5/21 Hammel on trade rumors

Jason Hammel is well aware of the Cubs’ trend to deal players at the Trade Deadline for prospects. He’s not worried.

“I could care less,” Hammel said. “I’m wearing blue pinstripes right now and I’m excited to be here. I don’t think about that kind of stuff. I’ve been around long enough to where it’s part of the game. I want to be here. I want to pitch here. I want to win here. For right now, that’s all that matters to me.”

— Carrie Muskat


Don’t worry Jason, you will be in the Playoffs this season.

Aloha CubsTalk- He very well could be on a playoff team later this, selfishly, I wish we could hold onto some of these folks as the Giants did when putting together their team after the “Bonds” era between veterans and folks that came up through the ranks or through trades. We will know very soon how the team’s makeup will be for the rest of the year. Mahalo!

K.G. – I live in the Bay Area and watched the Giants build their team. Lots of prospects – they seemed to hit gold with so many draft picks. But like you write, they balanced it with some veterans, trades and free agents. Building a team strictly with prospects is as non-sensical as building one just through free agency. That’s one reason I hope the Cubs sign Shark to a big contract. He’s a stud and a leader and hard to replace. I would only trade him if a team gives up a lot, more than the Garza deal.

Aloha Cubs Win: You probably remember that Sabean was in trouble for a while himself making bad trades like the AJ Pierzynski trade in 2004 where the Giants gave up Joe Nathan and it was known that Nathan was good-had talent but they went ahead and did it anyway, AJ was with us only 1 year, Nathan became a great closer for the Twins. So, Sabean rethought how he made moves and it paid off with a balance between veterans and bringing folks up through the minors. The Giants have had a lot of injuries lately and would not be surprised if they call Theo and CO about some of our folks but Theo better understand that Sabean has gotten very stingy in terms of giving away prospects or strong position players from his side. That is my concern is that Theo and Co have to think about the Cubs first and what is best and if the deal is not good for the team, be able to walk away from it. Take care now, our Cubbies come in next week! mahalo.

Hi KG…….I was told the Cubs are in the “Step Two” process to get to the “Step Ten stage”………….seems the Cubs been at the Step Two stage for the last 106 years !………….lets say the Cubs lose 90 plus games…..more likely……and in 2015 we have Bryant & Baez & Hendricks and whoever from the Shark deal on this club……and by next June, the Cubs are out of the race again and heading towards another 90 plus season……..who will be the next trade target on this club in July 2015?…….Starlin Castro?…………….I am looking at the 2015 Free Agent list…..do you see anyone that would play here for a half of a season?……….see any major free agent who would play here for four plus years and under the Samardzija contract demand?

lets go Cubs !

Wow, you really don’t understand what hyperbole is? And you also don’t understand that anything the Cubs did before Theo got here doesn’t matter to the current front office. Or do you want to blame the College of Coaches on Theo too?

Before Theo got here……the previous GM got the Cubs to the Playoffs……drafted Baez and others ……made some good trades……..Since Theo took over, heard lots of talk of the future, on our third manager, and want to forget how many games we lost under Theo………..I don’t want to blame anyone…..I will listen to all of you cry about this team for several more seasons before you demand a New GM & Manager.

Why would I demand a new GM & Manager? If anything you and others like you are the ones calling for some sort of immediate change. I’ve said all along that Theo’s got his plan and it’s a work in progress and he’s signed through the 2016 season so we’ll have to wait until then to fully evaluate him. So until the end of the 2016 season, I will not call for anyone else to be in the front office. As for the manager, it doesn’t really matter who the manager is right now. You couldn’t really evaluate Svuem as a field manager because there wasn’t much of a team to field, but I guess they didn’t like how he was handling his players and both Rizzo and Castro regressing in the same season certainly didn’t help. I don’t know if they can really evaluate Renteria as a field manager either, but Rizzo and Castro are having bounce back years and Lake has looked alright so far and the younger relief pitchers have looked good so far, so I’m guessing Renteria is not going anywhere anytime soon.
As for Jim Hendry, I agree, I think he did make some good moves during his tenure. Of course, if he were a really good GM, he’d either still be the Cubs GM or another team would have hired him as their GM by now. His problem was he completely ignored the minor leagues for too long and it caught up with him when he was stuck with big contracts he couldn’t move and wasn’t able to trade his way out of it either. And that’s why he was fired as GM and can do no better than a Special Assistant to the GM position these days.

Cubs Talk, thats at least two people you can count on, not crying about this Cubs Management.
Also, everytime you try to give Hendry credit for Baez, I will have to tell you, credit goes to Tim Wilkin. You can give Hendry credit for Samardizja and every other highly successful Draft Pick 2010 and during the Hendry era, but not the 2011 Draft.
I lost count, how many major stars are in the bigs today, thanks to Hendry’s excellent Drafting skills?

K.G., with both Oakland and the Giants excelling, is it too soon to be discussing the possibility of a Bay area WS? I`ll wager there are some who reside there are positively giddy. As for Hammel, he`s saying all the right things about wanting to win for the Cubs, but for someone as competitive as he, you`ve got to conclude he`s looking forward to joining a contender before this season concludes. I would not respect him if it were otherwise.

Jim Hendry was hired in 1995 as Director of Player Development until 2011 as GM……so lets see how many players under Hendry made it to the majors during his era……………
1997 – Garland, Downs
1998 – Patterson
2000 – Montanez, Wellemeyer, Willis
2001 – Prior, Theriot, Soto, Nolasco, Mitre
2002 – Hill
2003 – Marshall, Fuld
2004 – Gallagher
2006 – Samardzija, Colvin, Clevenger
2007 – Vitters, Barney, Russell
2008 – Cashner, Campana
2009 – Jackson, LeMahieu, Rusin

There is alot of HOF’ers there. My bad.

Ryne Sandberg….drafted by Phillies
Fergie Jenkins……signed by the Phillies

Sometimes to get a HOF, is to trade for one before they are known.

And this list is supposed to convince us that Hendry was good at drafting and player development? Many of those players were either busts (Patterson, Montanez, Colvin, Vitters probably, Jackson probably), nothing special or just decent (Garland, Downs, Theriot, Nolasco, Marshall, Russell, Cashner so far, LeMahieu so far, Rusin so far) or barely Major League talent to begin with (Wellemeyer, Mitre, Hill, Fuld, Gallagher, Clevenger, Campana). Then there are those that shined bright for a brief time and then quickly flamed out (Willis, Prior, Soto, Barney it seems). Over a 16 year period and that’s all that Hendry has to show for himself? Not terribly impressive if you ask me.

And that’s not to mention all of the first round picks that didn’t even make the Majors in that time. Oh wait, I can mention them: Todd Noel (1996), Ben Christensen (1999), Bobby Brownlie (2002), Ryan Harvey (2003), Mark Pawelek (2005), Hayden Simpson (2010). Not only were his draft picks that made the Majors adequate at best, but there were plenty of first rounders who never even saw the Majors. That to me is a failure at drafting and player development.

J.J.thats to funny!

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