5/21 Jorge Soler update

Cubs prospect Jorge Soler is sidelined again this season, this time with a right hamstring strain. Soler, who had a left hamstring strain in Spring Training, was examined by Cubs doctors in Chicago. The outfielder, who is playing for Double-A Tennessee, is now on a new program to promote better muscular balance. Soler will rehab at the Cubs’ facility in Mesa, Ariz., and then rejoin the Tennessee team. The Cuban outfielder has played just seven games, and was batting .333 (8-for-24) with seven doubles and seven RBIs.

— Carrie Muskat


How many trips is this to the DL for Soler? Are we are talking less than two years?

This dude sounds like a milingerer. He`s already received the big bucks, and has no incentive to perform. He has his cash money. I`ve thought for a long while it was a mistake to invest in this person. Did you hear about Soler`s fellow Cuban Alex Guerrero, engaged in an altercation with a teammate at AAA and is missing part of his ear as a result? I`m concluding both Soler and Guerrero are airheads. Am i wrong?

they come from a different culture than we do. Soler is a good prospect and is a quite large human being. He just needs to get into a program that can keep his body healthy. Do you really think his nutrition and lifestyle was top notch in Cuba? I would think it would be subpar. Yes it sucks he has had the injuries and its worry some but I don’t think that makes him an “airhead”.

If anyone knows about what being an “Airhead” is all about…..Petrey is your guy!🙂

CubsTalk, this is 2nd warning. Let’s avoid personal attacks

You are wrong about Soler being a malingerer. He’s just young and raw

I never said he was incontrovertibly a milingerer. I said he “sounds” like one. There is a difference. It is an impression I have from his short history as our property. I would love for Jorge to modify that impression, and he can do so through positive deeds. Again, it`s the eye test.

I love how people just draw their own conclusions without having any facts. Yeah, he’s got money and is hurt, so it must be that he doesn’t feel like playing anymore because he’s rich. Because, you know, professional athletes rarely, if ever, get hurt playing their sport.

If you ever agreed with something I said, dude, I`d fall over dead. So please continue contradicting me. I like staying healthy. We know you are omniscient. No one can contradict you.

Sorry, I didn’t realize the purpose of this blog is to validate your opinions. I’m guessing you have zero access to the Cubs and have never met Jorge Soler. Yet you have no problem jumping to the conclusion that he is a “milingerer”. Carrie Muskat has daily access to the Cubs and I’m sure has personal interactions with Jorge Soler and all the coaches and staff and players who work with him. She says he is not a malingerer, just a young and raw talent. So who I should I believe, the professional with unlimited access to the team, or the guy who throws a fit when someone has the audacity to disagree with his uninformed opinions?

Cespedes was they guy Theo missed out on.

they did miss out on him but if he plays like he did last year then the A’s overpaid for him. He was below league average last year in value.

Agreed, but did he not win the home run contest at the ALL Star Game? Shows you how hollow and meaningless that exercise is. I stopped watching it years ago.

Nobody said the home run derby has any meaning, its just fun to watch, that’s the point. just because you sapped all the fun out for yourself doesn’t mean others don’t enjoy it

Carrie, did the Cubs offer any timetable for Soler’s return to AA?

My impression is just the opposite of those who attacked the young man. I would guess he pushed himself really hard to come back from his previous injury. He seems to be a player with real pied and determination.

Soler has the best mix of talent in the system…. he is patient…. he hits for power… plays good defense… has some speed. He is truly a 5 tool player BUT he has to stay healthy if he expects be a contributor on the big league club. I hope he can get his body together.

No time table for his return. What might have happened is that he worked hard on rehabbing right leg, and didn’t apply same to his left. He came back strong after last rehab in AZ. Let’s hope for same

You love to “suck up.” I know that is your history. You are good at it, Doug.

Who exactly am I sucking up to? Carrie? So when I say that she is the beat writer for the Cubs on mlb.com and that she has access to the team, players, coaches, staff, and any other members of the organization, that’s not true? Is it sucking up to explain how her credentials to report on the Cubs are better than your credentials to form an opinion on the Cubs? Oh, but I didn’t realize you have the “eye test” to help you out. Isn’t that lovely. I guess that’s better than the “I can get a hold of Jorge Soler in under 10 minutes if I really needed to talk to him” test that Carrie has to rely on.
I don’t look to specifically disagree with you or anyone. It’s just that if you keep on posting the same nonsense that I disagree with, I’m going to keep on disagreeing with it. There are plenty of people on here I do agree with and I do value Carrie’s professional reporting. If that is sucking up, well then guilty as charged.

i don’t think its sucking up when he takes an expert opinion over yours. This is one of the biggest problems with this blog. Everyone thinks they know more than the next guy but very few can read an article and take an experts opinion.

How can one argue with someone who`s “omniscient?’ It`s got to be a futile exercise. I shall decline. It does not take much to push your buttons, and seeing you become unhinged. But I believe we all knew that prior to today, i.e. anyone who has been paying attention. And those who have not and have ignored us? They are actually the intelligent ones, as what we have been saying does not amount to a hill of beans, when one looks at the big picture, or even the small one.

Come on, people.

10 minutes spent reading mostly trash,come on people.Petry you complain as much about nothing,grow up and just post some of the good comments that you are capable of. Are you and Cubs Talk married! Cubs Talk is gonna be Cubs Talk,but does it justify filling the comment box trying to get back at him. We did that on the schoolyard as children,get back at each other.I know,maybe a undercard fight at the next Mayweather fight,I know a lot of us would enjoy that.Or how about posting positive comments,seems like no one can say anything without you being really objective. Peace!

Look at all this Fighting here…….Everyone needs a “Time Out” and go to their corner !…….Poor Neil at CCO…he has the same problems with his people…….he can’t blame me with all the insults going on there!…..I left…..and the same people are around who do all the insulting & bulling on others.

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