5/6 Veras begins rehab

Cubs reliever Jose Veras has joined Double-A Tennessee to begin his rehab assignment. Veras, 33, was placed on the disabled list April 25 with a strained left oblique. He had a 15.88 ERA (10 ER in 5 2/3 IP) in six appearances.

The Smokies face off against Birmingham on Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. ET. Right-hander Matt Loosen (2-2, 4.32) is expected to take the hill for Tennessee, while Birmingham is expected to counter with righty Chris Beck (2-4, 5.06).


Now here is something we can all get excited about.🙂

I hope Veras returns to Wrigley with a big box of Tennessee fireworks to share with his teammates.

I said it when he was sighned,after spring training,during the season all though it is just one month,and was told it was only a 4 million dollar contract,give him a chance.Really! Take that money and run to your nearest Ditkas Veras,eat a very big steak,and thank the Cubs for your contract.Sorry,you are in Tennesee,try some of those ribs or barbecue they are famous for. Anyways enjoy the minor leagues,you should be able to knock a couple of runs of that bloated ERA.

KenlyCub, we both know this is a rehab assignment, I was and am not excited on his contract or return. Have to see if he can save a few games or not?
If he can save a few before the end of July, I hope he is flipped.

J.J.just saying,33 years old,no speed on his fastball,maybe he can save a few,but its what happens in between that gets Cubs fans riled. Cubs Win,also Olt got on base 2 times last nite,he is a key to the Cubs offense,let him play,if he gets back to the prospect he should be and will be,it will spread the whole offense out. Let him bat 250,but let him drive in 80 runs too. His problem was the eyes,he is thru that,let him play,if not put him at AAA and let him play 1st base and 3rd base,but let him play,everyday! Cubs Talk,did not see Kottaris was let go,but would rather see him at 1 million this year than Jon Baker,than see Veras at 4 million!

I agree with Olt 100%. I find it shocking that he was able to get on base twice with Barney hitting behind him.
Back up catcher plays once a week, maybe twice. Baker made the team out of ST. I have no argument with that decision.
At todays rates and 5 Million to Veras, I understand the gamble. I may not have agreed at the time or agree now. But I do understand it. Veras and his past success may have been worth that gamble at the time, but has not worked out at all to this point.
We will see when he gets back.

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