5/5 White Sox 3, Cubs 1 (12 innings)

Jeff Samardzija struck out seven over nine innings, made the pitches when he needed, hit, scored a run, fielded his position, and lowered his ERA to 1.62. But it wasn’t enough for the win. Marcus Semien smacked a tiebreaking RBI double with two outs in the 12th inning to lift the White Sox to a 3-1 Interleague victory Monday night over their crosstown rivals, the Cubs.

With the game tied at 1 and two outs in the 12th against Justin Grimm, Alexei Ramirez singled to right and stole second. Tyler Flowers walked, and Semien lined a double down the left-field line. Pinch-hitter Paul Konerko was hit by a pitch to load the bases, and Grimm walked Alejandro De Aza to force in another run.

The story of the game was Samardzija. The right-hander threw a career-high 126 pitches, but his last was one of his best as he got Dayan Viciedo to hit into an inning-ending double play and strand a runner in the ninth in front of 33,146 chilled fans at Wrigley Field. This was the right-hander’s seventh start, and sixth quality start. He’s still looking for that first “W.”

“I was pretty hungry for that one,” Samardzija said.

The Cubs did everything they could. Manager Rick Renteria let Samardzija bat for himself in the eighth.

“What a great outing — gritty, gutsy, everything you could ask for,” Renteria said of the effort. “We wanted that game for him but we couldn’t pull it out.”

Samardzija may be frustrated but he hasn’t shown it.

“You do your job,” he said. “I’m just going out and doing my job and doing my part to win a ballgame. I can’t control things on the outside. It’s not my job. Every fifth day is my job and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

That’s what he told Renteria in the clubhouse after the game.

“[Samardzija] said, ‘Hey, every time. Every time I go out there, that’s what I’m going to do,'” Renteria said. “He’s doing what he’s supposed to do as a Major League pitcher. He’s giving us a great chance to win a ballgame. Today was a fantastic effort on his part.”

* Samardzija is the first Cubs pitcher to go nine innings and not record a complete game since Matt Garza did so Sept. 26, 2011, against the Astros.

— Carrie Muskat


Aloha Folks- tough pitching that well of a game and not getting more runs for Jeff, but have to hand it to the Bucs because their staff was great tonight as well. Get um tomorrow Cubbies. Mahalo.

Bucks??? We played the white sox

Aloha Petrey! Gosh, thank you for catching that, I was paying attention to our Cubbies and at the same time also had the SF Giants going on, who were playing close to our Cubbies a couple of states over in an extra inning game themselves. I meant to the Sox, and I believe I made another comment on a post where I said the Sox and mentioned Quintara and their staff for doing a great job. Anyhow, thought it was cool how both teams (Cubs & Giants) were in extra innings going late into the evening. The pitching for the most part was very good in our game, the Giants game’s pitching was a different story as you can see for the score. Take care now. Mahalo.

Okay…No doubt we will begetting a very nice prospect package for Samardzija……..I don’t Theo will wait for July to trade Shark………why risk a injury or a string of bad outtings!……Shark is not staying here, so lets make a trade before the market gets flooded with C. Lee, Buehrle and others.

If the Cubs do trade Shark they should get a king’s random. He’s a stud. The question is: should they?

Of course…….he is 30,and when the Cubs contend, he might be 34……so why give Shark a big contract ?……take that money and invest it with your younger players down the road.

I tend to agree with you. My head says “trade him.” But my heart says “keep him and try to win next year!” I definitely would not trade him unless they get a #1 pitching prospect, a back of the bullpen reliever, and more! He is under contract next year.

Shark is 28!!!

We really really need some closers. That’s all we need.

Rondon, Ramirez, Vizcaino will stay…….look for this Armando Rivero kid to help us…………I think Strop might be used as a trade bait …………..we need Starters!

The bullpen is looking a little better. They need hitters. And Mike Olt doesn’t look like the answer to me! (Let the “play him every day” crowd get on my case).

Olt is similar to Rizzo in his earlier days….he needs some more tweaking with his bats……both Lake & Olt need to be in the lineup everyday………….even BJax, Vitters, Baez are having hitting problems in the minors.

Yes AND hitters!!!

Shark, first MLB pitcher since1900 to start 7 games with 5 plus innings and no wins……Shark has gone 13 straight games without a win.

I also believe Renteria let Shark pitch too long last night…………did anyone else have a problem with that?

