5/20 Minor matters

Iowa scored two runs in the first but that was it in a 4-2 loss to Round Rock. Justin Ruggiano, assigned to Iowa for a Minor League rehab, singled in his first at-bat. Javy Baez doubled and Ruggiano scored on Chris Valaika’s groundout. Josh Vitters followed with a two-out RBI single, and that was it. Chris Rusin did post a quality start but took the loss, and now is 2-6.

Kris Bryant hit a pinch-hit, two-run double with two outs in the fifth and Charlie Cutler drove in a run in the seventh with a pinch-hit sacrifice fly to lift Tennessee to a 3-1 win over Mississippi. Bryant was scratched from the starting lineup because he felt ill. But he batted for pitcher Pierce Johnson, and delivered a key hit. Tony Zych picked up the win.

Wilson Contreras hit a go-ahead two-run single with two outs in the eighth to help Daytona beat Fort Myers, 4-2. Albert Almora had two hits and threw two runners out. He’s batting .279. Nathan Dorris, promoted from Kane County, blew a save but ended up with the win in relief.

Kane County’s game against Wisconsin was postponed because of rain. The two teams were to play a doubleheader Tuesday.


That`s impressive that Bryant can rake even when he`s not feeling well. Did you see highlights of last night`s Reds/Nationals contest? Game went 15 innings and was chock-full of special moments both offensively and defensively. Tell me if this sounds familiar: Todd Frazier struck the game winning hit via a two run dinger in top of 15th. Oh, I forgot. Petrey told us Frazier is nothing special, just your garden variety batter when it comes to clutch hitting, and he cites the numbers. I was never a bean counter, and have a proclivity to rely on the eye test, and am impressed with what I see from Frazier. {You know what you can do with your numbers, Petrey.} And by the way, the Cubs are not the only NL club to struggle with RISP, at least when one looks at last night`s Reds/Nationals contest. Both teams were a combined 4-42 with RISP.

small sample size…. small sample size…. I get it you don’t want to nor have the capacity to understand the statistics behind the game. You don’t want to learn anything that fine. If Todd Frazier was so great don’t you think more people would be talking about him. He a decent 3B slightly above average and having a great year for himself so far. I can’t deny that but he is batting .209 w/ RISP…. how is this so great? He has had some good luck hitting in clutch situations so far…. again small sample size.

TWTW. Only Hawk Harelson and others like him can truly understand that Todd Frazier is the best 15th inning hitter since Yaz. You don’t need numbers to tell you that because I saw it happen last night!

love the sarcasm but CT won’t “get it”

Did you ever hear the expression, “Figures lie, and l—rs figure,?” Do you think that could apply here? I told you prior. I do not care if Frazier`s average w RISP is .100 or .050 or ,120 this season or last season or the season before that, or is his lifetime avg. in that category. He seems to get big hits when it counts. The eye test. That`s what I rely on. I do not count beans, and do not respect those who do, and never will. And bean counting is boring and makes the eyes glaze over. Do you follow me, Petrey?

How could a Pitcher have a “quality start” if he lost the game !……..I rather have a Pitcher win a game, even if he gave up five HR’s……….Quality Starts does not win you games!

well then the win wouldn’t be a result of the pitcher but more a result of production because a pitcher can’t/hasn’t/won’t score enough to overcome 5 hrs…. again if you don’t want to or know how to use stats thats fine but they are a part of the game whether you are too thick skulled to realize that or not. Name an organization that doesn’t use these stats and show me proof and I will forever quit talking about stats here. You can’t ! You won’t! And your opinion is about as useful as used toilet paper.

I would just like to say that even jed Hoyer came out recently and said nobody looks at wins and there’s not a team in baseball that cares about how many wins a pitcher has. W-L record is essentially useless when it comes to pitchers. Pitchers themselves may care, but FO don’t

Comparing the Cubs to teams like the Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, Red Sox, Braves, Tigers, Giants and others who have recently won World Series……….I think someone is talking with used toilet paper in their mouth.

where did i compare the Cubs to those teams???

Only way the Cubs will ever win is with Pitching………….No one pitcher can carry a team to a World Series title………..Cubs are years away of even getting close to a World Series ………..Hell, we are years away from even making it to 500……….

Jim Bowden says Blue Jays should trade for Shark without giving up their two main pitching prospects……..you can understand why Jim Bowden SUCKED as a GM…….

On this date in 1920, Chicago Police, dressed as soldiers and farmers, raided the Wrigley Field bleachers, arrested two dozen Cub fans for gambling…………..I believe Chicago Police should raid the Cubs Dugout to arrest guys impersonating Major League Players !…………

If the Cubs draft a H.S. player at #4, we can expect to see him around 2020 the earliest at Wrigley…………the Cubs need to draft a player (starting pitcher) who will be ready by 2016 to go along with Blackburn, Edwards & P Johnson.

you don’t draft for NEED in the MLB…. you take the best talent you have available.

I think you draft for talent first, overall organizational need second, and time table third. If the talent is equal, then you see what player can make the organization better. For example, the Cubs have Welington Castillo as their starting catcher, and they seem fine with that. However, overall catcher is the weakest position in the entire organization. Alex Jackson is projected as a potential Top 5 pick and if the Cubs draft him, he will immediately become the top catching prospect in the organization. That also doesn’t mean that Welington Castillo is on his way out. Just that the Cubs are fine with Castillo until a better option comes along. It doesn’t matter if that will be in one year or five years, if they think that he will be an all-star caliber catcher and the best one in the draft, then they’ll take him.
Second, if the Cubs are in need of a pitcher to be ready in 2016 to go along with some of their prospects now, I think that’s where Theo & Co. would be willing to bring in a free agent or make a trade. If Blackburn, Edwards, and Johnson are up and as good as advertised, and the Cubs just need that one more pitcher to be a playoff contender and a potential World Series contender, then they will be willing to go out and get that pitcher from outside of the organization.
You don’t draft a lesser-talent now in hopes that they will be ready sooner. You draft the best talent and the talent that fits your organizational needs before you start to worry about the time table. Besides, if you do it right, you will have a continuous wave of prospects coming up, so you won’t have to worry about drafting someone less talented who will be ready in 2 years as opposed to drafting someone more talented and waiting twice as long for them to show up.

And what happens when Blackburn, Edwards, and Johnson come up and don’t pan out? These are prospects they’re not guaranteed to be above average major leaguers. And your 2020 arrival date for the cubs possible h.s. pick is probably a bit off. 6 years is a long time and these pitchers should move quicker than that. 2-4 years is probably more realistic barring injuries. That’s just the nature of the beast with the MLB draft, its not about instant gratification and it never will be, that’s how you have bad drafts

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