5/7 Minor matters

Josh Vitters hit a pair of two-run homers to help Iowa beat New orleans 5-4 in 11 innings Tuesday night. Logan Watkins scored the winning run on a wild pitch. Iowa is now 2-0 in extra inning games. Vitters connected on his first homer in the second inning to become the first player to homer in three straight games for the I-Cubs this year. He homered again in the fourth. Zac Rosscup picked up the win in relief. The two teams play Wednesday at 11 a.m. in New Orleans. Chris Rusin gets the start.


Speaking of minor leagues…am I the only one who is concerned that Javier Baez is struggling so badly? Is the jump from AA to AAA that difficult? If yes, I may need to reconsider my belief that Bryant will get to Chicago this year; although I doubt he’ll struggle like Baez. Alcantara seems to be doing okay.

It could also be, his reputation has opposing pitchers on edge. He is striking out at a high rate, which makes me think, he needs more plate discipline and patience.
If the pitcher is throwing balls out of the zone and hes swinging, why throw strikes?

Is Vitters finally taking this Baseball thing serious?

Lack of plate discipline: without actually watching him play, I suspect you’re right. I hope he figures it out soon. I was hoping Baez and Bryant and Alcantara would all be in the lineup next year, and the team would start to approach .500, if not better.

Cubs Win, with all the media hype on Cubs prospects during ST, I think many have to high of expectations now.
Baez is a perfect example of not rushing players to the big leagues. The hype may have even gotten in the players heads and they are putting pressure on theirselves.
Fans are already wanting Bryant up. He is doing well at AA, leave him alone. What if he is brought up, then goes through what Baez is going through?

Well, I definitely wouldn’t call Baez up now. He 0-2 today, with yet another strike out and he hit into a double play. I’m wondering if he’ll be a bust – which would be so typical of a Cubs prospect – a player with no plate discipline and a fast swing with a big hole. As for Bryant, I’ve never advocated moving him right up the Chicago. But if he keeps doing what he’s doing in AA, he definitely should go to AAA soon, like June, July. And if he performs the same way in AAA, move him up. I mean, performance matters. If he stinks like Baez, then don’t move him up. The Cubs AAA line-up is pathetic. Vitters, Jackson, those guys can’t hit.

I think your being a little hard on Baez, he will figure it out. Maybe not until next season, but he will get it. Rignt now, because of media and fans, he thinks hes a Super Star in the making and he is trying to hard.
I agree with you on Bryant. June or July if he is still hitting well. As they climb that ladder, it gets more difficult, they will be alright.
If I was going to be concerned over a prospect, it would be Soler. He is really irritating me with the constant injuries.

You might be right about me and Baez. I hope you’re right. I have similiar feelings about Soler. Just for fun, I looked at Rizzo’s AAA numbers – .336, .405, .670, 1.075. Dominant, even better than Bryant in AA. And Rizzo definitely had his struggles in the ML. Just goes to show you how you how tough it is.

The number & STATS are extemely important Cubs Win. Its good you looked up Rizzo’s numbers, it gave you something to think about.
Adding to that, its not just numbers and STATS when dealing with youngsters. Many will disagree, especially the younger fans. The Human Element has much to do with it.
Lets use Soler as an example: all the talent in the world, yet it is obvious to me there is a problem. He is in a strange country and dont speak english. His family is in Cuba, does he get to visit them? Does he have friends or is he a loner? Can he go to a nice place to eat & feel comfortable ordering food? Is he lonely & depressed for family? Woman problems? What is taking his focus off baseball?
The Human Element, the head. All the reasons above could be very wrong, it could be something else or it could be honest injuries, but there have been numerous trips to the DL.
Agree or disagree, thats my take on it.

Similiar thing happened to Castro with rape charges last year. A distracted young player translates into lower performance.

GEO there is so much going on with younger guys, you just cant depend on numbers. Most have never worked, its a job, when doing it, concentrate and enjoy.

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