5/19 Minor matters

Arismendy Alcantara hit a three-run homer in the eighth inning to lift Iowa to a 9-8 come from behind win over Round Rock on Sunday. The I-Cubs rallied against Neftali Felix. Christian Villanueva led off with a home run, his first since April 7. Blake Parker picked up his eighth save with a perfect ninth. Tsuyoshi Wada started for Iowa, and served up a season-high 10 hits, six earned runs and three walks over seven innings. Chris Rusin starts tonight for Iowa, and outfielder Justin Ruggiano was scheduled to begin a Minor League rehab assignment with the team.

Tennessee dropped its fourth straight game, losing 4-2 to Mississippi. Dae-Eun Rhee gave up two runs on four hits over six innings. Rubi Silva and Jae-Hoon Ha each drove in a run.

Albert Almora had two of Daytona’s five hits in a 10-1 loss to Fort Myers. Almora is batting .275. Ben Wells took the loss, giving up four runs on three hits and five walks over two innings.

Jacob Rogers hit his third home run in Quad Cities’ 10-3 win over Kane county. Ben Carhart finished with three hits and scored two runs.


– Alcantara should be here by Aug 1st….if not sooner……
– EJax has become a trade chip now…….with so many pitching injuries, and EJax salary is reasonable, Theo might get lucky this July with trading EJax…….
– Many baseball experts are saying Theo can clean up with a Shark trade to the right team of prospects…..look for Six Players in return ……
– Right now, no one knows who will be drafted with the first six picks of the MLB draft……
– So here is my list of Cubs players on the trade block…..Samardzija, Hammel, EJax, Schierholtz, Villanuava, Bonifacio, Barney, Vilbuena, Veras……….and who knows, Theo might include minor leaguers in a trade package…..like BJax & Vitters….

wanna put your money where your mouth is?

I don’t accept Monopoly Money.

No one is trading six players for just Samardzija, no matter how good of a season he’s having so far. Someone else of value would have to be included in the deal in order to get six players in return. As for the other players on your list, only Hammel, Bonifacio, and Valbuena currently have any real value. You might be able to get a low-level prospect for the rest, like what the Cubs got for Scott Hairston last season, but I wouldn’t hold out hope of any of them netting anything super exciting in return. If Schierholtz and Barney start hitting, maybe their values will increase, but right now neither of them are worth much to other teams. And Edwin Jackson still has a lot of money let on his deal, so he needs more than just one good start to increase his value to other teams. And you wouldn’t be able to get anything for Brett Jackson or Josh Vitters. Neither of them are considered top prospects any more and would likely only be traded for another team’s failed prospects in hopes that a change of scenery would get them back on track. That or some low-level minor leaguer that you probably won’t even hear about for several years, like the young pitchers the Cubs got for Campana. Not saying that wouldn’t be a good move to make, just don’t expect an immediate return on that trade.

Majority of EJax money was paid up front……so his remaining contract will look to many teams that need pitching………..Vitters & BJax will be throw ins with a larger trade package deal……….You have to agree that the Samardzija return will be larger and better than the Garza trade………based on lack of pitching on the market, this years stats, Samardzija has another arbitration year, and a draft pick option if he is not signed by the other team.

From a Google search I ran just now, apparently the Cubs gave Jackson an $8 million signing bonus up front and spread the rest of the money out evenly over 4 years. That still means that Jackson is owed $22 million for the two seasons after this one, plus whatever is left on his deal this season. That’s still a lot of money for a team to trade for, especially since Jackson has yet to show consistency over his year plus with the Cubs. And that’s why I remain skeptical that the Cubs will be able to put him on the trading block this season.
As for Samardzija, I can’t say exactly what his return will be, but a 6-for-1 seems a bit lopsided to me. And Samardzija & B. Jackson & Vitters for 6 is still basically a 6-for-1 because B. Jackson and Vitters add absolutely nothing to that trade. It’s true, the Cubs might end up getting a better haul for Samardzija than they did for Garza, but I expect it to be better quality and not quantity. Looking at some of the recent big named pitchers that have been traded mid-season (Garza, Cliff Lee, CC Sabathia, Roy Oswalt, Zack Greinke, ect.) most of them were traded for no more than four players. I don’t think teams are willing to give up more than that, even if the pitcher they are trading for will go right to the top of their rotation. If the Cubs trade Samardzija and get three of the team’s top 10 prospects in return, I’ll be much more happy than if they get 6 players, with most of them being nothing all that special, because again no team is going to give up 30% of their top 20 prospects for anyone.

CORRECTION: so his remaining financial contract will look good to many teams that need pitching

Recent Big Name Pitching Trades………

– Indians trade Barton Colon for Expos C.Lee, G. Sizemore, B. Phillips…
– Indians trade CC Sabathia to Brewers for M Brantley, R Bryson, Z. Jackson, M LaPorta
– Brewers trade Greinke to Angels for A. Pena, J Hellweg, J Segura
– Yankees trade R Johnson to D-Backs for L Vizcaino, R Olenhdorf, S Jackson, A Gonzalez……..

Since these trades, scouting system has become better with most clubs, including the Cubs…………..Theo & Jed will check, re-check and re-check again on all their options for a Shark trade…………

I just read some proposed trades by Yankees & Braves fans on their web sites for Shark……….if their GM’s think the same way, Theo will not waster his time………

best options to clean out another teams farm system will be the Rangers, Blue Jays, Royals.

We are looking at “Quality” in prospect return when all is said and done.

I agree Doug,Shark if not signed will be a lot better of traded for a few pieces rather than a bunch. I actually hope he can be signed,just not at stupid money.There are actually just a few good teams that can actually win the series this year,do you throw your top prospects out there if your not one of those teams.Samardzija on those teams that can win the series will actually only be at best a three,maybe a two. Can one person actually put a team over that hump,that being Jeff Samardzija. I think not.

seems insignificant over the course of a 162 game season, but 3-5 more wins really can put a team over that hump and be the difference between landing a playoff spot or falling short, so yeah.

also don’t forget that the playoffs are expanded this year to 10 teams… not 8……… even more chance of getting into the playoffs and teams searching for that pitcher to put a run on. Do I think Shark will get traded? Ya the odds are better on him getting traded but I think the possibility of Shark getting extended is getting higher and higher. The teams looking to get Shark and the teams with the ammo to get Shark are two totally different things. Atlanta doesn’t have the chips to get Shark. Yankees don’t even come close to having the chips unless they want to give up Nova. Dbacks aren’t going to be buyers at the deadline. I see the potential suitors of Seattle, Kansas City, Toronto, Pittsburgh, and maybe Colorado. I put Colorado at a maybe because one I dont know if they really need/want Shark and two I don’t know if they are going to want to give up Gray/Butler, Dahl, filler P, filler P for Shark. If they are willing I think I would do that deal in a heartbeat IF Shark won’t sign the extension. At this time though I pay Shark the money he wants and be done with it. He is well worth the price and you can all whine and complain that he isn’t but the facts and recent deals show Shark IS WORTH THAT MONEY. Show me something that says he isn’t! Because you can’t do it you can just run your mouth with your own uninformed OPINION. If you have an OPINION show me some evidence of that OPINION and I would be happy to accept your reasoning. But just throwing out statements because that what popped in your head isn’t my idea of a credible OPINION.

Briney true,but what if your one and done,have lost a top prospect maybe two,at the trade deadline it is going to cost you that for a top of the line pitcher.You could possibly set a team back for those couple of victories and a first round exit.

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