5/12 Cubs lineup

Travis Wood gets the start on Monday as the Cubs open a four-game series against the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Olt 3B
Castillo C
Schierholtz RF
Barney 2B
T. Wood P


I am trying to stay positive……but four people (Barney, Schierholtz, Olt & Wood) in the lineup are hitting below 200 for the year.,,,,Bonafacio is hitting 143 in the last 7 games……….and Castro hitting 192 in his last 7 games…..Castillo is hitting 091 in his last 7 games….and Lake K 10 times in 19 AB’s.

If we can win one game in the series, it will be a thrill for Renteria.

Half way through May and the season is almost over………Talking Trade Now…….Who is on the trade table ……what can we get in return and to which team…….

Samardzija……..lack of Quality Pitching on the market, Theo has a Dream Trade in the works and have to make it…….a Shark Contract extension is not happening…………look for another Cub in a Shark trade to have at least five prospects in return…….Buyers could be Dodgers, Giants, Braves, Tigers, Royals, Rangers

Hammel……..two quality AA prospects in return……..Braves, Red Sox, Angels are in play….

E Jackson……due to lack of Pitching, EJax might have scouts looking at him…..Theo will chip in some $$$$$ to get at least one quality prospect in return……..Buyers could be…..Yankees, Angels, Nationals, Rangers, Orioles

Schierholtz…….Lost value since last year…….one AA prospect in return……Red Sox, Nationals, Rangers, Tigers, Orioles

Barney………..AA player at best………A’s, Tigers, Orioles all need help at second…

Villanuava……….might be a “steal” for a Playoff team…….will get a Corey Black type of Pitcher in return……….A’s, Rangers, Tigers, Nationals, Angels, Yankees in play.

Bonafacio……..AA Player in return…….most likely to a AL Team in the playoff hunt…….

Veras…………doubt it……this year version of Kevin Gregg (Unwanted)…….

Russell………..doubt it…….maybe in the off season……….

T Wood….doubt it…….unless Theo is blown away with a major offer…….

Strop……..with Rondon, Ramirez, Vizcaino, Rivero all on the rise, maybe a good time to trade Strop……..Don’t be surprise if Stop is thrown in a multi-player deal.

Cubs whooping Cardinals ass tonight.

I can go for a helmet filled with 3lbs of ice cream, whip cream, fudge and some cherries.

I am getting worry here…..it has been some time anyone saw or heard from both DJ Casey Kasem and Cubs Fan Mrs White…….hopefully we can hear from both of them soon.

Marlins Fernandez done for the year…..and so will be the Marlins.

I asked Petrey earlier today why baseball game today is “soooooo different” as he claims from the Past….I always answer his questions……but it seems Petrey is either a Coward or Not Qualified on not answering my question to him……..or maybe Mommy told Petrey it was his bedtime.,,,maybe we hear from Petrey on Tuesday after his cartoons are over..

No sorry I’m still here and willing to calm out your dumbass whenever I can. But I do have a life other than trying to steal someone’s blog unlike yourself. I posted my reply in the proper place. And since when have I ever not replied to you. You are the one who gets called out and moves to the next topic Bc you have nothing to back it up. Schmuck

o what cubstalk has nothing to reply to the post about stuff being so different or are you still chewing on the foot that is in your mouth. Go ahead chew your food so you don’t choke

I dislike supporting petrey in any way, CubsTalk, but baseball was very different on this day, May 12, in 1955, because a Cubs pitcher hurled a no-hitter that day. Sam “Toothpick” Jones did so the hard way vs. the Pirates, as he walked the bases full to start the ninth inning, but then proceeded to punch out the next three batters to record a 4-0 victory.

But hey I never threatened him… He can’t say the same. So who is the problem here?

Walk the bases full, and then strike out the side in the 9th…….I recall Lee Smith did that allot.

Speaking of Busch Memorial Stadium, it was opened on this day in 1966, and a former Cubs player was the hero as Lou Brock singled in the 12th inning to drive in the winning run in a 4-3 victory over the Braves. Felipe Alou went deep twice in that contest for Atlanta. Why oh why did we permit Lou to get away? Loved his game.

I think the Cubs traded Brock due to the fact the Cubs needed Pitching back then…….
Remember who we gave up for Ric Sutcliffe?……….Joe Carter !
But we did get Ryne Sandberg / Bowa for Ivan Dejesus !

The Cubs also got Aramis Ramirez for Bobby Hill. And Sammy Sosa for George Bell. And Fergie Jenkins for Bob Buhl & Larry Jackson. Any franchise that’s been around for a few decades can claim to be on both ends of a bad trade.

That’s not the stadium the Redbirds play in now. The current Busch Stadium was inaugurated in 2006.

Aloha Folks, gosh 17 runs! I want to ask where some of that was for the past week but am happy to see this, Olt and Barney both added quite a few hits too. Nice to see everyone get in on the action, hope they can keep this up. Mahalo!

17 Runs by the Cubs is like Kilauea erupting……….not that often.

Yes, k.g., it was overkill from the Cubs` bats; wish we could have saved some of those runs for another day; for example, when Jeff S. pitches. How about the night Tyler Colvin enjoyed at the dish for the Giants yesterday. Tim Lincicum looked good also; have always enjoyed observing him pitch. He`s undersized, but is a strikeout artist when he`s right; makes one wonder how he generates that outstanding stuff. Guess that`s why he`s called “The Freak.” And he has a new look this season: the mustache.

Aloha CubsTalk, jhosk and White- Yes Kilauea is a good analogy! And watching Lincecum, the Freak, is always interesting! One concern that has been talked about for him was the fact that he had gone on a diet and lost 30 pounds which is a lot for someone of his size. The concern is that in the weight lost, he also lost muscle and that has contributed to his velocity going down as well as his endurance. So, this season everyone is watching to see how he will do. Hope our Cubs take number two today! Mahalo!

Hi jhosk – Lincicum is called “The Freak” because his arm never hurts and he doesn’t wrap it or ice it during or after games.

Good morning, White. That`s interesting; did not know that. I do know the human body was never designed for the forces pitching places on it. Pitching is unnatural, and that is why one sees so many mlb hurlers developing serious arm injuries, the latest being Jose Fernandez of the Marlins, one of the most promising young athletes to come down the pike in a spell. Looks as though he may need Tommy John surgery, as so many before him have required in 2014.

White, I meant to tell you our college baseball teams were ranked #1 and #2 in last week`s USA TODAY Coaches poll. The new poll will be revealed today. But as you must know, the regular season record of any team will be soon forgotten if it does not reach Omaha. Recall last season: your Oregon State reached the College World Series and my Virginia did not.

Thank you jhosk! :)). I haven’t been keeping track lately and appreciate your timely info! Hope both our teams will fly to Omaha this year!

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