make believe lil girl must be lost ….

Aloha petrey- I respect your opinions as I do everyone else, yes this is a business and no one’s job is secure, they all have to earn it. Having said that, we do not need to disparage White or Isabel. As one that was blessed to be with baseball through college, I learned real fast how small the percentages are for anyone to get a shot after college into the minors-being drafted and from there in the show. I think it is harsh to say that Barney is not a good player, when most young men out there will never get a chance to play, he was good enough and fortunate enough to get to the show. Having said that, his defense is good he is just not producing at the plate and that is unfortunate. So, I think it was right for Renteria to make the moves he has because it is about the business of putting together a competitive team and it is supposed to be a merit based system. I have appreciated your statistics from time to time as they can be informative, I know you like many of us Cubs fans are frustrated and have to bear and grin it right now, in Japanese we say “gunbaru.” So, I hope you can keep it above board, bring in the stats and make your arguments based on those, it will get you farther. Take care now. Mahalo.

I endorse what you just said, k.g. There is no place on this site for those who disparage and villify others. You always take the high road, and others would do well to emulate yourself. Am impressed with those Giants. They`ve won five straight going into tonight`s game with the Bucos. They must be getting some clutch hits from time to time, something foreign to our Cubbies. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- thank you for your comments. I know we are all individuals, I just always hope that we can show each other respect even if we disagree, that is not only civil but class. The Giants are really coming together and their starting pitching has not been as good as our Cubbies this past week! But they are hitting the ball (Morse, Pagan, Belt) and won in 5+ hours a 13inning game on the road! Six wins in a row, the wife is happy and is wearing a Wrigleyville shirt right now for me! Today is also the birthday of one of the greatest center fielders of all time: Willie Mays turned 83yrs young today (your Eastern Time, since the clock rolled over with this long game)! Take care now. Mahalo!

That`s very interesting that you invoke the “Say Hey Kid`s” name. Loved his game. He`s still domiciled in the Bay area, is he not, k.g? Will never forget the way Leo Derocher spoke of Willie in platitudes. Raved about his five tools. Leo coveted working with Mays and observing him shine right from the beginning of his magnificent career. I`ve heard it said that we`ve scored a piddling 16 runs for Jeff S. in his seven starts. Someone please correct myself if I`m mistaken. If true, it is nothing short of disgraceful. Were I a position player on the Cubs, I`d be embarrassed about that. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- I believe Mays is still here in the Bay Area, I will not forget the time I met him when I was in college. He was wearing a short-sleeved polo and when I shook his hand and saw his arm-flex I thought that was awesome, the shape he was still in. Reminded me of my grandfather back in the islands who was very active and still could hold his own. I was trying to pay attention to the two games last night and got a word mixed up with a comment on another post, where I meant to say Sox but put in the Bucs. Petrey caught my mistake as that is what happens sometimes when one split between two 12+ inning games! Yes, it is really really difficult to comprehend the limited amount of run support that Jeff is getting right now. I sure hope there is not resentment brewing in the club house because of this. I remember a few seasons back for Matt Cain when the same was happening for him. I did not know how he won the amount of games he did, with such low run support. He ended up winning some of the games himself both on the mount and at the plate, does that sound familiar? Well, I hope for the best for Jeff’s next start and for out Cubbies tonight. Mahalo!

Speaking of Cain, was he not scratched from last night`s start due to a household accident with a knife? I saw highlights today of that Giants/Bucos game last night, and there was an interesting at-bat that the Pirates` Walker had at one point. He kept fouling off pitch after pitch after pitch until he was finally punched out. Was an aggregate of 14 pitches. I`ll bet you saw that,k.g. Is impressive that you met Mays. I met Mickey Mantle in 1985 at a book signing event in Chicago. He`s by far the most famous major leaguer I`ve ever met. You can take that to the bank.

Aloha jhosk- I would have liked to have met Mantle too! My father loved telling me about the three great center fielders all in NYC at the same time that could hit-run and play defense (Mantle-Mays-Snider). I listed to the game so I did not see that Walker at bat but will try to find a highlight of it and I think you are correct about Cain. I think it is great that he makes his own sandwiches but should be a little more careful! Mahalo.

I did get to meet Mickey Mantle, or at least within 3 feet of him while he laughed at me. I think it was 67 that the White Sox played 9 of their home games in Milwaukee, it may have been 68, but my memory may be off.
As I said, the Sox played games there. Each team would always park their bus right outside the nearest exit closest to the visitors locker room. A few players would always sign.
When the Yankees came to town, there was no bus. So my cousin and I went back into the stadium, spotted a bus behind the CF wall, still in the Stadium away from the public. We hid behind some seats, the lights went out. We waited about a half hour, then seen the Yankees come out of the locker room, walking the concession stand route around too CF. One came out, then two more, then another making their way to the bus. We waited.
Walking out was Tom Tresh, Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford. We came out of hiding, walked up to them and asked for their autograph. Just the two of us there!!
They all three started laughing at us and kept walking.
Trying to find our way out, a Security guard let us out, after yelling at us.
The reason I think it was 1967 was because Whitey Ford was there, he was not on the Yankees roster in 68, but he could have been traveling with the team.

