5/13 Cubs patient with Olt

Mike Olt leads the Cubs and all National League rookies with eight home runs. He’s the 13th Cubs rookie in the last 82 seasons to belt that many by the All-Star break. And on Tuesday, he was not in the lineup.

Manager Rick Renteria explained he was going with matchups against the Cardinals, starting Luis Valbuena at third because he’s 5-for-14 against Adam Wainwright, and four of those hits are doubles. Olt has never faced the right-hander.

It’s all part of the development process for Olt, who has platooned with Valbuena this year, facing more left-handed pitchers than right-handers.

“We’re still mixing and matching and will continue to do so until we see where they’re all at,” Renteria said of his roster. “The way we balance it out, everybody’s getting at-bats, everybody’s playing. To this point, it’s advantageous to us to get them in the lineup at some point and letting them play.”

Olt may be providing some thump in the lineup but he’s only batting .187 and has 32 strikeouts in 91 at-bats. Renteria said there will be a day when Olt is getting regular playing time.

“We’re growing to that point,” Renteria said. “His confidence level continues to grow, and once we all feel satisfied with where he’s at, then we’ll make that determination and adjustment. Right now, we’re happy with everything he’s doing.”

Only a week ago, Renteria was being asked if they were considering sending Olt to the Minor Leagues. Then, he homered in three straight games, May 7-9, including a grand slam on May 8 against the White Sox. He now has belted four homers in his last six games.

“The fans want to see everybody succeed, they want them all to do well, and rightfully so,” Renteria said. “As we continue to move forward and these guys continue to develop who they are as players, their spots in the lineup continue to increase and obviously their performances hopefully reflect that they’re playing more and hopefully their production is good.”

Told that fans just want to see more home runs, Renteria laughed.

“Everybody likes the long ball,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


I’m definitely not as worked up as some over the fact that Olt doesn’t play everyday. Hopefully when he’s on the bench Bill Mueller is in his ear and he’s learning. I’m cool with what they are doing now, although my hope would be that after at some point — June, July — he’s out there everyday.

And hopefully folks will take note that Valbuena homered Tuesday night off Wainwright

Ya not upset that valbueno played but more upset olt just didn’t play when he in there with valbueno is more valuable than Barney and valbueno

Great…….but when it is all said and done, Valbuena will be gone………….I mean Olt or Bryant will take over third.

Bryant hit another HR tonight.

I did some stat trolling, as I like to do, just to find a player to compare Bryant to. I looked at Buster Posey’s minor league stats. He never even played in AA, but went straight from A+ to AAA. Of course, his stats in AAA were great. And after a little over 100 games in AAA in was called up to SF. He was 23. Bryant is 22.

If Bryant keeps driving the ball as he is now, I am sure you will see him in the bigs by age 23.
Fans keep trying to speculate what position he will play upon arrival. The Cubs are a last place, non hitting team, Bryant will be needed when he is ready. Baez when & if he is ready.
On a last place team, is there any position that is locked up? Not in my opinion.

Aloha Folks- Cubs Win thanks for that info, I am here in the Bay Area right now and was trying to remember if Buster jumped a division and you confirmed that he did. As jhosk said one has to earn their position and never think it is their “right,” or entitled to it as it can sow seeds of discourse, especially amongst a team. So, the Cubs being patient with Olt is fine and at the same token I hope he is taking in the advice of his coaches and working hard to secure he spot. Gunbatene Olt-san. Mahalo.

Olt has demonstrated long ago he has no more to prove at AA. Is he worthy of being promoted? Is Donald Sterling a bigot and racist? {I wrote this same comment last night here. Why was it erased?} Also, CubsTalk wrote something about only God can determine if one is a bigot. Where is that comment? I will challenge CubsTalk all day long on that statement, or anyone else for that matter. If I read you correctly CubsTalk, you are the first person I`ve seen anywhere ready to defend Donald Sterling. Even Rush Limbaugh, who`s a bigot himself, has not defended that ignoramus.

I meant to write Bryant here, of course, not Olt. Please substitute Bryant`s name for Olt`s. Sorry!

As long as Olt`s batting average is below the Mendoza Line, he has no argument for being in the starting lineup every day. My message to Mike: “Earn that level of achievement.”

Same can be said about Barney, Schierholtz, Sweeny, Baker & Coghlan

Overtime for the Hawks.

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