5/7 Cubs lineup

The Cubs and White Sox move their intracity Interleague series to U.S. Cellular Field Wednesday. Travis Wood gets the start and Mike Olt will be the designated hitter. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Castillo C
Olt DH
Valbuena 3B
Barney 2B
Kalish RF

T. Wood P


After Castillo bats, you can channel surf until Bonifacio comes up to bat…….

Last night, EJax looked good…….I think Theo can find himself a Buyer for EJax…….

What is the early betting line for the Sox Announcers Big Head Race?…….

Carrie….are you going for that Big Helmet of ice cream special?……

Looking for a Big “W” tonight for Wood.

How odd Cubs Talk; You dismiss half the team while channel surfing and yet you expect a big “W” from Wood tonight! I think I”ll back the whole team for that “W”. :)))

There is one automatic out in the line up, no doubt there. If the stars, sun and moon are aligned with Neptune just right, Barney might get a hit.

All entertaining,actually I would put Wood batting in the 8 hole and Barney in the 9 hole.It is a shame that some of the offense comes from the pitching staff. That is a plus,but when your everyday offense puts up next to nothing,that is bad. Sorry we dont have a everyday set lineup with complementary players. My Bad!

In the case of tonights game, its to bad they cant let Wood bat in Barneys spot.

Well since Wood is not hitting at all tonight I guess it is a moot point. Do any of you realize that we are playing AL league rules tonight?

My apologies,got ahead of myself,wishful thinking though,could this be a new rule in baseball!

Looks like Travis does not have it tonight.😦

When the Draft comes this year with the #4 pick, and with a #1 pick in 2015, I hope Theo & Jed can get us to the Playoffs by 2018.

Not just tonight, but many games so far, our Cubs are getting bad strike calls.

We Stinks

Aloha Folks- gosh just got in from a long day (work) was hoping to see some good news and saw that the sox swept us. Well, time to pick up the pieces and move onto the next series. Take care everyone. Mahalo.

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