Cubs Win said something that is the problem with many Cubs fans……they love average Cubs players who like the Cubs fans…….we should be in love with Players who CAN Win a Championship!………Shark wants to win, but he also wants more money………Cubs gave him a nice contract when he signed……Shark had his chance just like Garza had, and they did not give us a winner….time to move on and give others a chance………lets get a nice Prospect package for Shark.

Cub fans have never seen a winner built. They are used to the team signing a few free agents and rolling the dice. Go look at the SF a Giants post-Bonds. Look at the number of lost seasons, high draft choices, players drafted, and a very, very few free agents…and followed by two World Series and a run at another one this year. That’s why my head says trade Shark. Build for 2016, 2017 and have a loaded team that can make a run for years. I hate the losing, though!

The way Shark is pitching……his asking price went up on the F/A market………from $115 million to $135 million.

I look at this game and I seen very good pitching. I seen no hitting, Cubs were 4 for 37. Ok, it was cold, so what?
The bullpen did well, what cost the Cubs the game? Two walks, both scored.
On the hitting, how long does Barney stay in the lineup? Anyone hitting before him will not see anything to hit, that weakens the lineup. How long does Schierholtz keep hitting in the middle of the line up? In fact, how long does Schierholtz keep getting put in the lineup? He had a decent year last year, is that it for him? It sure is looking like it.
How long does Castro get away with throwing his bat or acting like he rode the short bus to the ball game after an out? Renteria should talk to him about that and bench him for three games. However if you do that, you weaken yourself worse, because Barney is the backup SS. LOL

Frankly, I`m a little baffled by Schierholtz`s struggles, Jasper. He was my favorite Cubs player last season. I still think he is going to get beyond this funk, and give us numbers at least approaching last season`s. I want to comment on Olt. No one has been a bigger cheerleader than myself as we both have UConn connections. I want him to succeed in the worst way, but he has to prove he belongs. Has not shown me much yet. I have the impression many of you believe it`s a given he`s going to be a productive major leaguer. I don`t get that.

Well he certainly will not see many good pitches to hit with Barney batting behind him.

Aloha jhosk & Jasper- good points on Olt. I remember early on, spring training, Carrie thought Olt might not be up with the team because he was only getting so many at bats and maybe could use some more in AAA. I wondered if that would help? On the other hand the point about where Olt is placed in the batting order is also a good one. In the late 90’s early 2000’s the Giants had Jeff Kent and Benito Santiago doing fairly well and being consistent. Because of this, Bonds was “protected” no matter where he was because for the most part, these 3 folks were always in the 3-4-5 slot, thought moved around at times within those positions. So what choice did the opposing pitchers have, walk all 3? No. So, I wonder do you put Olt in front of a Rizzo-Castro-Castillo? It could not hurt. I do hope he can come around and build up his confidence. Mahalo.

Alot of people will not agree or debate this, but I believe a LH, RH, LH hitting and so on puts pressure on the Pitcher. The Pitcher has to make adjustments after facing a RH hitter, then pitching to a LH hitter. When facing 3 RH hitters in a row, he gets into a rhythm. Making the Pitcher adjust from hitter to hitter makes it more difficult on him.
Then of course, the weaker a hitter is behind a guy, hes just not going to get many good pitches to see.
So I like Bonifacio leading off, SH, Against a LH pitcher, I like Castro RH, Rizzo LH, Olt RH or Castillo RH.
Against a RH pitcher, I like Bonifacio SH, Valbuena LH, Castro RH, Rizzo LH, Olt or Cadtillo RH, Schierholtz LH.
I just think it puts more pressure on the pitcher making adjustments and harder for him to get into a rhythm.

Aloha Jasper- very good points and ones that I think folks today do look over, especially if they only are trying to crunch numbers via a computer, not saying those are not important but the human aspect of the game is very real. And as you pointed out, visually just having to see a batter on either side of the plate, alternating back and forth can do a number on one. If the previous batter was LH and you stayed away from him (low and away) then you are throwing for the right side of the plate. If the next batter is RH and you implement the same strategy then you are going to the left side of the plate. I know you understand this. And for young pitchers who are still getting their legs, it can be a very daunting task but one that our Cubbies should exploit. Thanks for bring that up, will see if Renteria constructs a lineup with this in mind. Take care now. Mahalo!

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