5/22 Samardzija follow up

Jeff Samardzija threw seven scoreless innings Wednesday against the Yankees only to record a no-decision after a blown save in the ninth. He is 0-4 with six no decisions this year, and leads the Major Leagues with a 1.46 ERA.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Samardzija’s 1.46 ERA is the lowest without a win through the first 10 starts of a season by any pitcher in Major League history.

Additionally, Elias reports that Samardzija is the first pitcher to lead his league in ERA on May 22 or later without a win since Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter paced the National League with a 0.89 ERA on June 7, 1977.

Samardzija has a 2.99 ERA (35 ER/105 1/3 IP) during his 16-start winless streak, during which he is 0-6 with 10 no decisions. In this stretch, he has allowed zero earned runs in four starts, one earned run or less in seven starts, and two earned runs or less in 10 starts. He also has 11 quality starts. The Cubs are 2-14 in the outings.

Samardzija’s last win came in the ballpark at which the Cubs play this weekend, a 3-2 win against San Diego on Aug. 24, 2013. His next start is scheduled for Monday in San Francisco.


– Will Theo & Ricketts offer Shark a home discount contract before Shark is traded?
– Will a Shark Trade be the “Cornerstone” Theo’s rebuilding plan?
– Will another Cub or Cubs Prospect be involved in a Shark trade?
– Will Shark be trade in the off season if Theo does not get his players?
– Will Shark be traded before the All Star game or be kept to represent the Cubs . and traded afterwards?

Aloha CubsTalk- I do not think the Cubs would get much for Jeff, if he were locked into a multi-year deal that was a “discount” compared to the market for his caliber teams might be willing to cough up established players and prospects. At this point, would be interesting if they made a serious play for him and as another poster mentioned, to go after Melky C. in the off-season. We will not have to wait long for this storyline to play out. Mahalo.

Melky would be awesome. Slot him #2 behind Bonifacio and look to deal either Olt, Castro, Alcantara, or Baez. I think next year is the time to accelerate the re-build. And with Soriano’s contract off the books they should have money to spend. Time to mix youth with key veterans. And they’ll still have a #4 pick this year and likely a top 3 next year, keeping the minors rolling.

There is no reason to deal Castro Baez olt or alcantara … They can all play at the same time and fill holes for this team

So Petrey – do you move Alcantara to the OF? All four can’t play the infield, obviously. I get the feeling there are two types of posters on this site: those who don’t understand the minor league re-building process, and those who simply fall in love with the minors and re-building process. The players in the minors are just chips. If they could sign a proven free agent without having to give up compensation and not have to wait for a younger player to develop, then it could accelerate the time when they can compete. And it gives them a trading chip. that seems like a win, win to me.

Yes alcantara would be a decent cf for us

I’m sure they will listen to offers. If a team is willing to give up a Jonathan Gray-type prospect and a fair share more, I think he’ll be traded. If not, he won’t. He’s arguably the best starting pitcher in the league right now. He is under contract for next year. The Cubs will have a low payroll next year and could easily afford him. And I think the cornerstones of the rebuild are already in place, namely Rizzo, Bryant, and hopefully Baez. The bullpen could be really solid. What they need is a No. 1 pitcher, and that’s what Shark is.

Wasn’t Melky on steroids?….
Cubs will stay away from players like that….
besides, Melky would want to be on a winner at his stage of his career…..which the Cubs are not with their Stage Two process !

As I suggested elsewhere, Had Jeff S. received even a modicum of run support this young season, it could be he receiving the praise for 8 or 9 victories, rather than Buehrle. With all this speculation about a future outfield, I detect a sense that you all are forgetting Junior Lake. He`s going to be a star. Plan for him to be a part of our outfield for many years. He`s developing before our eyes, and I love watching the process. He`s surely a work in progress, if there ever was one. He`s going to be a 30 home run guy if not more. Love his athleticism. Love his foot speed.

Thanks for all the feedback on Junior. I`m underwhelmed.

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