Would love to talk about the three centerfielders in the future. Have to go. Need to take my five mile walk and then swim laps at the ‘Y”. Have a good one, k.g.

Aloha jhosk-yes, I have a late starting job that I need to get to too, you have a great day and will “talk story” with you later! Mahalo.

Back in 63 or 64 in Milwaukee, a bunch of autograph seekers spotted Warren Spahn in the players parking lot. Spahn was driving a station wagon of some type, had his wife and two teenage boys with him, assuming his sons. They all got in the car, Spahn rolled down his window, as they all did. Spahn said I want a single file line, maybe 40 or 50 people. Everyone formed a single file line to his car window and everyone got his autograph as his family sat and waited. That was class.

Aloha Jasper- that is cool and that the folks as it sounds were orderly as well. Class act. Mahalo!

True Story…..back in 1968, I went for an autograph of Cubs players as a little kid…….Cubs playing the Mets that day……it was batting practice and Randy Hundley was nearby…..I asked for his autograph very nicely…….Hundley told me to “F*** Off”.

I never asked for another autograph from any sports players since then.

I can understand that CubsTalk, my story above on Mantle, Ford and Tresh stopped me from asking for over 30 years.

Aloha Jasper and CubsTalk-gosh I thought I was the only one with a story like that! As Cubs said above, true story: As you know the Pro Bowl has come to the islands for years, and is played on Oahu. All the football players would stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. My friend’s dad worked there and said we could go with him as long as we stayed out of trouble, that way we could meet the players. He got us there at 8am I believe and told us where to meet him later. So my friend and I start walking the “campus” and see of all people Reggie Jackson. We wondered if he was there to watch the Pro Bowl and went up to him and said good morning and would he be so kind to sign our notebooks (we were 8/9yr olds at the time). He told us it was too early in the morning to be signing autographs and walked away. That was crushing, thank God we met Walter Payton later! Lifted our spirits. Mahalo!

Thats tough K.G., I can understand it, if there is a mob, but just two kids and you cant sign? lol Those games the White Sox played in Milwaukee were memorable, as that was it for us.
Most teams knew that and some players would take the time for that reason. Rod carew, Tony Oliva of the Twins. White Sox, I got Joel Horlen, Ken Berry, Walter ( no neck ) Williams and Gary Peters.
There was one exception, the Cleveland Indians would go straight to the bus, but a few told us they were told not to sign.
There was a Christian relief pitcher with the Twins, that handed out his pic with an autograph, with scripture on the back. He would not sign your scorecard, but handed out the pics. Al Worthington, I think his name was.

Aloha Jasper- Exactly! I was thinking what you said, if it were a mob I would have been scared away myself, even at that young age but it was just my friend and I walking along one of the paths in between buildings and here was Reggie. Neat about the history you mentioned about some of the White Sox games being played up North from Chi-Town. I guess some things have not changed a whole lot over the years though I suspect people were a little more respectful back in the day but children will be children, excited to see their “heros.” Many of the names you have been sharing about are some that I am missing for a 1963 baseball card set I am trying to put together. I was not around at that time but as you have heard me mention, through my father, his stories and bb cards I came to really love the era that he grew up with. Tresh and Oliva had their rookie cards in this set, still working on getting Oliva’s! Thanks for the reminder! Let’s hope our Cubbies can get today’s game. Mahalo!

K.G. I too am a collector of Baseball Cards and memborelia. I am assuming the cards needed for your 63 set are mostly 7th series? I have many doubles from some years, not many of the 63’s. It is possible I have a couple you might need.
Also have some of the programs from the AFL this past fall, i offered to send them out to a few on here, but maybe they were afraid to e-mail their address. lol
LMK if you want my e-mail address.
Also I picked up a Auto rookie card of Castro & Rizzo this past weekend. These cards are no longer going at book price at Card Shows, they are pretty cheap.

Aloha Jasper- Will have to figure out how one can share their email on this blog and keep folks’ info private. You hit it on the nose about the last series in the 63’s. I finally got a Stargell rookie and have just decided to wait on the Rose. Some cards I may try to upgrade, Like my Banks&Aaron combo or my Brock. As you know, 63 can be a hard card to get with nice corners, no chips in the coloring or funny cuts. My other challenge is a 1953 Topps set that my father started when he was a child. I take it slowly as they say. Sorry to hear about the Rizzo and Castro cards, maybe if they, keep things up the value will come back? I know I should probably pick some up of the younger guys. Just waiting for jhosk to chime in that he has some older cards too! Take care now. Mahalo!

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