5/21 Cubs lineup

Jeff Samardzija boasts the best ERA in the Majors, but doesn’t have a win. Will he get one today vs. the Yankees? Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Valbuena 2B
Castillo C
Schierholtz RF
Olt 3B
Samardzija P


Last night was something else….who would have thought it…..what a “Special” night it was….the excitement in the air……..Meryl & Max winning the DWTS trophy !………and the Cubs beating up on Tanaka & the Yankees was not that bad either………………..Yankees in town to play six straight games here….with many New Yorkers in town………..you know what that means?…….more bad drivers on the road!………about 2/3 of the fans last night were Yankee fans…………….lets hope Shark gets his first win today…….maybe Shark can catch up with EJax in the Win total column before he leaves town.

Running from yet more conversation I see …. The tail must be permently fixed between ur legs

Is renteria ok? Back to back days of great and similar lineup choices… Wow… This is by far our best available lineup

Lets reward Olt for his 3 RBI’s yesterday, lets see, what can we do for him? I know! Lets drop him to 8th in the Batting Order.
He wasnt patient enough with that bases loaded walk.
He wasnt patient enough finding a pitch to drive for that SAC Fly.
We all know that RBI single was with the infield in, so just luck I presume.

3 RBI’s, single, walk, SAC Fly against a true ace, yep, 8th in the batting order should make him feel appreciated.

Aloha Jasper- good points. Again, I know that the coaches and management want Olt to gain his confidence-footing as the season moves on but I also think at some point he needs to be in the 3-4-5 slot. Barry Bonds was at his best when they brought in Jeff Kent and Benito Santiago and had them in those slots I named above. They would rotate them from time to time but kept them in there and it paid off. Of course Kent and Santiago had been playing for a while by then but it was known you would see those folks in those slots so “who” are you going to pitch around? I want Olt to see better pitches and realize that he needs to see the other stuff too to build up his patience. Will see what happens after this game. Mahalo!

K.G., move him up in the order?? How dare you suggest such a thing!
Be ready for a tirade, brace yourself.
How can you learn patience with a decent hitter batting behind you? We all know every young hitter needs to be broken in in the 7th or 8th slot. I mean Castro went through it, no wait, did he? Rizzo went through it, no wait, did he?
This is my biggest laugh of the season thus far, but I am just a fan.
The guy leads the team in HR’s and RBI’s playing part time, I guess, thinking about it, that makes him the perfect person to bat 7th or 8th.
I am sure they dont want a rookie driving in runs on a consistant basis in the middle of the lineup.

Olt in the 8 hole is fine! At lead the is playing! Why put olt higher in lineup with more pressure?

I always have to go back to past articles to see what Petrey is rambling about today…….he gives me a list of Yankees prospects……..if the Yankees are so great with their prospects, why are they barely over 500 and in second place today!…………plenty of free agents (Tanaka, Texeira, Beltran, Sabathia, McCann)……but the Yankees are the Yankees…they will find a way to win…..and Jeter will see the Post Season once again to close the book on his HOF career…..the Yankees are always buying to Win……..and the Cubs FO is always selling out their fans.

Your statement was the Yankees build thru FA…. You were wrong it’s ok to admit that

Yankees are built thru Free Agents over the years and decades…….Steinbrenner was a big spender on free agents……..have you not notice?

They were built on free agents… except for those five all-stars, two of whom are first ballot Hall of Famers, that they brought up through their system. Please, just admit that your statement was wrong and stop repeating the same nonsense over and over again!

I have seen that Steinbrenner was a big spender but it is YOU who has not seen what the Yankees do due well…… continually having good prospects come up to fill the spots that are not bought. Thats how you win! You have to have a decent supply in the farm. The yankees have a pretty good history of having that supply but you can’t seem to understand that FACT

I also never said the Yankees were great. I was pointing out a statement you made that was obviously false. Ok so then you say I don’t care about awards … I care about World Series …. So wouldn’t that make the Yankees great in your mind???? They have the most World Series .???? How’s that foot taste in your mouth ?

Again, please stop fretting over any given individual lineup! Yes, Olt had a good game last night and drew a bases loaded walk. Does that one at bat mean he now has as good of an eye and is as patient as Anthony Rizzo? The fact is he’s still hitting below .200, is only 2 for 10 on this homestand, and still has a lot to learn about laying off of pitches in the dirt (see most of his at bats in the Milwaukee series). If he keeps on showing patience and his overall numbers start to come up, then he’ll hit higher in the lineup more often. He needs to prove himself over the course of a few series, not just one single game.

That double Olt just hit would have looked very good in the first inning with the Lake single and the walk to Rizzo.

Maybe so, but then again the #8 hitter with two outs and no one on is going to be pitched differently to than the 4 or 5 hitter with less than two outs and runners on base. And again, it’s one game and one at bat. If you can take anything away from this discussion, take weigh the trend over the individual occurrence.

Of course that is correct Doug, men on base usually dictates how a pitcher is going to pitch to a hitter. I assumed you would know I realize that.
My statement was: That double Olt just hit would have looked very good in the first inning with the Lake single and the walk to Rizzo.

And the Samardzija trade value goes up another notch,…………..THREE TOP PROSPECTS no doubt !

Okay….I have an issue……Renteria is throwing Rondon out again……..is that four straight days in a row?

Bases loaded…..no outs in the 9th………watch Shark get another no decision…………..there are certain Cubs Traditions that never change.

And the game is tied …..and Shark is calling his Agent to get him the Hell out of Chicago.

Time to call up Alcantara…….and waive Barney.

Cubs Tradition # 24……..Watching our Relief Pitcher blowing Cubs 9th leads.

Not much room on a roster for a weak hitting second baseman who can’t hit or play defense as he use to.

When Baker swings, it reminds me of someone who look just started playing baseball in their life time.

We Stinks……………Cubs lose another one………..but we should remember we are at Stage Two in this Cubs process.

One Positive from this game……Shark trade value went up.

Doug,petry,are you ready to throw in the towell on Veras. Both of you chastised me from the first day he was signed when I said it was foolish. Four million is not that much,its early, give him untill May, other reasons but it was a bad signing from the start. I appreciate the knowledge that you both have,petry calling yourself expert advice is just funny. You talk about personnal attacks,we all cant be right all the time,but dont jump on some one when they have a comment about something,by the way,ever notice how you agree with Doug quite a lot. Keep it up Doug,always enjoy your comments! Peace!

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