5/7 Thanks, Paulie

Jeff Samardzija presented White Sox slugger Paul Konerko with a No. 14 from the Wrigley Field scoreboard as a parting gift. Konerko is retiring after this season and Tuesday was his last game at Wrigley, although he did not play. Samardzija wanted to take part in the ceremony. In May 2012, the right-hander accidentally hit Konerko on the side of the head with a pitch.

“When the whole thing went down when I hit him, the first thing I said was it’s the worst guy it could happen to because I respect him more than anyone in this game,” Samardzija said. “You talk about losing two guys in the game like [Derek] Jeter and Konerko, it’s tough. It’s bad for the game. We love to see those guys and how long they played and we’d love to see them keep playing. Outstanding man, and hopefully he has a strong year to end it and enjoys it too and enjoys the run he had and soaks it all in.”

Konerko appreciated the gesture.

“Yeah, I like Jeff,” Konerko said. “He’s a good guy. He’s doing great. I’m a fan of his as far as the way he pitches and he’s aggressive out there and he swings the bat well on top of it. I don’t know him well; I’ve met him a few times off the field but you know his teammates really like him and he’s respected over there. The guys that are with him every day, they’re not going to be wrong on that stuff. It was kind of fitting that he gave it to me and he’s doing great right now. Good for him.”

— Carrie Muskat


I am reposting this as I was not able to get back to the responses…have a life. Some is indeed from last year which shows how far behind the fast ball some of you are. Some is from this year and both are Theo’s words from an interview. There is no question MLB has issued concern to the Ricketts while the Ricketts simply do not have the bucks to renovate Wrigley while the renovations itself will over value the team (assets) if completed…assets will short come the investment.

It seems what I have been writing on this blog for some time now, Cubs management is money driven and Theo would be signing high dollar situations if given a free hand and this rebuilding propaganda is not really the entire truth has finally become public. Theo has stated “We are not making a fundamental choice to only focus on the future. It comes down to revenue. We don’t have the flexibility to do something like that, revenue to be able to afford such a thing.”(Sign a high dollar free agent). “We maxed out our payroll this year. It’s not a choice. It’s not like we’re making a conscious decision to say, let’s withhold $15-20 million, we are spending every dollar we have available on the Major League payroll.” Theo was also heard stating he along with Hoyer “were set on spending any amount to snare Girardi and prepared to “blow away the field” on Tanaka” but were held back by the front office. In addition, Theo/Hoyer wanted to snag Anibal Sanchez (good or bad) but was told too much money.
Also, Theo stated “the club is not holding back because the club does not believe it is at the right point on the rebuilding curve… Revenue has to come first.”
I believe the preferred free agent signing list goes much further (rumor is Fielder with Rizzo to right field) and as I have been writing (getting blasted by some on this blog) Papa Rickett has said no more money invested on your little hobby. There is also a rumor that MLB has some concern (under the table) that the Ricketts have set an unrealistic payroll level for a big market team and has discussed this with the Ricketts in private and that Theo is okay with it for now but is going ever impatient.
So please “eat this” for you people who have been writing it’s not the right point to sign free agents or no free agents worth paying the price according to Theo or this rebuilding thing is the Theo way…it wasn’t the primary way he did it in Boston either.

They did not spend all they could this year… That quote I believe is old and at the time probably quite accurate . I never wanted the ricketts as owners and I knew at first site they were worried more about the bottom line. This FO is being held back plain and simple . I don’t know why the MLB doesn’t step in and say we will loan u a certain amount and charge u such n such percent. Then step in a delegate this RTO fiasco . If they don’t quit controlling this Reno then we should just up and move. Wrigley is a dump and a Reno won’t magically change it. YOU CANT POLISH A TURD

I do agree with your comments. Wrigley is a land mark but really has very little value from an investment point…the so called $500 mill renovation would certainly over shoot its value making it very hard to get a loan especially considering the sad state of the team/attendance, even from the MLB. Truth be told, I liked the Rosemont offer with taking many original parts from Wrigley and building a bigger, better duplicate.

A #14 sign!…..really………..I think Paulie would rather had been taken out for a “Beggars” pizza meal instead.

Just read an artical where Jeff Samardizja wants the Front Office to stay away from his pitch counts.
Jeff why can you not just pitch and shut the F up? You have not shut up since DEC. You always have something to say and its rarely about the team. Its your contract and Management, who you obviously have a problem with.
I think you are a problem!! I think the sooner you are traded the better!!
In the mean time, for the sake of the team and what fans you have left, can you please just SHUT THE F UP?

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