5/28 Cubs lineup

Here’s the Cubs’ lineup today vs. the Giants. John Baker is starting at catcher to give Welington Castillo a breather after a night game Tuesday. With a win, the Cubs would snap a run of 12 straight road series without a series victory.

Bonifacio 2B
Lake CF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Olt 3B
Coghlan LF
Baker C
Jackson P


The Good, the Bad, The Ugly game report……..

The Good……playing in San Fran ….Ejax looking good…..
The Bad………losing in San Fran……only two hits….
The Ugly…….getting shut for the second day in a row in San Fran

Go Blackhawks !

EJax is becoming a legit trade chip for Theo this summer.

City of Chicago is putting a hold on the Cubs Renovation project due to “new” items added to the original plan……..

Tom Ricketts: Hello Rosemont…….

Aloha CubsTalk- I do not know where to begin today? I want to stay as civil as possible but feel like the managerial-coaches made some bad decisions today, sure it does not help that the Cubs were 0-9 with RISP and only two hits. But I can tell you that Jackson was pitching a better game that Lincecum, even though he had a “no-hitter” through 5 innings, he gave up 4 walks and our Cubs had opportunities to do things and did not. Then fast forward to the 6th inning, Posey came through again because Jackson had pitched well to him all day and was again, Posey knew he had to protect the outside corner because the ump was calling strikes so he put the ball in play and it became a sac fly to advance Pagan to third base. Then Sandoval comes up and RR takes out Jackson to bring in his only lefty in the pen, Russel, sure Sandoval has gotten most of his hits from the left but again I would rather go with Jackson who has pitched well all day. You know the story, Sandoval gets a hit and the first run scores. Then he takes out Russel and brings in Schlitter and the Giants get another run. The Giants are the best in the league right now for scoring runs after 2 outs and when they think they have you on the plank (especially with pitching changes) they are like sharks in the water. I know hindsight is 50/50 but to watch RR in the 6th inning was painful not just because of his choices in the inning but this back and forth lineup stuff is not working. The team looked more together and the chemistry at its best on Monday and the only one I could have seen put in would have been Olt at third but for defense I would have kept in Barney for the series as he looked the best at 2nd, made the plays and did well at the plate. All right, just blowing off steam. The Giants now go to St. Louis and in this case, I hope they sweep them. Mahalo.

Is interesting you commented on that sixth inning, k.g., as I heard Jon Miller describe that segment of the game, and is the only part of the contest I actually heard. I was busy walking five miles and swimming laps prior to that. The bottom line is: we are the laughing stock of the baseball world per usual. We have reinforcements in the minors who could actually produce right now and change the narrative, but alas, they are going to remain where they are marking time or pounding sand or whatever the appropriate metaphor is. More of the same old. The same thing I`ve been seeing from the Cubs for the 53 years I`ve been a supporter.

Aloha jhosk- I had to stop and think what you said and I appreciate it. Not sure how old Carrie is but she along with you, CubsTalk, Jasper, my mother and many other faithful have been waiting a long time. I know it is not easy. I think RR tried to do some things like Bochy and no disrespect to him, he is not at his caliber but Bochy had to start somewhere too (he was the manager for many years with the Padres before coming up to SF). I just think it showed especially today “rookie” moves and hopefully there will be less of those over time. I think the lineup RR had go on Monday should have been the lineup everyday with or without Olt and kept basically in that order. I was thinking about this, be it if Barney stays or not and the same for Castro. When those two have played together we have had a pretty good up the middle combo where pitchers know the job will get done. It takes time to build chemistry between players and I thought Castro and Barney have had that. Barney maybe a little stronger in the defense area and it brings up the play of Castro. The two look the most comfortable as a combo between the three different pairs in three games. I am not making an argument for Barney to be the everyday player, I wish as a GGver that he could hit consistently .270, then he would be playing much more. But to play the best team in the NL and in a part that demands good defense, I felt, except for the first game, the defense was not at its best and that hurt. So, we will see if this roller coaster lineup continues or if it will settle down a bit because if it were the thing to do and was successful, then the numbers would have shown it, especially over last year up to this point but that has not been the case. Anyhow, I am trying to stay positive, you take care now. Mahalo!

I certainly have the impression that Carrie is much younger than myself, as I`m a geezer. It would not be polite to inquire of a woman her age, so I`m going to let that alone. But is it not true we did not even have our first hit until the seventh inning of yesterday`s game? How pathetic is that? When are we going to find athletes who can actually provide offense? It is not rocket science. Baseball is actually a simple game,k.g. as you surely know, having played at the college level. Some on here like to try to make the game complicated with all their numbers and speculation about trades, most of which will never transpire, and analysis with paralysis, which make the eyes glaze over. Pretty much the same rules apply whether it is Little League , middle school, high school, college, A, High A, AA, or AAA baseball one examines. It is not a complicated game. See the ball, hit the ball, pitch the ball, catch the ball, and do not make excuses when you fail at any aspect of the game. Case closed.

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